Redland Bay tree clearing and Birkdale whitewater white elephant – letters

Mature eucalyptus trees near Weinam Creek in Redland Bay will soon be cleared

Letters to the Editor – 1 October 2023

Letters about Redland Bay and Birkdale.

Letters discuss plans to soon clear mature eucalyptus trees in Redland Bay and concerns about Redland City Council’s plans for development of a whitewater facility in Birkdale.

And a there’s a short note thanking us for what we do.

Tree clearing in Redland Bay

Some of the trees that Council will be clearing – photo supplied

Wienam Creek is in the throes of being dramatically changed so it suits the needs of the wider community. Unfortunately, this entails clear felling a small area of mature gum trees at the end of Banana Street Redland Bay that have become redundant, so a temporary car park can utilize the space and later commercial buildings.

I personally feel ashamed of this proposed action. I measured the eucalypts to get an idea of their ages.

The oldest tree is approximately 127 years old. Another two elders are 107 and 106 years old. Three more in their 80 and 90s, 4 in their 70s, 11 more between 33 and 63 years old.

Tree in Redland Bay that will soon be cleared.
One of the trees Council will be clearing – picture supplied

The developer plans to plant 3 replacement trees to each one chopped down in a neighboring area. I can’t imagine they will plant the beautiful towering Queensland Blue gums, instead, small manageable trees.

The site was assessed by environmental consultants and found to have no sign of koala and no cultural significance.

Surely these sentinels of Redland Bay’s history deserve a better ending of their life and continue to support a myriad of birds and insect life. Surely Redland Bay residents deserve to continue to hold dear, these trees, planted when the diggers came back from the First World War.

Redland Bay

Birkdale whitewater white elephant

I live within spitting distance of the bush where the Olympic facility is supposed to be built and I have seen concrete trucks pouring and workers installing new fences and infrastructure. Unless the fence is normal maintenance, there is something major going on there.

Petition opposing the Birkdale whitewater white elephant
2460 people have signed a petition about the whitewater white elephant

Despite good advice to the contrary, it seems our esteemed Mayor Karen Williams is still making promises and approaches to push the whitewater white elephant project on. Talk about tone deaf and would not a responsible Council acting in the best interests of us rate payers be halting all work until everything is clear? 

Why all the hurry and would it not be prudent to wait and see what happens after the elections next year given there may be a clean out in both local and State governments? I’m afraid this activity has the stench of a stitched up hit and run deal and if my information is correct, then the Council is being very negligent by pushing ahead. 

The message is clear, unless someone acts fast our money is going down the drain for something we don’t want or need. Mayor Tom Tate’s words not mine!

I invite anyone to rebut the statements above and I urge people to link up with the Redlands2030 page and stay informed.

Wellington Point

Editor’s note: Redland City Council recently published an announcement about its erection of fencing on the Old Cleveland Road East boundary of the Birkdale Precinct.

Thanks Redlands2030

Our sincere thanks to the Redlands2030 for their sterling efforts, particularly in regards to Toondah Harbour and the proposed Whitewater Rafting Facility at Birkdale.

Thank you for leading our Redlands community by standing up to Council and other vested interests, and for cutting through the Council’s PR smoke and mirrors.


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0 thoughts on “Redland Bay tree clearing and Birkdale whitewater white elephant – letters”

  1. Geez the RIC must be disappointed … all those tall trees gone giving their apartment developments uninterrupted views.

  2. Regarding the voting in Redland City Council for the white-water rafting construction to be at Birkdale this goes against all reasonable thinking and against the wishes of the residents. There is a very good operational white-water rafting venue at Penrith and it cost over $6,000,000 to construct. This is highly likely to turn into a white elephant. We need to at least wait until after the next council election in March because there is no need for such a rush in 2023. This Redland City Council has let us down badly.

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