Train station apartments and new sportsfields on Council’s agenda

An application to develop 124 apartments at Cleveland Train Station will be discussed again at Redland City Council’s general meeting tomorrow.

UPDATE – This story has been updated to include information about Council’s discussion and decision on the development application for 124 apartments at the Cleveland Train Station. The update is provided at the end of the section about the train station apartments proposal, below.

Other matters up for discussion include:

  • Protection of Moreton Bay and the creeks which flow into the bay
  • Tenants identified for the planned new sports precinct in Mount Cotton
  • Arrangements for temporary commercial activities in various parks

And there are five confidential items listed for discussion in closed session including one that deals with the Redland Investment Corporation and the Economic Development Advisory Board.

Development at Cleveland Train Station

Cleveland Train Station
Cleveland Train Station

Plans to construct 124 apartments, some new car parks and a coffee shop at the Cleveland Train Station will be considered, again, by Redland City Council at its meeting tomorrow.

The proposal is to seek a negotiated decision from Council to upgrade the current preliminary approval to a development permit.

The plans provide for a coffee shop to be installed underneath the large eucalyptus tree next to the Train Station building .

This project was initiated by the LNP State Government in 2014 but has been supported by Labor since 2015. Redlands2030 first alerted the community to what was planned with this post in 2016:

Cleveland Train Station development plans

We provided more information in this post published in March 2020:

Cleveland Train Station: 124 apartments and coffee shop given final Council approval

Local residents remain strongly opposed to this project and have, in recent days, been circulating flyers which advocate strongly against the project going ahead.

Flyer opposing plans for development at Cleveland Train Station.
Flyer opposing plans for 124 apartments at Cleveland Train Station

Update – Council meeting decision

Redland City Council voted on 16 June 2021 to refuse an application for construction of 124 apartments at Cleveland Train Station.

Councillors who voted for refusal were: Wendy Boglary, Peter Mitchell, Paul Golle, Lance Hewlett, Julie Talty (attended by phone), Tracey Huges, Adelia Berridge, and Paul Bishop.

Councillors who voted against the refusal motion were Mark Edwards, Rowanne McKenzie and Karen Williams.

The video recording of this meeting is now available on the Council’s website.

The debate about the train station apartments project (item 14.5) starts at time 1:43 and finishes with the vote at 2:28.

Council plan to protect creeks and Moreton Bay

Councillors will be asked to adopt the Redlands Coast Bay and Creeks Plan 2021-2031 and Redlands Coast Bay and Creeks Action Plan 2021-2026.

The officers’ report says that “Council is committed to protecting, maintaining and restoring the ecological health and values of creeks and Moreton Bay”.

The report does not address the destruction of Moreton Bay that would result if Walker Group is allowed to construct 3,600 apartments on Ramsar wetlands next to Toondah Harbour.

More information is available in the officers’ report for item 14.4

Plans for new sports precinct at Mount Cotton

Primary tenants have been identified for a proposed new sports precicnt at Heinemann Road in Mount Cotton. They are:

  • Redlands Touch Association
  • Redlands Rugby League Club
  • Redlands BMX Club
  • Redlands Cycling and Multisport Club

More information is available in the officers’ report for item 15.1

Temporary commercial use of parks

Council will be asked to adopt plans which allow designated commercial activities to be carried out temporarily in various public open spaces.

The officers’ report provides details of the activities which are proposed to be allowed on a park by park basis for 29 sites in Redland City.

The report notes that following a public consultation process which attracted 94 submissions, some changes were made to the Council’s plans.

At three foreshore parks, including G.J. Walter Park, various water based activities were removed due to the potential for impacts on wader birds.

More information is available in the officers’ report for item 15.2

Confidential items

Five agenda items are listed for confidential discussion at the Council meeting tomorrow.

19.1 Review of Redlands Economic Development and Investment Attraction

The agenda overview for item 19.1 says this item is to respond to and close out Council’s Resolution of 16 December 2020 “Reviewing the Future Operations of Redland Investment Corporation Pty Ltd and the Economic Development Advisory Board”; and to enable further work to be undertaken to transition to a new operating model for place making, investment attraction and economic development.”

19.2 New Land Tourism Pty Ltd v Redland City Council (P&E Court Appeal 4312/2019)
19.3 Future Use of Community Facilities Zone for Community Services, Capalaba

To endorse a lease for future use of community facilities zone for community services in Capalaba.

19.4 Delegated Authority -Raby Bay Canal revetment wall upgrade Program

To delegate authority to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to make, vary and discharge a contract over $2.0M (including GST) for the Raby Bay Canal revetment wall upgrade Program.

19.5 Sub-Regional Waste Alliance -Shortlisted Solutions Evaluation (HEW/05/2018)

To seek endorsement to progressing to the next phase of the Sub Regional Waste Alliance as recommended in the Shortlisted Solutions Operating Parameter Evaluation Report.

More information about the Council meeting

This meeting is closed to the public so people cannot attend the meeting in person.

The Council may allow people to speak during the public participation section of the meeting.

People wishing to address a general meeting of Redland City Council must apply in advance, no later than 4:00pm on the Monday before the meeting.

You can access the ‘public’ version of the 16 June 2021 meeting agenda on the Council website.

The meeting will be video recorded (except for confidential discussions) and this video recording will be posted to the meeting video recordings webpage on the Council website. Videos usually appear within 48 hours of the meeting.

The Council usually publishes the meeting minutes about one week after the meeting. Meeting minutes include the wording of all resolutions adopted and details of which councillors voted for or against every resolution – including the confidential items. When published, the minutes will appear on this Council webpage.

Here are the contents of the agenda for Redland City Council’s meeting on 16 June 2021.

Redlands2030 – 15 June 2021

Story updated on 19 June 2021 to include information about Redland City Council’s decision to refuse the development application for 124 apartments at the Cleveland Train Station site.

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