Report card – RCC Corporate Plan 2010-2015

Its time to do a report card on the Redland City Council 2010 - 2015 Corporate Plan
Its time to do a report card on the Redland City Council 2010 – 2015 Corporate Plan

Has Redland City Council delivered on its 2010- 2015 Corporate Plan strategies?

Tell us what you think. Our short survey below takes only a few minutes and will give the Council and the community useful feedback.

Redland City Council has recently drafted a new Corporate Plan which is intended to direct Council activities and funding for the next five years. But the Council does not appear to have assessed its performance under the current Corporate Plan.

What do you think?  Has the Council’s performance against its 2010-2015 Corporate Plan measured up to your expectations?

Tell us what you think of Council’s performance …

Below are links to each of the nine topics that the Redlands Community and Council prioritsed in 2010. Each topic will take up to 5 minutes to read and mark. Thank you for your participation.

Corporate Plan 2010-2015 Strategies and Priorities (approx 5 min each)

  1. Topic 1/9 Healthy Natural Environment
  2. Topic 2/9 Green Living
  3. Topic 3/9 Embracing the Bay
  4. Topic 4/9 Quandamooka Country
  5. Topic 5/9 Wise Planning and Design
  6. Topic 6/9 Supportive Vibrant Economy
  7. Topic 7/9 Strong and Connected Communities
  8. Topic 8/9 Ethical Governance
  9. Topic 9/9 Efficient and Effective Organisation

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8 thoughts on “Report card – RCC Corporate Plan 2010-2015”

      1. Amy Glade, Capalaba

        Truth is Paul you supported local residents on Aramac Court and adjoining streets as regards overshadowing from six-storey Rhodes apartment bldgs and why we voted for you…but now as our representative, feel let down. Nothing has changed. Blind Freddy can see that SIX 6-storey bldgs on that site opposite Capalaba shops is a gross over-development and when Seccombe-Six group decided on this ‘çode assessable’ development with no community consultation, it came as a great shock to all of we, the people, who live in the area when for many months, we noted sign end Aramac Crt approx 50 units were to be built locals approved of. Cr Williams at the time never attended meetings with locals as you know Paul. You also know the effect this had on Christine Edmonds’ health at whose home we held meetings with you Paul at 5 Aramac Crt and her walk out when Main Roads official, MP Michael Choi brought along wih him to discuss entry/exit for the expected hundreds of motor vehicles disrupting lives…all this official had to tell us was that developer had the right to his apartments! I was saddened to learn from you Paul that Christine passed away soon after never having had the chance to enjoy her retirement years.

  1. A bit rich to start the survey at 2010 Redlands2030. You’re obviously looking for judgement calls on the current council who didn’t start until April 2012. It was May actually, when most of the Divisions were finalised. That being said, I’m proud to be a part of the current council who is spending a record amount on funding/renewal of our roads(amongst other assert management projects). Created worthwhile projects to benefit the city, whilst at the same time, handing down the lowest rate increases the city has seen in decades. All while supporting science based environmental balances including the Chlamydia Vaccine trials and actual ‘ground truthing’ of our environmental corridors.

    1. Paul Gleeson if I were part of this current council I would not be too proud of my achievements with documented overcharging on water rates to private homes the highest council rates charged to property values on the SMBI ratepayers for any local government in Australia added to the very poor infrastructure supplied and allocated spending on these same islands by this council. I could go on with changes made by this council from impact to code assessable development applications that reduce significantly open space requirement and vegetation protection to name just a few. We could also mention the new development on the old Rhodes site with you not persueing the opportunity to rein in the building heights from the now 6 levels to 5 stories as is a requirement under the present town plan in this zone.

  2. I am actually very disgusted with the current Mayor/CEO/Councillors. They do not support local business and certainly do not utilize Earthmovers for their civil works or road works. There are many of us who have been left out in the cold when the new CEO started. We have legitimately tendered and worked for RCC for the last 30 odd years supplying many different types of equipment to council and this has stopped in the last 1.5 – 2 years, we have lost over $20,000 – $30,000/month in revenue. Works are still continuing but the CEO is now using contractors from Logan/Toowoomba/Gold Coast region and there doesn’t seem to be any pecking order based on price/rates or compliance. I have heard some owner operators that committed suicide due to losing Council long term work and some businesses have closed their doors and gone bust. It is devastating to companies like ours who have always supported the RCC over many years and lived in the Redlands for over 40 years. They have even taken work from a Volunteer organisation like VMR (Volunteer Marine Rescue) they used to have the contract to clean the canals which we would see them every week-end out doing the job and that has been given to someone else and we have never seen them cleaning the canals in the last 12 months, not once. Why would council take work which was supporting such an important organisation as this? Surely if it came down to price it could have been negotiated rather than take it away due to self serving reasons? As I said in the beginning I certainly will not be supporting the Mayor or her Councillors when the next election comes around and I will be encouraging others not to as well.

  3. Redlands City Council have not performed well at all !! They are too busy listening to the developers, only think about the all mighty dollar. RCC do not listen to their rate paying residents at all. The Bay Islands have paid 40 years of higher than everage rates & levies, yet are screaming out for required infrastructure & receiving next to nil. If you look at Cleveland & Raby Bay now there has been oney spent, do we have people in council living there ? as they are favoured with developments.. The Bay is a declared marine park but RCC allow a highway of ferries & barges to tear up this same bay & slaughtering the marine live. Redlands city is not what it was, it has been wrecked by this unprofessional council. Council /the Redlands will only survive for the betterment if this council is sacked & re built with people who actually care about the Redlands

  4. I believe the Redlands City council have failed in its obligations to all residents within the Redlands shire particularly those on the SMBI. Increased water prices, high rates not to mention lack of spending on much needed infrastructure,it is a sad day when you think that the only reason that council agreed to put in a footpath spanning the length of Russell Island is due to the death of two boys, also while they have commenced the sealing of all island roads, (but not the same standard or product used to seal mainland roads) completion and finalization will depend on the council being re elected in addition RCC have provided a sporting complete on Russell island with the lack of toilet facilities (health requirement) furthermore Rate payers on Russell island and the other SMBI pay a levy just for public transport something no other rate payer in SEQ has to pay yet anyone can benefit and come to the island at our expense so for me RCC has not provided or meet the infrastructure needs of the community rather they have addressed a crisis and not put any thought into the needs of the highest rate-able suburb within the Redlands Shire.

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