Toondah Harbour petition comments since Draft EIS released

Word cloud based on recent comments to the Stop Toondah Harbour petition

More than 57,000 people have now signed a petition to the Federal Environment Minister and Queensland Premier opposing plans for development on wetlands in Moreton Bay next to Toondah Harbour.

Petition comments about Toondah Harbour development proposal.

The Toondah Harbour petition says: Please save Toondah Harbour’s irreplaceable, internationally significant wetlands, its rich biodiversity, and nearby foreshore koala colony from being destroyed by Walker Corporation’s greedy, private 3600 unit development on public parkland and out in the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

Why people oppose Toondah plans

Nearly 3,000 of the people signing this petition added a comment giving their personal views and reasons for signing the petition.

More than 140 people added new comments to this petition after Walker Group released its Toondah Harbour Draft EIS.

Toondah Harbour Draft EIS comments

Anyone can make a comment about the Draft EIS before 6th December 2022.

Comments have to be made to Walker Group (yes this is how the ‘not fit for purpose’ EPBC Act operates) and can be sent by email to

Anyone is welcome to cc a copy of their comments to Redlands2030 at:

Before commenting on the Draft EIS, you might wish to see the 140 plus Toondah Harbour petition comments made in the last three weeks.

We’ve excluded a very small number of comments which might be considered defamatory, but otherwise what people said since the Draft EIS was released is shown below.

Toondah Harbour petition comments

This is happening in too many places around the country. Natural Beauty should always triumph.

Moreton Bay and its environment needs to be preserved. We already have an unacceptable number of high rise as well as housing unaffordability , traffic issues and wildlife being decimated. We need to protect this amazing part of Brisbane it’s wildlife and environment.

This habitat must be protected.

This Ramsar wetland is an international environment heritage for the future so hands off.

I believe this planned development is completely unacceptable and should be banned to protect wildlife and the environment.

We need to preserve what natural spaces we have left.

It’s protected, it should stay protected.

We need more animals not concrete jungles.

I am against this proposed development that will destroy the natural habitat for fish, bird life and all sea life. Also, 3000+ beds, massive marina and the ensuing people pollution is not wanted. The Ferry Terminal needs upgrading, but that’s all. The roads are not adequate for such a development as well.

Developers and all levels of government …wetlands are protected …for a reason …don’t destroy a vulnerable ecosystem.

It is vital to keep these irreplaceable habitats, not only to save endangered flora and fauna, but because wetlands, are one of our most effective carbon sinks, and are one of our best defences against climate change.

I am very concerned about this irresponsible and inappropriate development. Demolishing this precious waterway with its wildlife and unique environment is totally against our electorate wishes. We don’t have the infrastructure for the current residents let alone another 10,000 people. Australia has an international treaty to protect our Ramsar wetlands. Have some conscience, this development should never go ahead.

We need wetlands, we need bird habitats and sanctuaries, we need migratory birds and natural spaces, we need beauty. We don’t need more marinas and bayside apartments and shops for the rich. We don’t need the ugliness of developers’ schemes for more profit.

We don’t have to worry about climate change when humans destroy places like this for their own greed. Stop it.

This proposed development of 3,600 high-rise luxury apartments with a marina for luxury boats will cost the Australian people 40 hectares of a Marine Park and a shoreline which is already protected under an international treaty (Ramsar). My personal Cost -Benefit analysis says it’s daylight robbery for ordinary Aussies. Our children’s and their children’s and their children’s …. right to have the joy and wonder of an amazing natural shoreline environment is under siege and I want to be able to look my grandchildren in the eye and say ‘we saved this beautiful space for you’.

We need to do much better!

I want to save Toondah Harbour’s irreplaceable, internationally significant wetlands, its rich biodiversity, and nearby foreshore koala colony from being destroyed by Walker Corporation’s greedy, private 3600 unit development on public parkland and out in the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

We need to stop developing land that destroys natural habitats.

Saving our natural coastal places is critical for us all.

We need wetlands.

