Squeeze up – the State Government’s Draft Redland Housing Strategy

Draft Redland Housing Strategy
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Smaller lots in “high amenity” areas and seven storey apartment blocks in “medium change areas” are proposed in the Draft Redland Housing Strategy, released for community consultation by the State Government this week.

The strategy deals largely with infill but notes that the Redlands has three future growth areas:

  • Southern Redland Bay (Shoreline)
  • Southern Thornlands
  • The Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area

The draft Strategy includes the following statement:

The Priority Development Area of Toondah Harbour in Cleveland has also been identified as an area to accommodate future population growth. This will solely be in the form of attached high rise development. (page 40).

Yet the Government acknowledges in its draft strategy that “avoiding impacts on wetlands and marine ecosystems” is one of the things that the community would like to see achieved in planning for housing in the Redlands. (page 27)

Consultation period – Draft Redland Housing Strategy

The Redlands community will have very little time to consider the Draft Strategy. The consultation period is from 16 October 2023 to 12 November 2023.

Minimum lot sizes to shrink

Actions proposed in the draft Redland Housing Strategy include reducing minimum lot sizes in many low density and low-medium density areas.

At present the Redland City plan stipulates that in most areas the minimum lot size is 400 metres. But if the draft Redland Housing Strategy is adopted, then this will reduce to as little as 200m2 “where three or more contiguous lots are created and built form is delivered in the form of an integrated development”.

Apartment blocks to grow taller

Apartment block height limits will increase to seven storeys “within the medium
density residential zone for land within 800m of a principal centre zone”.

Cleveland and Capalaba are currently zoned as “principal centres”.

More proposed housing actions

Examples of other actions in the draft Redland Housing Strategy include:

  • Update the City Plan to provide for freehold title townhouse / terrace style developments
  • Provide for multiple dwellings and retirement facilities to be developed within the low density residential zone
  • Remove building a dwelling house as a land use that is allowed within the medium density residential zone
  • Require future greenfield development to incorporate low medium density and medium density residential zones to facilitate a mix of housing types
  • Review car parking requirements for residential land uses within residential and centre zones and amend City Plan accordingly
  • Expand and consolidate the designation of the medium density residential zone and low medium density residential zone
  • Undertake further planning to determine what opportunities exist to unlock growth in the high amenity areas around the Birkdale, Ormiston, Wellington Point and Thorneside train stations.
High amenity and medium change areas
High Amenity and Medium Change areas

Implementing the Draft Redland Housing Strategy

It’s pretty clear that the State Government wants to rush through changes to the current City Plan to make it easier for developers to rack, stack and pack new dwellings in the Redlands.

Many of the proposed actions are to be implemented through a “streamlined planning scheme amendment process”. So expect very little time to have your say when these planning scheme amendments are pushed through.

The folly of rushing through long term policy and planning changes to deal with the current housing shortage is discussed by Greg Hallam (former CEO of the Local Government Association) in a piece published recently by In Queensland.

“The hackneyed claims that state and local governments are holding up development is an enduring myth . By wide acclaim Queensland has the most permissive planning legislation in the country” says Mr Hallam.

    Southern Moreton Bay Islands

    The Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) capacity to accommodate additional
    housing will be reviewed if the draft strategy is adopted. The draft strategy says (p 38):

    The analysis has estimated that under the current City Plan a proportion of housing growth will occur in the Southern Moreton Bay Islands with an identified ability to provide approximately an additional 1,600 dwellings.

    The Islands can’t be relied on to contribute to the housing growth for Redland, considering the existing environmental risks as well as limited access to services in comparison to the mainland.

    This draft Strategy recognises the need to ensure that any additional growth on the islands is underpinned by strong up-to-date evidence of the islands’ capacity
    to accomodate (sic) growth safely and sustainably.

    This draft Strategy recognises the planning context for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and North Stradbroke, however where possible, alternative locations on the
    mainland should be considered to encourage the growth modelled away from the islands.

    So no prospects of a bridge to Russell Island and it seems unlikely that the State will be funding other major infrastructure such as sewerage for SMBI.

    More reading – Draft Redland Housing Strategy

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    Draft Redland Housing Strategy (40MB)

    Redlands2030 – 18 October 2023

    0 thoughts on “Squeeze up – the State Government’s Draft Redland Housing Strategy”

    1. The State Government housing proposal for the Redlands, is nothing short of criminal!
      The Redlands is already straining at the seams with its recent population expansion. Not to mention that it will be a further environmental disaster for our wildlife!!!

    2. Kathleen Harrington

      We have lived at Point Talburpin, Victoria Point , Amity Point and now live at Wellington Point in the Redlands since 1976. The reasons people moved to the Country by the Bay seemed to be forgotten in the rush to cram as many houses as possible, living with roofs barely touching each other and high rise with no consideration of neighbouring houses. Don’t like it, then move at reduced value due to towering walls from apartments or no sun, no privacy.
      Now 200 sqm and 8/9 stories.
      This is going too far but we know little people will not be heard in the development rush and big $s for council rates and developers.
      A very sad day.

    3. When Redlands was a Shire, concerned Birkdale resident, Sharynne Jupp, wrote letter published by John Giles, in local Bayside Bulletin, as follows: “We are calling for an end to development and population growth in Redlands to avoid becoming a ‘city’ devoid of neighborly atmosphere. Developers are trying to build on any available land they can get their hands on – they’re not worried about drainage, speeding on roads or vandalism. They do the minimum required, take the money and leave the community with all the ongoing problems. Council seems to be too shortsighted and allows this to happen. Ms Jupp believes the system no longer works in the best interests of the people. It suits only the minority of money-makers”.
      Here we are in 2023, Redland City, and yes, every available space is being developed as Ms Jupp stated, that has led to, in this area of Capalaba, sirens heard every day…and I mean EVERY day on Finucane Rd. Capalaba, where we have seen deaths & injuries caused by road crashes politicians turn a blind eye to, as what matters is filling in with as many units as possible when one house on sizeable lot is sold, adding to polluting, road traffic congestion and crime, drugs in parks, addicts under Capalaba Central’s liquor outlet parking area accessed via creek bank. Liveability is all but lost to unfortunates living adjacent to CBD,when over-developing one particular area is approved by State/local authorities. Denison Crt Bowen St off Old Cleveland Rd East, housing commission units, recently saw a knifing incident, said in news to be a ‘quiet’ street, never has been, police called often, due to ongoing disputes where people are living on top of each other, and where two shootings have taken place in past years.. We have now been alerted to multiple dwellings being approved for social housing on Willard Road, Capalaba, one street away from Denison Crt adding chaos in one particular location. Sizeable property, for sale, opposite turnaround across from Elmhurst/Finucane Rd intersection, can squeeze in dozens of units adding to road congestion and possibly more deaths to add to the many on this, that Premier Palasczcuk admits, is a ‘dangerous’ road. Do lives matter?

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