Residents discuss Dorsal Drive objections

Meeting addressed by Cr Paul Bishop and local resident Stephen Sharry

Cr Paul Bishop and local resident Stephen Sharry discuss submissions about the planned Dorsal Drive development

About 150 residents attended a meeting this evening to discuss plans for a four story medium density residential development at Dorsal Drive, Birkdale.

The meeting, held at the Mooroondu Sport & Recreation Clubhouse in Thorneside, was convened by Cr Paul Bishop.

150 local residents discuss objections to planned development in Dorsal Drive, Birkdale development

150 local residents discuss objections to planned development in Dorsal Drive, Birkdale

Local resident Stephen Sharry spoke and said that he hoped that more than 100 objections would be lodged by the due date of Thursday 28 May. He explained that information about the development proposal and grounds for objection was available on the aquaticparadisecommunity website.

Major concerns about the proposed development were identified as:

  • Density, being greater than provided for in the planning scheme
  • Height, being four storeys which is one more than provided for in the planning scheme
  • Traffic, with inadequate on-site parking for the proposed number of units
  • Environment, including impact on koala habitat and the aquatic environment
  • Amenity

The inclusion of 10 small single bedroom apartments in the proposed development was noted as an issue of concern with suggestions made that this would result in a “rental slum”.

Residents were addressed by Redland City Council planning staff: David Jeanes and Adam Webb who explained that residents opposed to the development proposal should lodge a properly made submission. Residents were provided with a Council Fact Sheet which states that a “properly made submission must:

  • Be in writing and be signed by each person making the submission unless the submission is made electronically
  • Be received during the notification period i.e. 28 May
  • State the name and address of each person making the submission
  • State the grounds of the submission and the facts and circumstances relied on in support of the grounds
  • Be addressed to the Council as assessment manager

The development proposal is number is MCU013407. Information about this application is available at PD On Line.

Here is a link to an earlier post about the planned development in Dorsal Drive.

City Plan 2015

As well as discussing this particular development at Dorsal Drive, there was discussion about the current planning scheme adopted in 2006 and the new scheme which is still being reviewed by the State Government.

Both Cr Bishop and the Council’s Planning Manager David Jeanes emphasised the importance of local communities getting involved in public consultation about City Plan 2015, which is expected to happen later this year.

Report by Redlands2030 25 May 2015

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2 thoughts on “Residents discuss Dorsal Drive objections

  1. wouldn’t the extra storey/s of a bldg where others are of uniform size stick out like a sore thumb?
    Good of Cr Paul Bishop to meet with residents. No such luck in Capalaba. Wrote Cr Paul Gleeson to ask when he was having a meeting to discuss the six 6-storey apt bldgs that rolled over onto the new plan. Reply was that nothing was happening in Capalaba. All decisions as regards issues dealing with Capalaba are held behind closed doors. Since in past years I personally dealt directly with council personnel to get help & answers, see no need for a council rep in Capalaba. Spoke with local resident who phoned Cr Gleeson about an important issue, upset on receiving no return phone call. We vote for councllors at local elections who we feel will look after our interests….which means having meetings as needed. Senior councillor on Gold Coast radio answers questions from locals often….and if unable to provide an answer, gives phone number to call the office. People should have the right to know before, not after, a major project is undertaken that can have a devastating affect on their lives and local community.

  2. Good work Cr Paul Bishop shame Division 6 Councillor and others dont have public meetings for their residents to have a say.

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