Safe Passage Event, a Toondah Harbour Campaign celebration – 28 April 2024

The Toondah Alliance invites everyone to Safe Passage, a free local event for all ages celebrating the ten-year successful campaign to Save Toondah Harbour from a major real estate scheme on Ramsar-listed wetlands in Cleveland.

G.J. Walter Park

Safe Passage will take place from 10am to 2pm Sunday, April 28, 2024, at G.J. Walter Park in Cleveland, set against the picturesque backdrop of the Ramsar-listed Toondah wetlands in Moreton Bay Marine Park.  

Enjoy market stalls, and live music. We will have food vendors. If the local koalas are agreeable, the Koala Action Group will take you on a guided walk to meet them.

Here is a link to the Facebook post for this event.

Critically important wetlands

These wetlands are internationally important because migratory birds, including the critically endangered Eastern Curlew, depend on them during their epic 12,000 km trips to and from the Arctic Circle.

On April 9, federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek made a provisional decision to reject the proposed real estate mega project under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and invited further submissions by 23 April 2024,before finalising her decision.  This is discussed in more detail in:

Toondah project fails the Federal Government’s science exam.

Says Steve MacDonald, president of Redlands2030 Inc, “We have a lot to celebrate.  The Safe Passage event allows the Alliance to express its deep gratitude to our many supporters for their dedication and perseverance in protecting the precious ecosystem of Toondah Harbour for over a decade.  

“It also shows that people power can change bad decisions if they combine their efforts and never give up,” he continued.

Over the years, thousands of Australians have passionately joined in various initiatives to Save Toondah Harbour, including: letter-writing campaigns, art exhibitions, rallies, community walks, surveys, and petitions.  A staggering 26,000 individuals responded to the Walker Group’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), highlighting critical oversights and deficiencies, with another 75,000 signing a petition urging rejection of the proposed development. 

Safe Passage will feature an appearance by Beako, the giant Eastern Curlew puppet, knowledgeable speakers, community group market stalls, koala spotting, musical performances, food vendors, and a guided walk through the migratory bird flyway exhibit.

Welcome back Shorebirds Festival 2023
Beako the giant Eastern curlew will return to Toondah Harbour for the Safe Passage event

The Toondah Alliance which includes: Redlands2030, BirdLife Australia and the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), BirdLife Southern Queensland, ACF Community Bayside, Koala Action Group, Qld Wader Study Group, Australian Marine Conservation Foundation and Stradbroke (Terrangeri) Environmental and Cultural Protection Association.

Redlands2030 – 13 April 2024

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