Straddie tourism workers need accommodation

Everyone loves North Gorge and other scenic places on Straddie

Everyone loves North Gorge and other scenic places on Straddie

Residents this week raise questions about affordable accommodation for Straddie’s casual workers and the impacts of trucking fill and spoil between Toondah Harbour and a major quarry/disposal site.

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So everyone loves coming to Straddie

The excitement of getting onto the barge and arriving at your clean accommodation. Going to the pub for a beer, eating out or having a Gelati.

All these services are provided by hard working casuals that keep this place running and people happy.

Unfortunately and this is an issue that has been around for a long time, casual workers are running out of places to live. Permanent rentals are very limited.

As a manager my first question to any new person I hire is. Do you have somewhere to live? Finding staff to get through the summer season is a nightmare.

This island is about to rely heavily on tourism as an income. Going to be hard if no one has a place to call home.

What’s the solution?

North Stradbroke Island

How will they truck fill to Toondah?

Options for quarry material to the Toondah PDA

Looking at the landfill needs of the new township “Toondah on or in the Bay”, I wonder which route the quarry trucks will take from Karreman’s quarry to the site.

Any of the options will make life unpleasant for residents along these roads for the projected 20-30 years construction phase.

Noise, congestion and dust are some of the impacts to be delivered to each and every house along the route.

And then there is the need to remove the dredge material…if that eventuates…along the same or slightly different path.

In any of the scenarios, these areas will wear the brunt of truck movements for years to come.

It will be another own goal by Redland City Council.



Letters published by Redlands2030 – 7 October 2017