Redland City Council Budget hits homeowners with increased costs

Redland City Council discussing the 2021/22 budget

The Redland City Council Budget adopted recently by Mayor Karen Williams and her fellow councillors will hit Redlands homeowners with a rates and charges increase of more than 4%, well above the increases handed out by other south east Queensland councils.

The news is even worse for homeowners with land valuations in the range from $400,000 to $500,000 who can expect their general rates to increase by up to 8.3%.

Redland City Council Budget annual cost increases

Increase in rates and charges for Redlands homeowners will range from about $150 to $270 per year based on worked examples for a mainland owner occupied residence using 180 k/L of water per year.

Increases in rates and charges will be greatest for homeowners with property valuations between $400,000 to $500,000 because they will have an increase of up to 8.3% in their general rates as shown in the table below:

Land ValuationRates increase $/yearRates Increase %
General rates increases in 2021/22 for homeowners according to land valuation

Property valuations are shown in the top right corner of your quarterly Rates Notice.

South East Queensland councils compared

For two years in a row a Redland City Council Budget leads the SEQ pack in increasing homeowners' costs.

For two years in a row Redland City homeowners have been slugged with the region’s highest increase in local council rates and charges plus charges for sewerage and water.

The above chart shows the results of worked examples using a land valuation for each city that is close to that city’s median valuation.

Figures for Brisbane, Ipswich, Moreton and Sunshine Coast combine council rates and charges with water utility charges. Water charges assume usage of 180 kL/year in all cases.

State charges (bulk water and the Emergency Management Levy) are excluded for this comparison so that the focus can be on the performance of local governments.

The reduction for Ipswich is due to changes in water utility charges.

Redlands has highest bin charges in region

This chart compares the cost across seven south east Queensland local government areas of a standard waste collection and recycle service using a 240 litre red top (general waste) wheelie bin collected weekly and a 240 litre yellow top (recycle) wheelie bin collected fortnightly.

The wheelie bin charges for Redland City mainland residents are now higher than the cost of an equivalent service for residents on Moreton Island which is in the Brisbane City Council area.

The following charges for wheelie bin services are included in the Council’s 2021/22 budget:

Residential 240Lt Waste / 240Lt Recycle467.76$494.76
Residential 140Lt Waste / 240Lt Recycle391.96464.64
Residential 240Lt Waste / 340Lt Recycle467.76494.76
Residential 140Lt Waste / 340Lt Recycle391.96464.64
Residential 140Lt Waste / 140Lt Recycle364.96448.56
Residential 240Lt Green Waste66.00
Residential Kerbside Collection Services

Pensioners and the Redland City Council Budget

Pensioners and the Redland City Council Budget
Since 2011/12 costs have increased but the pensioner rates concesssion has hardly changed

For this chart we compare the concession (discount) offered to full pensioners in Redlands with the annual cost of a wheelie bin service using the smaller 140 litre red and yellow top bins.

Redland City Council Budget information

The budget for 2021/22 was adopted unanimously by Redland City council at a special meeting on 24 June 2021. More information can be found about the budget by accessing the following hyperlinks.

Redland City Council Budget 2021/22

Video Recording of Redland City Council Budget Meeting

Minutes of the Budget meeting

Redland City Council propaganda about its 2021/22 budget

And here is a story we published in 2018, showing that not much has changed:

Redlands rates rise highest in SEQ

Redlands2030 – 3 July 2021

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