Olympic whitewater deal done “in the dark” – letters to Redlands2030

Letters to the Editor – 19 October 2023

Toondah and the housing crisis - letters

An unwanted Olympic whitewater stadium, traffic congestion and the state government grabbing more powers from local councils are discussed in letters to Redlands2030.

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Birkdale Olympic Whitewater Stadium

Paris 2024 Olympic whitewater stadium under construction
Canoe slalom venue for the Paris 2024 Olympics under construction – from VAIRES, stade d’eau vive #JO2024 201717

Plans to have an Olympic Whitewater Stadium on public land in Birkdale were done in the dark without proper community consultation.

I am certain that this particular land cannot accommodate both the highly destructive, water-based high-impact recreation projects, and the low impact uses that suit heritage sites and koalas. One being for high-energy sports, the other for those seeking a peaceful setting.

With intense residential housing underway across from this site (on Old Cleveland Rd East), road congestion, crashes, rage, sirens blaring every day, something’s ‘gotta give” …as they say we can’t have it all. 

Olympic whitewater plans questioned by Senate committee
Senator Matt Canavan – chair of the Senate’s Olympics inquiry

My hope is that the sensible-minded Senator Matt Canavan and his Senate Inquiry will prevail as should the view of Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate who kindly said he feels sorry for Redland citizens having to foot the bill for ongoing maintenance indefinitely.

Clearly, the 2032 Olympic canoe racing event can be held at an already existing facility in Penrith, NSW.  

To date, over 2,900 signatures are on the petition against destroying forever the Birkdale land for massive Whitewater projects, and other projects to fill the site, leaving no room for wildlife or nature-based projects.


State Government power grab

State Government doing the Council’s housing strategy

I am very concerned that the State Government is intent on transferring the power and control of land use planning and development from local councils to State Governments.

The arguments seem settled based on claims the present system is not meeting the required growth rates fast enough or big enough. But what community thinks, seems to be being ignored.

If, or rather when, this transfer happens then it seems clear that environmental matters, amenity and livability questions will be totally ignored.


Welcome Back Shorebirds

Beako, the giant Eastern curlew puppet, arrives at the Welcome Back Shorebirds Festival.

I attended to Welcome Back Bird Festival last Saturday on the foreshores of Moreton Bay not far from Toondah Harbour.  It was truly fantastic coming together of our Redlands community and the best community gathering I have seen in a long long time.

There were many hundreds of people and they came from all walks of life.  They were of different ages and many were with their kids.  I could not count the number of people but it must have been over 1,500 perhaps close to a couple of thousand people.  The message was clear, the community is as one in opposition to plans for 3,600 high-rise apartments in the waters of our Moreton Bay. 

I stood on the foreshore looking and thinking about the scale of the development Toondah Development and it made me feel sick. It just makes no sense at all. 

Over the years I thought Queenslanders had seen the end of the “white shoe brigade” style of development but it is alive and well here at Cleveland.  The Toondah project has all the trappings of the Joh era plus it has layers of secrecy that serve to stymie the public interest.

My questions are not aimed at the organisers but rather our elected officials – where were you? I understand a few local Councillors showed up but not all and not the Councillor for the area most impacted (Cr Mitchell) and no sign of State representatives (Don, Kim, Mark or Mick) or our Federal member (Henry). Do these people only turn up at events that echo their view? That isn’t how the voice of the community is heard, that’s how an echo chamber works. If these politicians won’t even show up how can they claim to be listening to the people?

I had hoped to see some efforts at listening from our local politicians but that seems to be too much of an expectation of local representatives!


Cleveland traffic congestion

Traffic departing Cleveland

Recently I have noticed an increase in traffic congestion in Cleveland and when driving to and from Cleveland. It is understandable that this will occur with an increase in population in this area, but what are the plans to alleviate it?

I am hopeful that the 3,600 units proposed for Toondah Harbour will not go ahead or this will make a much bigger and unmanageable problem as occurred in a development in Donnybrook in Victoria where the time of travel went from 10 to 45 mins as people tried to get out of the estate.

The congestion there has become a total headache for the people who bought into the complex.

Point Lookout

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0 thoughts on “Olympic whitewater deal done “in the dark” – letters to Redlands2030”

  1. Missing In Action

    Another conspicuous absence to add to N.M.’s list – Mayor Williams. Though seems her appearance at community events is rare enough that maybe a reward could be offered for any public sightings?
    Really not acceptable to be cashing in her sizeable pay check each week while underperforming in this responsibility as a civic leader.

  2. Terrance Brookes

    This proposed white water facility for the 2032 Olympics is going to be another White Elephant like the hardly used one in Sydney’s one built for the 2000 Olympics, why not use that facility & save the cost for the Redland Council
    (Rate payers).

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