Relocate Point Lookout Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Lagoons Point Lookout
Sewage Lagoons Point Lookout

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Since 1992 North Stradbroke Island residents have been communicating with Council re the problems associated with the Point Lookout Sewerage Treatment plant which is located less than 1km from the nearest residential property.

Over the years work has been carried out to alleviate the problems however in recent years the expansion of the plant to its current size is now causing odour problems that are unbearable. The odours during the recent Easter and Anzac holiday period were so disgusting residents had to close windows and doors which they do have to do on a regular basis.

Residents in the area were advised when originally purchasing their property that the plant was not to be permanently located in this area and would be relocated when it was due for further expansion. With community consultation as early as 2001 an area of land was identified as being suitable to relocate and upgrade the plant, with the favored new site a former mining lease (R1671) about 1km south of Point Lookout.

We believe that it would be extremely short-sighted to spend approx. $15M to upgrade the plant in it’s current location with further costs to relocate the plant in the future as the Island grows. We request that the plant be relocated now spending approx. $20M to relocate the plant to provide for future development and expansion and comply with Department of Environment and Heritage Protection obligations while eliminating the issues that local residents are having to deal with.
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2 thoughts on “Relocate Point Lookout Sewage Treatment Plant”

  1. Don’t understand the 15m figure unless that includes significant upgrades to reticulation network. I was involved in the upgrade/replacement of sewerage treatment plant built and commisioned for 16000 people in 2012 for under $800,000.

    Now What truly irks me is that our SMBI community has a growth percentage equal to or exceeding that of the mainland Redlands yet North Stradbroke Island with its near negative growth statistics is getting sewerage treatment upgrades.

    The SMBI is constantly dealing with failing systems so odurs are an issue here also.
    SMBI residence residential development spends a minimum $6,000,000 every 4 years on septic system installations thats 10% of the total reticulation and treatment networks installation cost.
    Sceptic treatment systems quarterly maintenance and electrical run costs cost the SMBI community in excess of $1,000,000 annualy.

    South Moreton Bay Island growth 33%
    North Stradbroke Island growth 1%

    Point look out population growth last census 9
    SMBI population growth last census 1397
    Cleveland population growth last census 829

  2. It seems the new treatment plant, according to the council letter I received, allows for the future development of Pt Lookout. I would imagine the majority of residents are still on septic, with the only sewered properties being the last couple of land releases in the mid to late 80’s. I can’t see there being any future development at the Point so why the expensive upgrade.
    It should be relocated away from the present residential population, as has been planned for over 10 years, There is a vast amount of vacant land unused, surely the council could find somewhere remote enough so that the residents who pay huge rates and get little to nothing in return, could at least live without the smell.

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