Holey Moley TV game show to be filmed in Redlands

Production of the mini golf game show ‘Holey Moley’ which has been popular in the USA will soon be filmed in Queensland for Channel 7 on a site next to Redland City Council’s Animal Shelter in Thornlands.

The Holey Moley TV game show is produced by Eureka Productions, an Australia and USA based television production company.

Holey Moley highlights
Holey Moley highlights on You Tube

Two seasons of Holey Moley have been produced in the USA and screened on American TV channel ABC in 2019 and 2020.

Highlights from this popular US show can be viewed on You Tube.

Filming of an Australian series of Holey Moley for Channel 7, featuring golfing superstar Greg Norman, commenced in California in March 2020. Torrential rain and the COVID-19 pandemic caused the show to be cancelled.

Channel 7 announced in June that Holey Moley would now be filmed in Australia by Eureka Productions “in a state yet to be determined”.

Eureka Productions has been advertising Australia wide for contestants to be available in October 2020, saying: “We’re looking for Australians of all backgrounds to take a swing on the most outrageous golf course ever built.”

The show is expected to be aired by Channel 7 in Australia early in 2021.

There’s been no word about whether or not Greg Norman will still be in the Australian production, now that it is to be filmed in Queensland.

Holey Moley set for filming in Redland City

Channel 7’s version of Holey Moley will be filmed at this site in Redland City

Redland City has emerged as the location for the “outrageous golf course” that will be used to film Holey Moley in Australia.

A mini golf course and obstacle course is currently being built on Council owned land next to the Redland City Animal Shelter at South Street in Thornlands.

Plans for holey Moley approved by Redland City Council
Plans approved by Redland City Council

An application for approval of “operational works” to develop a “new Holey Moley HUB” on vacant Council owned land next to Redland City’s Animal Shelter was lodged on 1 July 2020 and approved by a Council officer just over two weeks later on 16 July 2020.

The planning report submitted for this application says the HUB “will service the Australian version of the series in 2020 but will be available for international territories such as Germany, UK and France who will fly their crew, talent and contestants in to film the series from 2021 onwards”.

“The HUB will comprise a number of supersized obstacles within a mini golf set and will require earthworks and clearing of some existing vegetation to facilitate these works.”

“The series features 96 contestants competing against each other on the world’s largest supersized miniature golf obstacle course to ultimately win $100,000.”

Plans for development of a TV filming set on this site are considered operational works to be used temporarily for three years.

Various agreements for use of this site including a lease agreement were to be negotiated with Redland City Council, according to the Planning Report.

The shark and planets feature in the US version of Holey Moley
Eureka’s Holey Moley game show set under construction in Redland City, Queensland

Removal of koala habitat trees for Holey Moley

The Council land being used for Holey Moley’s Australian production was partly cleared but required removal of 15 koala habitat trees with the possibility that a further six trees may need to be removed.

A report by environmental consultants Natura Consulting says: “The site likely functions as the outer fringe of a koala movement corridor, adjoining larger remnant vegetation patches”.

During a brief site survey the consultants found evidence of koala activity (scats and scratches) at six trees.

They also observed swamp wallaby activity in the area proposed for building the game show set and associated facilities.

Site plan submitted with the development application showing vegetation to be removed

Redlands2030 – 8 September 2020

Update 17 September 2020

The link to the Planning Report does not seem to be working so relevant pages are shown below:

0 thoughts on “Holey Moley TV game show to be filmed in Redlands”

  1. DJC - Thornlands

    Greg Norman vs Redlands Koalas Attempt #2.
    Greg Norman, that giant of Australian golf, made his first attempt to eradicate our koalas by associating his name with a golf course proposal south of Redland Bay. Thankfully rejected. I think it has now morphed into Shoreline by some skulduggery.
    This time he’s right in the middle of a conservation area. A few more koala trees will go (but only for 3 years) :). It’s only a few!

    It’s designed to entertain the remaining wildlife, with no doubt lights, music and other exciting stuff. We really look after our koalas here!
    AND it will bring prosperity to us all. And put Redlands on the map!
    We will be the epicentre of Brisbane culture.
    I guess it must be code assessable!!! Another triumph for Redland City.
    Golden blazers all round, folks!

  2. Which RCC division does this area fall into?
    From this article it implies 15 koala trees have been felled. Is this correct?

  3. How ironic that our environmentally conscious Mayor has put her name to a submission to the State Government to increase the area of Koala habitat protection in its Land Management Plan that is currently planned and then, so quickly, turn a blind eye to the destruction of essential ‘koala movement corridor, adjoining larger remnant vegetation patches’ as reported by environmental consultants Natura Consulting!

    Like all levels of Government, when it comes to MONEY for Council’s coffers and the expected photo shoots in the media, our Mayor is a champion.

  4. “Holey Moley” where did Council take on board the public interest in this one. What about the 50 or so houses who will enjoy music, jeed up audience participation and late-night traffic. Did the local Councillor test the water with her constituents before she made her decision to not only support the crass idea but help to put the motion before Council…seemingly oblivious to her community.

    Thankfully, I don’t live in the shadow of this “grasp” to put Redlands on the map. But this sham makes me shudder about what else migh come along and entice our Council to take the pieces of silver and duck!!!

    1. As a local resident within the 50 or so houses that are in the area I have to say, none of us are being inconvenienced or kept up late a night by any noise, traffic or lighting associated to the production. I (and neighours on both sides) are thrilled that the Redlands is progressing and being given the opportunity to host these types of events. For the short lived potential disruption that some residents might face, I think the long term benifits out weigh the negatives for a minority.

  5. We are some of the ignored residents who are being woken up every couple of hours throughout the night. After they finally wrap up at 5am, I have to get up and go to work. Apparently, they have been silently given a contract to do this whenever they like. I know who I won’t be voting for next time. So many acres of land in Australia, but they want next to our houses?

  6. The land where the Holey Moley production was to take place was already cleared (apart from a few trees) to it was easier and cheaper to use this site. This is an outer fringe of the Koala Corridor so no major impact there. It is really strange that nobody complains when the land is strip-cleared for housing. People GROW UP!!!!!

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