Redlands rates and charges highest in SEQ

A comparison of local council rates and charges plus water service charges in south east Queensland shows that a typical Redland City homeowner will pay the most in 2022/23.

This comparison uses the median residential land value for each local government area as the basis for calculating the general rates payable by a typical home owner in each city or region.

Some local councils e.g. Brisbane and Logan offer discounts for prompt payment of rates and charges, so these discounts are taken into account.

Local councils such as Redland City and Logan City are also water service providers while other councils such as Brisbane and Moreton Region have water services provided by a water services utility.

Water and sewerage charges can vary according to the volume of water used in a year so for this comparison it is assumed that 180 kilolitres (kL) per year is used in each case.

The rates and water bills will include some charges that are controlled by the State Government namely the bulk water charge and the Emergency Management Levy.

These charges are now consistent across most south east Queensland local government areas, except:

  • Toowoomba is not connected to the SEQ water grid so bulk water charges don’t apply.
  • In smaller local government areas with fewer emergency service facilities (Scenic Rim, Somerset and Lockyer Valley) the Emergency Management Levy is lower.

Comparison of rates and charges

Annual budgets are now available for 11 of the 12 local government areas in south east Queensland. The Lockyer Valley Regional Council will have its budget meeting on 20 July 2022.

Redland City Council's rates and charges will be discussed at the community gathering on 18 July 2022.
Rates and charges in SEQ compared

The table below shows a more detailed comparison of rates and charges for just four local government authorities: Brisbane City, Moreton Bay Region, Logan City and Redland City. In this comparison the rates and charges are those that apply for a property on the mainland.

Rates and charges for 2022/23

Local Government AreaBrisbaneMoreton BayLoganRedlands
Median land value$550,000$320,000$270,000$375,000
General Rates$1,279$1,140$1,010$1,318
Wheelie bins 240L Red & 240L Yellow$382$268$303$491
Other charges$108$100$501$217
Total rates and charges$1,769$1,508$1,814$2,027
Discount for prompt payment$60$0$91$0
Total rates and charges with discount$1,709$1,508$1,723$2,027
Water service providerQUUUnityWaterLCCRCC
Assumed water use kL/year180180180180
Water excluding Bulk Water$399$439$486$417
Total water & sewerage $/year$981$1,183$1,198$1,202
Council rates & water services $/year
excluding State Government charges
State Government Charges 
Bulk water$594$594$594$594
Emergency Management levy$235$235$235$235
Total State Government charges$829$829$829$829
Council rates & water services $/year
including State Government charges
Compared to Brisbane $/year$0+ $2+ $ 232+$539
Compared to Brisbane %6.6%15.3%
Redland City Council's rates and charges include the most expensive wheelie bin service in south east Queensland.
Redland City has the most expensive wheelie bin service in south east Queensland

Redland City Residential land values

We wrote about recent increases in residential land values for Redland City in:

Increases in land valuations for Redland City residential properties

Redlands2030 – 17 July 2022

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  1. Great work guys. Charges for apartments/townhouses would also be interesting. It seems BCC charge the same for a modest townhouse as a median priced house, though apartments would use less in services.hmm

  2. My rates went up by 12% from the previous bill. I wrote to my Councillor, receiving a generic note in response. Obviously there are a lot of people with huge increases. This is an absurd and unacceptable amount.

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