Toondah protest and Willards Farm action in Redland City Council news

Cr Craig Ogilvie addresses people protesting about Redland City Council's Toondah development deals with Walker Corporation

Cr Craig Ogilvie addresses a protest rally about Redland City Council’s Toondah development deals with Walker Corporation

Since its last general meeting on 9 December, Redland City Council held special meetings in closed session on 16 December and 21 December. Here are links to:

Items discussed at these closed session special meetings include:

  • Agreements for Walker Corporation’s proposed developments around Toondah Harbour
  • Willards Farm in Birkdale
  • Appointments to the Redlands’ Economic Development Advisory Board

Protest against Toondah agreements

Protest against Redland City Council signing Toondah agreements

Protest against Redland City Council signing Toondah development and infrastructure agreements

Councillors have authorised the Chief Executive Officer to sign agreements for Walker Corporation’s  proposed Toondah development including a Development Agreement and an Infrastructure Agreement.

Councillors voting in favour of proceeding with these agreements were: Hardman, Edwards*,  Talty, Beard, Gleeson and Williams. The motion was not supported by councillors Boglary, Ogilvie, Hewlett and Bishop. Councillor Murray Elliot was absent.

Because the terms of these agreements are being kept confidential, the community has no idea about ratepayers’ obligations and commitments if the project proceeds. It’s understood that Walker Corporation was keen to get the Council ‘on the hook’ before the local government elections, in case a newly elected Council has different views on how Toondah Harbour should be redeveloped.

Community members staged a protest against the proposed Toondah project outside Council chambers on Wednesday morning. Councillors Craig Ogilvie and Wendy Boglary met with the protesters and Cr Ogilvie addressed the rally.

Here are links to:

Willards Farm

Willards Farm

Willards Farm

On 16 December Council adopted a resolution in relation to the Willards Farm property which is widely considered to have heritage value. Because this item was discussed in closed session the details of what Council decided to do are not publicly available. The councillors who voted for this course of action were: Boglary, Ogilvie, Hardman, Hewlett, Elliott, Beard and Bishop.

Councillors Gleeson, Talty and Williams voted against the motion. Cr Mark Edwards was absent.

Redlands’ Economic Development Advisory Board

At its meeting on 21 December the Council voted unanimously to appoint Ms Samantha Kennedy as chair of the Redlands’ Economic Development Advisory Board. The Council also voted to let the CEO appoint the remaining Board members.

The cost of this advisory board has not been made publicly available. In February 2015 a budget of $30,000 was approved by Council but in July councillors were told that this amount was not enough and the “current budget for the establishment and operation of the Board and preparation and implementation of action plans will need to be increased”.

Council’s news release about the appointment of Ms Kennedy shed did not mention the Board’s cost to ratepayers.

No name change for Russell Island

The State Government has announced that a proposal to change the name of Russell Island to Canaipa will not go ahead. The decision was made by Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Anthony Lynham. A public notice advises that “Canaipa” will be recorded in the Queensland Place Names database and on department maps as the “indigenous alternative name” for Russell Island.

Season’s Greetings

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Redlands2030.

Whatever you are doing over the holiday season, take care and stay safe.

Redlands2030 – 23 December 2015

Update 24 December

* The minutes appear to contain an error as they show Cr Elliott being absent from the vote and voting for the motion but Ct Edwards is not referred to. It is assumed that the minutes will eventually be corrected with Cr Edwards shown as one of the councillors voting for the motion.

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4 thoughts on “Toondah protest and Willards Farm action in Redland City Council news

  1. Luke says ‘we the people have to sort out good from the rotten’ when it’s time to vote. Many ‘good’ candidates with good intentions become different people once they become local councillors. Developers have deep pockets can, and do, buy councillors. Royal Commissioner Dyson Hayden’s report into Labor Union corruption is said to be widespread, deep-seated in the movement which is distressing as, apart from CFMEU, described as thugs, bullies, thieves and violent extortionists, the Australian Workers Union (AWU) is corrupt. Capalaba MP’s have all been loyal AWU operatives in almost 30 years I’ve lived in Capalaba, making important decisions that affect directly lives of the Redlands community where the people have no say. It is to be hoped revelations in the report will result in includng the community in future decision making instead of the present practice of making secret deals behind closed doors in local government.. We, the people, are crying out for honesty in our elected representatives and need to be heard..

  2. So if infrastructure charges will fund the multideck car park some time in the future – who is funding the infrastructure – the ratepayers? There is no guarantee when this car park might be constructed or that it will be free. The conclusion seems to be that Redland City ratepayers will therefore pick up the tab. Strange outcome when all that was asked for in the first place was an improved ferry terminal and increased parking. Instead we get a megalopolis that will ruin the bay and foreshore.

  3. The one word that seems to be on everyone’s lips these days is Corruption. It seems Corruption is world wide, its in Countries, Sport, Corporations, Politics, State and its in Councils. Corporations are buying Politicians and Developers are buying Councilors. All over the world people are beginning to fight back, they are getting sick to death of rotten smooth talking, hand shaking, baby kissing Con merchants who get elected with donations from the greedy at the expense of the majority and the environment. Who is at fault here? well the truth is we are, we the people have to sort out the good from the rotten, we put the Con merchants in and its up to us to get rid of them. It’s too late if you vote them back again, it’s time for honest people to stand and fight for all our citizens. Nearly every Country in the world is in Debt, Australia is in Debt, every State in Australia is in Debt, every Council is in Debt, yet we keep voting in the Mad Men and Women. If you want good honest men and women to represent you, go look for them, they are out there its up to you.

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