The ABC outside broadcast and more on Cowley Street

This week the Redlands hosted a full day of outside broadcast by ABC Brisbane Radio. The breadth of issues raised and people involved was impressive.

But it was mostly ‘good news’ with minimal opportunity for discussion about important issues such as the unpopular Toondah Harbour project, as noted in a letter to Redlands2030.

Note the koala logo on the street sign

The destruction of koala habitat at Cowley Street is discussed in two more letters, one from overseas.

The Koala Action Group advises that a short rally against the Cowley Street koala habitat destruction will be held before the next Redland City Council meeting on Wednesday 17 February.

The rally will be from 9:00am outside the Council’s offices in Bloomfield Street, Cleveland.

Some suggestions for placards are:


ABC radio visits the Redlands

ABC Brisbane outside broadcast from Raby Bay Harbour Park on 11 February 2021
ABC Brisbane outside broadcast from Raby Bay Harbour Park on 11 February 2021

On a glorious sunny morning, I attended the Outdoor Broadcast by ABC 612am radio at the Raby Bay parklands this morning.

The ABC’s buoyant hosts Craig Zonca and Loretta Ryan, spoke to a number of local residents, local government reps and business owners about what they like about the Redlands and why they have chosen to live and work here. The message of its natural beauty, quietness, friendliness and sense of community, access to the bay and islands and environmental values came through strongly. 

As one of those interviewed voiced loudly on leaving the microphone “no more units”, Craig Zonca asked the Mayor Karen Williams about the current status of the Toondah Harbour development by Walker Corporation.

Mayor Williams spoke about the requirement by State government for the Redlands to provide a share of the SEQ region’s growth and that housing affordability was a growing concern as a justification for the Toondah development.

To Craig’s further question about the development’s environmental impact, Mayor Williams dismissed any notion of local government responsibility or concern about the development by referring to the EIS currently being prepared under the Federal Government.

A murmur of laughter passed through the approximately 35 protesters present, many displaying placards signalling the environmental, social and economic damage that would result from the Walker Group’s development of 3,600 apartments on such a nationally significant site.

Perhaps like me they were bemused by the irony and nonsense. How could a prestige, waterfront and harbour development which would not be offered at other than premium prices, contribute to improved housing affordability in the Redlands?

How can the Walker Group funded EIS deliver anything but development approval, albeit conditioned? How can the Mayor ignore the destruction of the very values that give rise to the broadcast’s gathering of Redland residents applauding the Redlands lifestyle? 

Unfortunately, Craig Zonca was more interested in urging the Toondah protest group to act as ABC groupies supporting the broadcast rather than allowing speakers from the group any airtime to alert a wide audience of Walker Group’s threat to the Redlands or even pose some relevant questions to Mayor Williams.

In the end – an ABC bored cast.

Redland Bay

Writing from Germany about Cowley Street

Koala male at Cowley Street in Ormiston on 7 February 2021 – Photo: Chris Walker

I am writing to you from Germany. News about the threatening extinction of your most beloved and wonderful koalas and many other wildlife is a getting more and more attention in Europe and all over the world.

The destruction of koala habitat is the biggest threat to koalas, apart from car accidents, dog attacks and disease (often caused by stress). And now there is ANOTHER destruction: at Cowley Street in Redlands!

How can this be? The koalas are protected, they are your precious national icon, a species loved all over the world (but forsaken by Australian governments and some business people). 

I am so worried about these lovely furry creatures’ future. I know there are many Australians who love their wildlife and especially the koalas and many of them are worried too and do their best to safe them. But what chance is there if the government and business neglect their duty to protect Australia’s unique nature?

No tree, no me - it's as simple as ABC
Some trees remain at Cowley Street but for how long?

The koalas have nowhere to go! Their habitat is destroyed and they cannot just move somewhere else. There is no somewhere else and they are very territorial. It stresses them immensely to be forced away, they are such sensitive animals and develop stress-related diseases which eventually will kill them.

Hospitals and sanctuaries spend thousands of dollars to rescue and help them, only to release them to a world that takes away their place to live.

Please, please, do not let the worst happen. Do not sacrifice your koalas to money and over-development. Protect your beautiful country and nature. Protect the koalas. Stop destroying koala habitat.  

Thank you for reading my letter.


Cowley Street koalas and trees must be saved

Koala female at Cowley Street in Ormiston on 13 February 2021 – Photo: Chris Walker

You must stop this catastrophe at Cowley Street, these koalas and habitats should be protected. This is their home and corridor, where do they go when their trees are gone? There’s no where to go.

Their food source gone, they will die. Please stop the logging of these trees, before it’s too late. Koalas are Australia’s and the world’s treasures.

You have the power to act, please Save our iconic animals and wildlife, for future generations to see and enjoy.

There is only one Australia with our unique koalas and wildlife we do not want them to become extinct, which are the predictions especially after losing so many in the fires and over development of their habitats, it’s unfair to them. They have always been a part of Australia. I and many others do not want to lose them. #saveourkoalas

Redland City

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Redlands2030 – 14 February 2021

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