Mosquito management and the Shoreline project

A revamped Mosquito Management plan and approving a residential subdivision in the Shoreline development area will be discussed at Redland City Council’s next meeting on Wednesday 4th December.

There is only one closed session item on the agenda – renewal of the cafe lease at the Cleveland Library building.

Information to be discussed at the meeting is included with the meeting agenda which can be downloaded from the Council’s website.

A development application for land adjacent to the approved Shoreline development area is out for public consultation until 19 December 2019. More information about this is provided below.

Mosquito management on the Redlands Coast

Saltmarsh Mosquito (Aedes vigilax)
Saltmarsh Mosquito (Aedes vigilax) (Photo: Stephen Doggett)

During the past five years Redland City has experienced intense mosquito breeding seasons which has resulted in a significant increase in requests for mosquito management.

The Council has to balance its obligations under the Public Health Act to stop mosquitoes from transmitting diseases such as Ross River fever with environmental constraints on the use of chemical pesticides.

Ongoing residential development in coastal areas increases the difficulty of managing the mosquitoes.

The proposed Management Plan says:

The development of residential properties near saltmarsh and intertidal mudflats are of particular concern given the close proximity to the saltmarsh mosquito Aedes vigelax. This mosquito is capable of flying up to 10km in search of a blood meal and is a persistent biter.

The proposed plan says: “A rare opportunity for Council to address mosquito and biting midge through the development process occurred in 2015 with the Shoreline development.”

A Biting Insect Management Plan prepared in 2016 outlines a framework for building design which will be used through each stage of the project for dwelling design and open spaces.

An integrated mosquito management approach

A new five year action plan for mosquito management identifies the need for an integrated mosquito management approach, including:

  • Physical and human resource planning
  • Engagement with the community
  • Ensuring best practice environmental outcomes
  • Proactive surveillance improvements
  • Data collection and extraction innovations (e.g. drone technology)
  • Exploring alternative treatment options (barrier treatments)
  • Freshwater wetland scoping study (emerging issue)
  • Planning considerations for developments

The mosquito risk in southern Redlands was discussed by Redlands2030 in August 2015, before the Shoreline housing project was approved.

Lendlease seeks approval for Shoreline land subdivision

Councillors will be asked to approve a subdivision of land in the Shoreline development area located on the western side of Serpentine Creek Road.

The officers’ report says that the owner of development site is Edgarange Pty Ltd. This company is part of Fiteni Homes.

This seems to clarify ambiguity and uncertainty about interests in the project which were evident during a Council meeting on 8 August 2018′

The proposed reconfiguration being considered by the Council on Wednesday is to create 130 residential lots together with a balance lot, road and an area of open space which will become known as Tide Line Park.

The ‘intent statement’ for Tide Line Park describes it as:

A park that has been shaped by the character and culture of bayside living and the natural environment of Moreton Bay itself. Tide line Park will make people feel as though they are on the bay in a moment frozen in time.

The officers’ report includes details of proposed road works connecting this area of residential development to Serpentine Creek road.

Until 200 dwellings have been built the developer is not required to provide reticulated sewerage. So the request for development approval notes that a temporary sewer tankering area will be included in the development.

The Shoreline development area is located next to a saltwater mosquito breeding area
The proposed development site

Shoreline was approved in November 2015

When the Shoreline project was controversially approved in November 2015 the project was expected to comprise about 4,000 homes.

At this time Mayor Karen Williams said:

“The project will not only create an attractive urban community with the best of amenity, infrastructure and facilities, but also generate thousands of constructions jobs, as well as an estimated 1800-1900 other new jobs within the Shoreline urban area after construction.

Mayor Williams also said that the project developer would be responsible for providing all of the necessary infrastructure.

“As a potential future urban area, Council has been able to ensure that all necessary Council infrastructure, such as water, sewer and parks, will be provided to service the development at no cost to the existing Redlands community.” she said.

Lendlease takes over in 2018

In mid 2018 it became known that Lendlease had taken over the lead role in developing the Shoreline project.

A Sewer Servicing Strategy proposed by Lendlease was considered by Redland City Council as a closed session item of business at the general meeting on 8 August 2018. At that time the Council said its preference was for Shoreline to develop a wastewater treatment plant on its own land, sized and designed to cater for the sub-regional catchment.

In March 2019 Lendlease sought a number of minor amendments to the Shoreline development condition including relaxation of the requirement to incorporate land for a school within the development area. Council agreed to most changes but refused to relax the requirement for a school site.

In a company presentation released on 19 August 2019, Lendlease said that it expects the project to yield 2,890 lots over the next 15 years.

Public consultation about Shoreline (Bayhill) Estate

48-66 Scenic Road - part of redlands' mosquito coast
The site is marked in pink: Source

Public consultation is underway for development of a large parcel of land adjacent to the Shoreline development area.

An application to develop land at 48-66 Scenic Road, Redland Bay was advertised for public consultation in the Courier Mail on 6 November 2019. The period for lodging of submissions closes on 19 December 2019.

More information about this development application MCU17/0108 is available on the Council’s website via PD On-line.

It appears that the owners of this land were originally hoping to pursue development separately from Shoreline but they decided recently to let Lendlease take over the role of developer.

Notice of proposed additional Shoreline development at 48-66 Scenic Road, Redland Bay

Redlands2030 – 2 December 2019

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  1. is there any plans for another bypass road for traffic overload for victoria point traffic aera. and parking for bus pick up ,as the shopping centre one is allready running on overload. thank you keith.

  2. Ah once again planning on the run. So what conditions will Council relax from the Shoreline approvals granted in 2015? And will the ratepayers pick up the tab? Biting midge and mossies were the biggest threat to development in the SEQ Regional Plan and the area was highlighted to stay rural. This same land was also identified as good agricultural land to be retained for farming. Sadly, the houses will be built and sold and then those poor residents will be badly affected by the biting midges and mossies. There will be a push for Council to try to solve this problem and once again the ratepayers will fund the project. The developers will have walked and made their millions with no responsibility for the future. The joke is that they truck the sewerage to Victoria Point sewerage treatment plant for years as this development will be slow to take off due to no public transport, no schools, no employment opportunities, no sewerage but plenty of biting midges and mossies. Don’t forget the aeroguard.

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