Toondah petition to Redland City Council

Petition to Redland City Council about the Toondah Harbour Project

A petition to Redland City Council calls for a new plan which avoids dredging the Moreton Bay Ramsar Site

Redland City Council will be asked to withdraw its support for Walker Group’s proposed Toondah Harbour project in a petition initiated by Redlands2030.

Petition wording

We, the undersigned Residents of Redland City request that Council:

  1. Withdraw its support for Walker Group’s proposed Toondah Harbour residential development which the community considers to be clearly unacceptable
  2. Work with the State Government on a new plan to upgrade the ferry terminals and associated car parking areas at both Cleveland and Dunwich which:
  • Avoids dredging or other environmental harm in the Moreton Bay Marine Park and Ramsar Site
  • Protects the local koalas from any loss of habitat and major increase in traffic
  • Ensures any development near Toondah Harbour is consistent with the Redland City Plan

Different petitions for residents and visitors

G.J. Walter Park on the shores of Moreton Bay

Redland City Council’s requirements include a standard form which suggests that petitions can only be signed by residents, ratepayers or voters enrolled in Redland City.

But many people from outside the Redlands visit the Toondah Harbour area including lots of people traveling on ferries to North Stradbroke Island.

G.J. Walter Park is a popular recreation space attracting people from throughout south east Queensland.

So Redlands2030 has prepared a second petition form for use by visitors to Redland City and we hope that the Council will take just as much notice of visitors as it does of residents.

You can download copies of the petition forms from the Redlands2030 website:

When you have got as many people as possible to sign your petition forms, contact Redlands2030 to arrange collection by email to

Or post signed forms to the principle petitioner:

Steve MacDonald
104 Channel Street
Cleveland Qld 4163

By Monday 9th October 2017

Rally for Toondah

Historic Fernleigh

The Toondah Harbour petition will be available for people to sign at the Toondah Rally.

DATE: Saturday 30 September 2017

TIME: from 8:00 am

PLACE: G.J. Walter Park in Cleveland

The rally is being held next to Fernleigh, across the road from St Paul’s monthly car boot market.

Refreshments, tea, coffee, sausage sizzle and much more are available at the market.


Redlands2030 – 29 September

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6 thoughts on “Toondah petition to Redland City Council

  1. It is disgusting it’s got to this point , It will be absolute Chaos with extra traffic ,and parking.
    My main concerns are with the wildlife .. what is wrong with council ? All everyone seems to see
    are the $$$$ signs . Wrong on so many levels . I would like to see this shared so that everyone
    is aware of what will happen if the plans go ahead . There will of no benefit to local retailers ..parking is difficult enough now .

  2. HEllo
    With regards to the petition, will there be an online version which I can sign, also would like to share and send around to get as many signature as possible.

  3. Re a second petition for visitors. I accompanied family member from Brisbane travelling to ‘Straddie’ on business some time ago who unexpectedly dropped by to ask if I would like to come along, and was delighted to go along for the ride.
    We sat in car on the barge going but coming back found myself sitting in comfort where to my surprise there was seating to observe water views, refreshments on board, a very pleasant day excursion for me. Countless day trippers from outside Redlands pass through Redlands to the islands so considering population growth, the sooner the terminal and car parking mess is fixed, the better.
    At the time Redland Shire Council was presented with over 300 signatures on petition I spoke about earlier, discarded by then mayor PDQ…every signature on form had been signed personally by each Redland resident from Cleveland to Capalaba. While walking from cnr Finucane Rd & Elmhurst Sts towards Crotona Rd Capalaba, one young man breathless behind me from running said on catching up to sign petition, said..’you forgot me’! This young man hope his signature would help save our highly valued wetland site on Crotona Rd creek corridor, but all in vain, as the deals had been done….so clearly pointed out to me at a later meeting on a different local issue, by Birkdale councillor who played a big part in ‘the done deal’. But…when my late husband Paul pointed out I was banging my head against a brick wall trying to save koalas, my reply was “when I go to bed at night, at least I know I will have tried”.
    My efforts were wasted as our local public servants & State govt politicians…in on deals made with developers with deep pockets…have deaf ears, so don’t believe any petition will stop any project, big or small, that decimates a specific local area, destroying quality of life for residents in various locations throughout the City, will make any difference. My view.

    • Ms Glade, you are probably correct about petitions making no difference. When presented to Council there will be no debate. The petition goes off to some relevant place in Council and eventually a report comes back. How long, anyone’s guess. All those names have to be checked of course. Pretty watertight for muzzling a contentious community position.
      On the other hand, the five action points being petitioned will be on the public record as an indication that all is not open and transparent when it comes to Toondah. Moreover, it will highlight the silence of councillors who are obviously not allowed to represent the community views on Ramsar, land giveaway, koalas birds, disruption etc.
      No opportunity to discuss the veracity of the mayoral numbers on employment etc.that might be created by the Walker development.
      The body language of the elected will be interesting to watch when the petition is presented.
      Thank you Mr MacDonald and Redlands2030. You can be proud of the label, ‘political activists’, because if our councillors can’t or won’t talk, someone has to.

  4. It is a shame that the PDA at Weinam Creek was not included. Even though we have seen nothing yet, we fear the same type of proposal/model whereby the terminal and parking needs of 8,000 island residents will take a backseat to private development. Perhaps Redlands2030 might consider our case if we ever see the Walker proposal for the Redland Bay Marina.

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