Wildlife attacked in Thornlands, Toondah on the ABC and local news coverage missed – in letters

Crystal Waters in Thornlands

Letters To The Editor – 26 April 2023

Letters to the Editor

An alleged attack on wildlife in Thornlands, a story about Toondah on the ABC’s 7:30 program, and the lack of local news coverage about Redland City Council’s activities are discussed in letters to Redlands2030.

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Wildlife attacked on Anzac Day

wildlife attacked
Freshwater turtle – Photo: Chris Walker

It is stomach turning to hear that a group of people chose the occasion of Anzac Day to conduct a violent attack on our local wildlife.

As reported to police, eight to ten people, male and female, were spotted at Crystal Waters in Thornlands, where they speared and killed turtles, then threw their lifeless bodies back into the water, presumably as some kind of ‘sport’.

The people responsible for this gross act of destruction need to be called to account. Fresh water turtles are a protected under Queensland law. About 16 of the species are listed as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered.

Wildlife Warriors, Australia Zoo and Crime Stoppers Queensland offer cash rewards for information leading to a prosecution for crimes involving abuse of wildlife.

If you know anything about this event, then please step up. As Robert Swan (2041 Foundation) writes, ‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it’.  


Toondah questions on ABC’s 7:30

concerns about wildlife
Proposed development on protected wetlands at Toondah Harbour raises environmental concerns – ABC 7:30

With two weeks to go till the Walk for Toondah on Mothers Day, it was so good to see the Toondah Harbour story screened by ABC 7:30 yesterday evening (Anzac Day).

There are many issues around this proposal, but one issue that came up was the Ramsar Agreement and how Australia will be seen internationally if this debacle goes ahead.

The area has long been selected as a Ramsar-protected wetland. Clearly, this is where the proposal should have stopped.

The ABC reported that Redland City Council responded to questions with “no comment” which seems dismissive of the public interest!

Point Lookout

Closure of the Redland City Bulletin

The last edition of the Redland City Bulletin: Photo: Emily Lowe

I wish to express my sadness at the loss of the Redland City Bulletin which has provided the local news for, in my case, the last 25 years.

It is difficult to understand how we, as Redland resident, are expected to be able to stay abreast with local news without this medium.

Unfortunately, from past experience, we have not been able to rely on any transparency from the RCC on contentious matters.

This silence has become deafening. We can only hope for a more transparent administration in the future.


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0 thoughts on “Wildlife attacked in Thornlands, Toondah on the ABC and local news coverage missed – in letters”

  1. Dr Dennis Tafe

    As a retired marine biologist I would like to add that our Redland City Council has let us down badly over the last 10 years since Karen Williams has been Mayor and a number or councillors have voted the same way she votes because they care more about retaining their jobs than about the future of the Redlands. This secret deal with Walker Corporation which the Mayor keeps referring to as “Commercial in Confidence” is bordering on a joke and it needs to be called out as such. The care for our endangered wildlife, including highly endangered koalas and Eastern Curlews, is non-existent and the odd koala sign warning motorists to beware of koalas, is very poor when we see the depletion of koala habitat. If the Toondah Proposal was to go ahead the koalas in that coastal strip from Ormiston through Cleveland and down to Victoria Point would be driven out of their natural habitat. I have thoroughly scrutinized the EIS submitted by Walker Corporation and it is not a serious scientific paper though it is over 5,000 pages long. The Walker Corporation thought they could win over politicians in state and federal government with generous cash handouts and they were successful with some but the residents of the Redlands could see right through their tactics.

    1. Ever since the issue of Toondah Harbour/protecting local and migratory wild life began – the ‘powers that be’ have been intent on trying to baffle us with BS. It isn’t working and never will…..Thank you everybody for standing strong and continuing to do so. These proposed excuses of progress must NOT be allowed happen….

  2. It is time for the people of Redlands to rise up and dump this really bad Mayor and council. We need to replace them with a progressive nature embracing team that will look after the environment and it’s citizens into the future.

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