The 2032 Olympics, Toondah Harbour and the next Queensland Government

Toondah and the 2032 Olympics

Plans for the 2032 Olympics and the Toondah EIS continue to stir activism by ordinary people in the Redlands community.

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Bread and Circuses and the 2032 Olympics

2032 Olympics questioned

The Roman policy of ‘Bread and Circuses’ is being used to hide the real problem in plain sight.

Politicians are using sport (or in Queensland is it the 2032 Olympics) to hide their lack of responsibility and accountability and all of that is for their backers. The ‘mega-rich’ are using the process to hide and protect their wealth.

The world’s political and financial systems are just one great Ponzi scheme of borrowing from the future to pay for today’s political promises and to cover up previous mistakes.

When this Ponzi scheme reaches a logical ‘Tipping Point’ it will implode and cause untold misery and death.

It appears we could be at that point now. Oil production is tied up in the global economy and Russian oil and gas is a major player if the Middle East erupts into a major conflict.

While the global picture is bad, the local abuse of the community by the State government and the local Council to hide problems “under” an unwanted white water facility is tragic. It is grim!


Welcome Back Shorebirds was fantastic

Observing the shorebirds

The Welcome Back Shorebirds Festival at G J Walker Park on October 14 was a fantastic and vibrant event. It was a testament to the concerns held by the locals. members of the Toondah Alliance members and the general public for the future of the unique Toondah Harbour wetlands as a destination for migratory shorebirds.

One could only be in awe of the immense journey undertaken by birds such as the Eastern Curlew which could be viewed on the mudflats through powerful birdwatch telescopes. It was a delight to watch as the birds foraged in the mud, they are at one with their surroundings. The representative from the Queensland Study Wader Group made me aware that the mudflats adjacent to the park were primarily the arrival destination of the juvenile birds, hence it took some time for their numbers to build.

Those who spoke from the different perspectives of the priceless natural wealth of the Toondah environment both educated and entertained the attentive crowd, giving everyone an appreciation of the organisms that depend on the mudflats and the reasons why the area is a protected Ramsar Wetland and Marine Park. 


The 2032 Olympics and the next election

2032 Olympics whitewater white elephant

According to my bush telegraph, the Queensland Labour Party are in trouble and could be out at the next election. All indicators are pointing toward a new Government.

So what has this got to do with Redlands? A lot. The 2032 Olympics contracts and proposed works at Birkdale will be up in the air as will the State Government’s “Redlands Housing Strategy” which is meant to increase housing stock for what they tell us will be a massive population influx.

So what happens if the new government changes tack or decides to cull the programs?  It doesn’t take an economics professor to work out that lots of money will go down the drain and the question is, how much has already been wasted on planning and contracts that may never go ahead?

Every ratepayer should heed this warning because you will be footing the bills long into the future. Compensation claims will have to be settled if as is suspected, contracts have been signed and sealed. To be fair and balanced, Redlands Council may not be financially liable for any of the failed projects but you can bet that our rate bills will go up before they go down.

We need a 2032 Olympics venue like a hole in the head. We need a better hospital and parking facilities so that cars are not lined up for miles outside along Wellington Street. We need new arterial roads, not high-rise box apartments like those in Hong Kong that will end up as tomorrow’s project ghettos.

Stay up with Redland issues by linking into Redlands2030 – the old adage, do nothing and nothing changes.

Please direct any feedback to Redlands2030.

Mr On the Ball
Wellington Point

Toondah Harbour is of global concern

Walker Group’s Final EIS reveals that 86 % of submitters oppose the Toondah proposal

It was interesting listening to ABC 612 and hearing the spokesperson for the Walker Corporation talking about Toondah Harbour as a rusting harbour, looking like pig ears then saying it was beautiful. 

Mr Hayes sounded confused, his claim that Toondah Harbour is rusting is just wrong…most of the 67 ha is the waters of the Bay and it should stay that way!

He seemed equally confused that 87 per cent of people protesting about the proposed development aren’t locals.

If that is the case it shows what a major issue this is! Clearly, people all over the world are concerned about the Toondah development! It’s not just a few locals protesting as Mr Hayes suggested. There is anger worldwide that the Ramsar convention will be severely impacted by the loss of some of our environmentally precious wetlands.

Mr Hayes and his statistics and interpretation of them seemed highly dubious. His attempts to disregard or dismiss the views of people from outside the Redlands are petty, unscientific and wrong. The PDA deals with land that is within and abutting the Moreton Bay Ramsar wetlands, a Marine Park, and impact on EPBC-listed threatened species and international migratory bird agreements.

These matters concern people from across Australia, around the globe and in Redlands.

Point Lookout 

Scrap Toondah Harbour proposal in its entirety

‘Ramsar???’ by Merret Keech

As a Redlands Rate payer I disagree with the Toondah Harbour proposal in its entirety.

My primary issue is with the destruction of the Ramsar ‘protected’ wetlands, including the wildlife dependent on this area. Further, and to a lesser extent,  I do not see any tangible infrastructure development of the surrounding area to cope with this development.

Redland City

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