Community support for Toondah Rally

Toondah Rally

Residents attending the Toondah Rally on 30 September 2017

Residents write about the Toondah Rally and formation of the Toondah Action Group to protest against the proposed $1.4 billion mega residential development at Toondah Harbour .

Another local asks why fauna spotters are not being used when important trees and vegetation are being removed for development in the Redlands.

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Toondah Action Group

G.J. Walter Park on the shores of Moreton Bay

I would like to be a part of the Toondah Action Group and efforts against the development of the Toondah Harbour mega project. I use the park with my grandchildren and we have picnics and just enjoy the space, like hundreds if not thousands of others.

I am completely opposed to taking this community space away with so called “development”. I am also very concerned for the destruction of the area for yet another marina and units.

We need all the mangroves and open space in Cleveland and surrounds, so that this city can be seen as the beautiful place that it is. Development is keeping what we have – not destroying everything, just like what has happened to the Gold Coast.

We must stop Toondah Harbour development.

Count me in.


Toondah Rally a great effort

Troy Robbins singing at the Toondah Rally

The Toondah Rally on Saturday was a great effort. It was thrilling to attend and see the responses and talks and songs etc. It was really encouraging and hopefully a milestone in the community’s reactions to the proposed Toondah mega development planned.

The FOI work R2030 has done has really pinpointed the shaky ground on which the whole development has been planned.

Your comments on the resultant needs for two schools and eight trains and the impact of the capped infrastructure charges were alarming. It makes the cost of updating the ferry terminal more achievable by Council and more realistic too.

Another strong objection as I see it, is the huge impost on the area whilst all the foolish building works happen over many years. What a disappointment for the people of Stradbroke Island, hoping for increased visitors when people have to negotiate a building site with all its dust, traffic, trucks.

You may be pleased to learn that recently I delivered a hard copy of the following report we received about the Moreton Bay Marine Park to each of the Councillor’s letterboxes, personally addressed. I feel it is a powerful report that deserves their consideration and hope that having a hard copy may be more likely read.

Please be assured of our real support in the times ahead.

R2030 is doing heroic work that I now believe is going to have real effect in the days ahead.


Council should care for our environment

Tyler, one of the Toondah koalas.

Your attention is drawn to the requirement by some local authorities for a fauna spotter/catcher to be present when certain species of trees are to be removed. In Redlands the requirement seems not to be enforced!

I refer to the lack of protection for known koala trees in Cleveland and the recent stripping of bushland along Mt Cotton Road, an area where, up until this week, many wallabies could be seen on the grassed areas in front of Sirromet and in the paddocks opposite They seem mostly to have now disappeared.

Council seem to be to ready to say the decisions and responsibility lie with the state government and it is out of their hands. This is bureaucratic buck passing at the least.

Didn’t we vote for them to work for us and fight to protect our environment and our lifestyle? in fact, they are all too ready to accept developer dollars and rub their hands over the thought of that lovely loot from future ratepayers, whilst pretending to give a damn about the wildlife and showing absolutely no concern for the tragic impact the Toondah Harbour project will have on the present residents of Cleveland during the period of construction.

Will the existing network of roads withstand the onslaught of heavy trucks day after day and who will pay to repair the roads?

What provision will be made for parking hundreds of subcontractor vehicles?

What about the dust, the noise the impact on the lived lifestyle of our (mostly) elderly residents?

Will there be adequate water supply, sewerage disposal and electricity systems in place and what roads will have to be torn up to facilitate this?

How strictly will the environmental impact be monitored and policed during construction?

And who gives a bugger about the koalas, the wallabies, the birds and the lizards anyway – (oh, and the people)? Not our council. it’s all about the buck.

It appears that Council is now more concerned for the people who might come here, than for the people who elected them.

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the community, its environment, its lifestyle and its wildlife.



Letters published by Redlands2030 – 4 October 2017

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One thought on “Community support for Toondah Rally

  1. Perhaps your prayers for Toondah Habour will be answered.

    Noticed that a proposed massive tourism development at Carbrook is now up for sale due to liquidation problems.

    Looks like the Chinese money is starting to dry up and without that pool of money, funding Toondah just got that bit smaller and riskier.

    I don’t believe Walker is stalling the EIS because of a lack of ToR. He is looking for funding and it appears there is not so much cash about to finance this project.

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