Petition calls for State Heritage listing of G.J. Walter Park

A petition calling for G.J. Walter Park to be nominated for inclusion in the Queensland Heritage Register will soon be presented to Redland City Council.

This park is located on the Cleveland foreshore between the Toondah Harbour ferry terminal and the Grand View Hotel which is already State heritage listed.

G.J. Walter Park was gazetted as a public reserve in 1889 making this one of the oldest parks in Queensland.

This part of Cleveland is already a heritage ‘hot spot’. As well as the Grand View Hotel, two other State heritage listed places can be seen from this park:

  • Fernleigh
  • St Paul’s Anglican Church

A public reserve was gazetted  on 13 March 1889, making this one of the first official parks in Queensland.

At some time in the 20th Century, the park was named after George John (G.J.) Walter, a long serving Chairman of the Cleveland Shire.

A community event celebrating the Park’s 125 year anniversary was held in March 2014.

G.J. Walter Park is already entered into Redland City Council’s Local Heritage Register.

The Council’s Heritage Card for this park says “the park has long been associated with the recreational and sporting activities of the local community and is regularly utilised by locals and visitors alike for recreation, having impressive views across Moreton Bay and Islands to the north, south and east”.

Petition for G.J. Walter Park

The petition has already attracted more than 300 signatures but there’s still time for more people to support the call for extra heritage protection of G.J. Walter Park.

This is an old fashioned paper petition so you need to print out the form, add signatures and then drop the signed form off at Redland City Council’s offices in Bloomfield Street, Cleveland.

Here is a pdf version of the petition form which can be downloaded.

Redlands2030 – 27 February 2023

0 thoughts on “Petition calls for State Heritage listing of G.J. Walter Park”

  1. How is it that the elected councillors of this “hick” Council never taken the policy questions posed by their constituents. It seems every petition is flicked off to the CEO as an operational issue.

    Is it too much to ask those elected officials, working oneway a month to put their collective wisdom to a question posed by over 300 constituents. When does community values and public interest come into their collective thinking?

  2. Hi I’d love to sign GJ Walter park petition but have no means to do so ? Can I collect a paper petition anywhere or sign one somewhere? Cheers

  3. Could you please tell me the date the petition needs to be dropped off ?
    It says “7 days before the meeting”, but what is the date of the meeting?

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