Other Issues of Concern

In Redland City there are many instances where development is proposed, or happening, against the wishes of local residents.

Save Mt Cotton opposes the ongoing development and operation of the Mt Cotton super quarry by the Barra Group.

Stop Mt Cotton Incinerator opposes plans for a chicken manure fueled power station proposed by Golden Cockerel.

Oppose Thornlands Crematorium opposes development of a Crematorium in Woodlands Drive, Thornlands by Alex Gow Funerals.

Government’s Mining Laws to be tested at the High Court outlines the reasons for the appeal by the Quandamooka people to redress the harsh mining laws introduced by the Queensland Government to extend mining on North Stradbroke Island

Local residents oppose plans by Ausbuild to subdivide a parcel of land at Thornlands. The developer’s plans were refused by Council but further legal action is impending.

Raby Bay and Cleveland residents oppose plans by the RSL to construct a 60 metre wall in Linear Park between Shore Street and Kinsail Court.

The Weinam Creek Priority Development Area development scheme is of concern to some Redland Bay and Southern Moreton Bay Island residents and Wildlife Bayside.

The massive Shoreline residential subdivision in southern Redlands which is at present inconsistent with the Redlands Planning Scheme. Expansion of urban footprint is an issue for consideration in Council’s preparation of the City Plan 2015.

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