The Queensland government is greedy for development and had no regard for protecting our dwindling natural habitats. This development is planned for a wetland which is critical for migratory birds.

Enough wildlife have been sacrificed to developers.

We need environmentally sustaining developments: this is yet another “premium” waterside development for the haves with no green ambitions or provision for social housing.

This Ramsar wetland needs to be protected and preserved for the countless birds and creatures that have belonged to this area for millennia!

The importance of natural reservation and the wider implications for nature and wildlife. Fair sharing of the earth with other creatures and nature.

Area is either protected by Australian legislation ratifying international convention to protect wetlands Ramsar or it isn’t – you cannot develop just a part of internationally protected wetland.

Biodiversity loss is at a critical stage in Australia and worldwide, so every effort must be made to conserve these last remaining and precious habitats, particularly wetlands. Yet another flood prone development would be the height of insanity.

Over the past ten years I have seen massive destruction of native habitat . Development means bulldoze every tree within kilometres, not one left standing for wildlife. It’s an ecological disaster. This council has no ecological plan, just profit from development and rates.

Please stop this environmental disaster from going ahead.

I have an area near me which is also about to be chopped down, pure koala habitat.

This is diabolical… it should never even been a thought let alone a potential reality … it’s disgusting and MUST NOT happen.

I feel strongly about the way our so called representative’s do not listen to public opinions.

I’m worried about the destruction of shorebird habitat and the loss of biodiversity.

Wetlands are precious and irreplaceable.

Some places should be left it their natural state. There is already so much bushland being mowed down for houses why does this have to happen

This debacle has gone on long enough.

The wetlands must be protected.

There is no good reason to develop this area apart from $$$$ and greed. Leave this area remain as it is. It serves an environmental purpose for flora & fauna. The environment and should not be destroyed!

Our environment is our greatest asset!

The dugongs, turtles and wild life will pay for our choice – and ultimately we will as we are intimately connected to our environment.

Save the environment and all connected to it are saved too!

Nature deserves to have some areas for themselves.

Simply wrong on so many levels…..

I am wanting the integrity of these important wetlands preserved and protected.

Moreton Bay is a wetlands. The houses will become unliveable.

We all need green space especially our wildlife.

This level of development encroaching the Ramsar protect area is too much of a cost to the environment and our future. No brainer.

We need to protect natural wetlands and the koala habitat.

This development needs to be stopped.

Wake up people, we are destroying what is important to Australia.

The native animals are being squeezed out and its wrong.

Development will ruin the character of this beautiful area.

To protect natural heritage from greed.

Shorebird and koala habitat needs protection!

Wetlands are priceless.

It needs to be protected.

I strongly back every single objection to this potential environmental disaster building project.

Enough destruction [leave] the coast line the way it is. Stop the fat cats making millions at our and our native animal’s expense.

Developers and governments have taken most of the coastal wetlands around the world. We can’t let then squeeze the last drop of blood out of this environment.

WE absolutely must protect ‘ our sacred’ spaces and care for our animals.

We don’t need more development. Protect what biodiversity we have left.

Silt and total destruction of marine environment.

Not worth the environmental devastation.

We need this land for all the wildlife. It is crazy to only think we are the ones who only matter.

As much as I support higher density developments, destroying the environment is not the right way to go about it…

Protected Ramsar wetlands are protected for a reason. Critical supporting habitat to threatened migratory species and providing services to other adjacent habitats supporting others. Better not develop.

It’s Ramsar protected for a reason. I know this area and how fragile it already is.

These wetlands are a wetlands of national significance.

It’s a totally ridiculous development: it must not go ahead.

We need every last wetland on earth to help save the planet.

I want to contribute to ensuring current and future generations can continue flock to the shores of our beautiful bay to enjoy the remarkable sight of koalas, turtles, maybe even a dugong as well marvel at shorebirds flying in from 10,000+ kilometres for up to eight days non-stop to feed and rest here every summer. And unless the Federal Government rejects this development or the Palaszczuk Government revokes the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area over the Toondah Ramsar wetlands and withdraws its support for this development, this ecological paradise will be lost forever.

