Redlands community ignored by Council and State

Redlands’ “lost” Community Plan, failure to properly commemorate the end of WW2 and Kate Jones’ “appalling” response to the Toondah inquiry petition are discussed in letters to Redlands2030.

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What happened to the community plan?

Redlands 2030 Community Plan
Redlands 2030 Community Plan

What has happened to the current Redland City Council? If you listen to the proceedings of the council meetings for this year,  no one, not one of the councillors has addressed the values of the Redlands Community. Values that were clearly set out in Redland’s vision for what Redland City would be like in 2030.  That vision was developed in 2010 after real community consultation. 

Have our community’s values changed so much over the past 10 years, so that those set out in 2010 are no longer relevant? I doubt it. People wanted a particular balance between environment, society and economy. They wanted to protect the environment which made living in Redlands special. They wanted the goods and services provided by the local economy to produce a more balanced society. That has not changed. 

Councillors should revisit the plan for Redlands 2030 to re-engage with the community’s values and make decisions consistent with those values. That should be the providence of the Councillor who emblazons her Facebook page with the slogan “Protecting Community Values”. I ask, is she?

It seems clear that successive councils under the leadership of the current mayor, Karen Williams, have lost touch with the community values espoused and set out in that community plan. Why haven’t any of the three councils under the leadership of Karen Williams really consulted the community? Is it any wonder that Redlands has been plagued by such poor governance over the past 8 years?

The current Redlands Councillors can change that! Do they have the courage to do it, or have they truly lost their way?

Victoria Point

Editors Note: The Redlands 2030 Community Plan was prepared through extensive community consultation and adopted by the Council in 2010. Widely applauded when adopted, it has been buried deeper and deeper from the public eye since the local government elections of 2012. Redlands2030 Inc has taken our name from the document. We consider this Plan to be the most credible documentation of community values in the history of Redlands.

75 years since WW2 ended

Cr Paul Bishop, Mayor Karen Williams and Graham Hinson (RSL) in the former US Army radio receiving station – Photo: Redland City Council

I am hereby expressing deep disappointment that a once in a lifetime opportunity was denied the Redlands community of a gathering to commemorate 75 years since the end of WWII in the Pacific, at the site of the Receiving Station along with Antenna built by US Army at what was then Capalaba, now Birkdale in Redland City. 

The Receiving Station was the first site in Australia to receive the Japanese surrender message and is deserving of being acknowledged with a ceremony of high importance.

Why was this event kept a secret with only Council personnel present along with one member of RSL in Cleveland? 

Why were Birkdale Progress Association members not invited?  President Pam Spence worked tirelessly with Heritage Council personnel over a long period of time, presented to  Heritage Council to make the argument for State Heritage listing of the communications building along with antenna/s situated on the Commonwealth land. The heritage listing was approved. 

In my view, local dignitaries who should rightly have been invited to what is now a historical place for the people of Australia, are:

  • Governor of Queensland, Paul de Jersey 
  • Premier Annastacia Palaszczcuk 
  • Capalaba MP Don Brown
  • Bowman MP Andrew Laming
  • Peter Dunn OAM
  • Queensland Heritage Chair, Debbie Best
  • Birkdale Progress Association
  • Laurie Murray
  • Executive of MacArthur Museum, Brisbane

The presence of these dignitaries (and many more) would have brought prestige to, and recognition of, the importance of the site of the US Radio Receiving Station (former) and the free advertising when like feats are properly commemorated. But it was a missed opportunity!

In closing, my late husband would have been disappointed… having been attached to US Air Force Intelligence at the end of WW2 in Germany…to witness the behaviour of our local representatives on the 75th Anniversary. This was a significant event that should have been openly acknowledged and commemorated in Redlands.


Kate Jones’ appalling response to Toondah petition

I signed the Parliamentary petition calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the mega Toondah Harbour residential development.

I was appalled to read the response from Kate Jones. It beggars belief to see how the petition and the views of over 6,000 people dismissed in such a perfunctory manner!

I want to help Redlands2030 and anyone else stop this monstrous development and to hold Minister Jones to account!

Petitions to Queensland Parliament 2002 to 2020
Petitions data sourced from Queensland Parliament website by Redlands2030. The Save SEQ koalas petition 2020 is still active.


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