Birkdale whitewater proposal, turtle killings, and Toondah in letters

Letters to the Editor – 4 June 2023

Letters to the Editor

Concerns about the Birkdale whitewater proposal, turtle killings, and the Queensland Government’s support for environmental destruction at Toondah Harbour are discussed in Letters to the Editor.

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Reconsider Plans for Birkdale

I am writing to express my concerns about the proposed plans for the Birkdale precinct by the Redland City Council. As a resident of the Redlands, I am dismayed by the lack of consideration given to the potential negative impact this project could have on the environment and the economic security of Redland ratepayers.

Birkdale whitewater proposal, turtle killings, and Toondah in letters
Construction of the whitewater facility that will be used for the Paris 2024 Olympics

The proposed waterpark project would require a significant amount of power and water, potentially at the expense of Redland ratepayers and the environment. At a time when environmental sustainability should be a priority, it is disappointing to see a project that appears to disregard this need.

As an alternative, I propose that the Birkdale precinct become a nature reserve, providing a safe haven for the local flora and fauna. This would be a positive step towards protecting our beleaguered wildlife and preserving our natural coastline and islands.

I urge the Redland City Council to reconsider plans for the Birkdale precinct and prioritize the long-term well-being of the community and the environment. They should align their thinking and planning to actually “protect community values”


Editor’s note – A petition to Queensland Parliament opposing the Birkdale whitewater proposal has been initiated. A link is provided in the button below.

Turtles Killed

Birkdale whitewater proposal, turtle killings, and Toondah in letters
Crystal Waters in Thornlands

Turtles killed! Yes, it was a stomach-turning story as the heading of the letter from JW on 26 April described. It was awful.

For years, this local area has been used innocently and to think it has come to this.

Is this why the people come to visit our lakes?

It was so sad, I have rescued a few of these turtles and used the lakes for many years. many others have also enjoyed the lakes but it will never be the same again. How do people slide to such a low!!! Aren’t we all partly responsible for such a slide in moral standing?


Shame on the Queensland Government

Walk for Toondah
Beako the giant Eastern curlew leading The 2023 Walk for Toondah

The Toondah Wetlands Project is an example of environmental vandalism on a large scale and corporate profits should not be put before the rights of the community. This project sits within our Ramsar-listed Moreton Bay wetlands and would be an unacceptable impact on the values of the local and wider area. It still amazes me how anyone thought the PDA in the waters of the Bay was a good idea.

The Queensland Government should be ashamed of themselves for even considering the proposal. It’s not the 1980s anymore and these highly destructive projects which unfairly and exclusively seek to possess public land must be condemned and abandoned. Now the Government is touting Toondah as a response to the housing crisis. When planning commenced in 2014 none of this was mentioned…was that poor or incompetent planning or both!


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