I don’t want to see our shorebirds made extinct by development we don’t need.

We need to conserve this sensitive natural environment.

Wetlands and critical environments and need to be protected to preserve many species. The web of life is thin with the next extinction possibly leading to ours.

The natural world needs a hand.

I can’t believe this development in its current guise is still on the table given all of the environmental laws, regulations, international treaties and who knows what else it violates! As a local to this area, and a someone who works in conservation across Moreton Bay, this cannot go ahead.

Ramsar sites are internationally significant bird wetlands and this habitat is also significant to many other sea creatures.

Corporate greed and madness.

This is a disastrous proposal. This is a crucial feeding ground for the critically endangered Eastern Curlew and should never have been considered. It breaks Ramsar convention. We should be ashamed that this sort of development is even still proposed in Australia.

I’m sick of the abuse of land, flora and fauna to make a few richer.

This habitat is being squandered.

Australia should abide by international agreements that it has signed. We shouldn’t be clearing koala habitat or destroying habitat of endangered shorebirds.

There are not enough protections for sensitive coastal areas globally, why trunk something unique into a potential residential flood zone? There are so many brown spaces available to develop. Coastal areas are already impacted, if you want to be a city with dugongs in its bays, then you cannot treat your bays like other cities.

Nothing is safe if they build on a Ramsar listed wetland and next to a koala colony.

This is nothing more than raping a marine reserve , this development , will destroy marine wetlands lands that are supposed to be PROTECTED.

The wetlands are need for many reasons. Stop destroying our environment for money!

This is a deplorable situation and should stop immediately.

Conservation of wetlands is critical to a healthy future for us and our environment. Ramsar agreements are well researched and should not be trifled with just to make a few wealthy people richer.

I am Australian and this need to stop.

I care!

This is utter ignorance of what the world needs.

Public land like this should NEVER be sold to developers.

I’m disgusted that the State and Federal Govt would even consider such a preposterous proposal to develop on Ramsar protected habitat for all the beautiful migrating birds of Toondah Harbour. Jackie Trad hang your head in shame! This must be stopped at any and all costs. Outrageous!

This development is so wrong on every level. It is treaty wetland, it is supposed to be protected forever.

I am sick and tired of these developers and councils doing the wrong thing by clearing and bulldozing anything in their sights, just to get what they want, not what is best for them animals and landcare and in this case, the ocean and all marine life. Stop this destruction.

Enough of the greed.

There’s not one valid reason why this atrocity should even be considered and many many good reasons why it shouldn’t be. Because for almost 10 years the communities of Redlands and Minjerribah have been saying no to this proposal. Because why should a Ramsar protected wetlands be considered a Lang Walker destruction zone. Because we love it as it is. Because of all the nature based reasons that include migratory bird sites, dugongs, fish habitat and koala corridor. Because mangroves and sea grasses are incredibly important to the coastline for marine health but also human home protection. Because if Lang Walker needs the amount of time it took him to write an EIS and that the EIS is so enormous than that speaks volumes as to why this is so wrong. How many more reasons should I give you to drop the rort?

This is too much for the environment & waterways to sustain its balance.

I am seeing so much development in areas already affected by climate change and flooding. I have also seen so many trees taken down in the koala corridors. Ironically many directly across from protest koalas and wildlife signs.

Wetlands are important and this area should be left for everyone to enjoy the natural world.

We all have an interest in protecting wetlands.

Developing Toondah Harbour is an outrage.

The wetlands need to be protected! Stop destroying Australian land/habitats!

This development represents yet another utterly unnecessary attack on vulnerable habitat of endangered species.

Unbelievable that the government would even consider this development in such a valuable area.

Greed is killing our beautiful wildlife and country.

Stop this madness! Before there is nothing left.

Inappropriate and environmental degrading.

We need to preserve the environment, not let it be packaged off to the highest bidder.

This is my patch. Migratory birds are under threat. Endangered far eastern curlew depend on these Ramsar wetlands to feed on after their epic flights from Asia. This development is madness. Stop it!

It’s disgraceful abuse of a tender environment and is not needed given other developments in the pipeline.

The Ramsar wetlands should be sacrosanct and safe from the ravages of destructive development. We all have a duty of care to protect the environment, including the habitat of migrating bird species.

We need to protect habitat for shorebirds. There is so little left.

This is madness….a Jackie Trad disaster.

The destruction of wetlands and protected areas needs to be stopped.

There is a significant population of shorebirds that rely on this stretch for survival, more apartments are simply brutally ugly.

The area is already overpopulated to the adverse effects of flora and fauna. Its killing the ambience.

This area is too culturally important and beautiful to destroy.

This is a development for money, money, money and will ruin a important ecosystem for vulnerable birds and animals. Concreting more land will create less drainage and be contributing to future flood events.

We need more wildlife not infrastructure.

The wildlife needs to be protected.

Ramsar sites must be protected. Humans have a large enough footprint as it is.

This development must be considered in the light of the latest information which requires an immediate stay on such developments.

We need to save this beautiful area.

This is grossly inappropriate “development” sacrificing a supposedly protected vital wetland for wildlife and that has internationally recognised significance and pushed by an already fantastically wealthy developer making political “donations” to enable this environmental disaster to happen.

This is a travesty. Save Moreton Bay!!!

Stripping a Ramsar declaration sets a horrid example that nothing is truly protected from greed. Don’t let big corporations get away with this. It shouldn’t be happening.

This decision goes against all the information about the need to protect animal habitat with global warming upon us.

I believe the science and am aware of the indigenous cultural significance and Ramsar status of this area. As a local living nearby I have followed the facts over the years and know that this development is both environmentally disastrous and based on greed, lies and coverups.

We cannot go on destroying unique and priceless natural environments in this country. The last 200 years have been catastrophic for our magnificent native animal and plant species. And what about the terrible losses to Australia’s First Nations People and humankind more generally. We know the score and must NOW put a stop to this destruction, greed, arrogance, ignorance and blind stupidity.

Nature is more important than money.

There are millions of species on this planet, yet one species dominates and decimates every country. It’s abhorrent.

Speaking up for the birds.

This is a Ramsar site for critically endangered birds. Stop destroying valuable habitat.

Human retail consumption (in particular) should not destroy the vital homes of our more-than-human cohabitant’s of this planet. Find somewhere else!

Despicable disrespect of native flora and fauna! This must be stopped! This is happening in far too many places, far too often!

I care about our wetlands, migrating birds need this area !!

Redlands2030 – 1 November 2022

0 thoughts on “Toondah Harbour petition comments since Draft EIS released”

  1. One HUGE issue with this development will be the massive impact of Construction traffic on local streets. There is NO appropriate route for this traffic. Either past the Raby bay shops and restaurants with pedestrian crossings and 40 mph zones, or right past the front doors of local residents and through school 40 Koh zones. The significant impact of this development will blight us for years to come and significantly affect the local amenity and values of our properties. How on earth can such a huge development be allowed ?

  2. Stewart Turnbull

    We just need a better car park so Peale can go to Stradbroke and the other islands, nothing more
    The TOONDAH development would help no one except the Walker group and kill off any hope of keeping all the beautiful creatures and features of the Moreton bay region, BOO to the QLD government for even backing it and Boo for Walker even putting a stupid idea like the out there. If they want to develop keep it ALL on the land.

  3. What an incredibly invasive development proposal! With the major identified impacts to birds, land animals, land and marine flora, and local amenity, amongst others, I cannot understand that the Federal and State Governments do not act curb the greed that underpins such a proposal.

  4. Angelique Mortleman

    Why do we have protected areas when they can be overthrown by big developers so that they can make their profits bigger!? Human have many places we can build our homes. The bird life that depends on the wetlands impacted by this development do not. And worse still they rely on this unique environment to recover from a long migration from the other side of the globe. This is not a change that they will adapt to or can afford after such a long journey – effectively this development will cause their deaths. How is this good environmental policy? Is the State government not supposed to be protecting that which is unique to our state. This development can not be approved as planned.

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