Redlands, have your say about the regional plan

The Shaping SEQ regional plan could mean lots more small lot housing in Redland City

Have your say about the draft Shaping SEQ Regional Plan if you are concerned about the way Redlands is developing

The State Government’s draft new regional plan Shaping SEQ is a blueprint for ongoing population growth with little thought given to quality of life, adequacy of infrastructure and environmental impacts.

READ, PRINT, change if needed, SIGN and SEND the Ready-Made Submission before midnight on Friday 3 March 2017.

Redlands should expect its population to increase by 25% from 150,000 to 188,888 over the next 24 years according to the draft regional plan.

Community action on the Regional Plan

It is important to have your say about the Government’s plan for massive population growth in south east Queensland, including Redlands.

Issues which may be of concern to Redlands residents could include:

  • Increasing residential density and overcrowding
  • Congested roads and commuter transport
  • No plans for local employment so more people commuting
  • Schools overcrowded and lack of tertiary education in Redlands
  • Hospitals and health services under pressure
  • Open space and recreation facilities not catering for a growing population
  • Environmental impacts of ongoing residential development

Submissions close at midnight on Friday 3 March 2017.

CARP encourages Redlands residents to have a say

The CARP community alert about the SEQ Regional Plan 2041

Redlanders have a formidable record of active engagement in planning debates.

When the Redland City Council put forward a draft planning scheme (City Plan 2015) for consultation it provoked a massive community response.

More than 6,000 submissions were lodged, many of them based on a template provided by the Community Alliance for Responsible Planning (CARP).

The community is now being encouraged by CARP to have a say about the draft Regional Plan (Shaping SEQ).

CARP spokesperson Lavinia Wood says:

The community consultation period for the State Government’s Draft South East (SEQ) Queensland Regional Plan 2015-41 closes at midnight on Friday 03 March, so the time to have your say is now.

This is the third time a Regional Plan has been written and each time the people of South East Queensland have been assured that massive population increase will not impact on quality of life.

We have been promised jobs, roads, transport, facilities and infrastructure along with protection of our leafy, green communities, yet the harsh reality is we’ve received nothing but more houses, more people and more cars.

This most recent Draft Regional Plan requires a massive 25% increase in the Redlands population. That’s 38,000 more people (with some 31,000 more cars) needing 21,000 more dwellings – 14,400 of them to be squeezed as ‘infill’ into existing back yards and 6,700 to be built on our precious green lands.

The notion that this tsunami of development won’t further diminish our already fading quality of life is laughable.

A submission template prepared by CARP

Surely, it is time for the State Government to prove it can actually deliver on its past promises and provide the Redlands the roads, transport, infrastructure and jobs that are needed by the people here now – before more population growth is considered.

Surely, it is time for the State Government to prove it can actually protect what remains of our lifestyle.

If more massive overdevelopment is not the future you want for the Redlands, then take a moment to sign and send the Ready-Made Submission which is also available online at

The CARP clip and send form has been made available to most homes in the Redlands:

  • A copy has been dropped in most Redlands’ letterboxs
  • Or you can clip it from the Redland City Bulletin – it’s on page 15 of the edition published 15 February and page 9 of the edition published 22 February.

Here is the text of the CARP form submission

If you want to do your own thing, but want a template to get you started, the text of the CARP submission is published below.

You can copy and paste the words into your own document or an email.

Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan Review Feedback
Department of Infrastructure, Local Government & Planning
PO Box 15009
City East QLD 4000

Dear Sir/ Madam

My submission, made under headings of the Draft SEQ Regional Plan 2041, pertains mainly to Redland City.

1. Our roads are clogged and our train & buses services are inadequate. No further population growth should be considered in Redlands until the roads and transport systems we need now are provided.

2. Redlands does not have the parklands, community and sporting facilities we need right now. No further population growth should be considered until all the facilities we require now have been provided.

3. Tree clearing is threatening koalas & other wildlife with extinction. The number of Redlands koalas must be allowed to stabilise then increase to viable levels before more population growth is considered.
4. Sewerage and other pollution associated with population growth are causing degradation of Moreton Bay and the collapse of the Moreton Bay fishery. No further population growth should be considered until water quality is restored and the fisheries have stabilised.
5. Population growth has placed the North Stradbroke Island aquifer (our underground water supply) under threat. No further population growth should be considered until we understand the long-term impacts of our current level of consumption.

6. There are not enough jobs in the Redlands for the people that are here now. Building houses is temporary work and when done there will be a large percentage of 38,000 more people looking for jobs too. No further population growth should be considered until opportunities for lasting local employment, particularly in tourism, are delivered for the people here now.

7. Clearly Redland City is already under severe stress due to rapid population growth. All our major problems are due to having more people than the natural and man-made resources can support. The population must be allowed to stabilise at near current levels, not forced to increase, until such time as our existing community is provided the infrastructure, jobs & services we need right now. Accordingly the following must be removed from the Draft Plan: the huge ‘Potential Future Growth Area’ in Southern Thornlands; ‘Draft Urban Footprint’ land at Birkdale, Victoria Point & Southern Redland Bay (including the proposed Shoreline development). Also the ‘Priority Development Area’ designation must be removed from both Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour (just upgrade the harbour facilities).

I also think ____________________________________________________________________________________


Yours faithfully,

(signature) ______________________________________________________________ (date) ____/____/___

Mr/ Mrs/ Ms ____________________________________________________________________________ (name)

(address) __________________________________________________________________ (Post Code) ________

Further Reading

Redlands2030 is continuing to study and investigate the Draft SEQ Regional Plan 2041. We will continue to alert the community to our findings up to the closing date for submissions (midnight Friday 3 March 2017).

A number of issues have already been raised in these articles published by Redlands2030:

  1. Why is the SEQ Regional Plan being gutted?
  2. ShapingSEQ – four more megatrends examined
  3. Moreton Bay – 20 years of science and planning
  4. Megatrends and SEQ regional plan consultation
  5. New SEQ Regional Plan developed in a vacuum
  6. SEQ Regional Plan: Projections are not destiny


Redlands2030 – 19 February 2017

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4 thoughts on “Redlands, have your say about the regional plan

  1. The Ministers Koala Panel Interim Report came out on Friday 10th March . It did not take much notice of the Two Thumbs report below ,your correspondents or Professor Frank Carrick 2008. There was little of use to the Koalas immediate survival or that translates to the unsustainable SEQ Regional Plan. Another University of Qld report (part of $430,00) indicates cars and disease as prime mortality figures, without easily developing land clearing stress indicators and roadkill links. The Panel has unfortunately not sought land use,koala and clearing studies seen since Jim Thompson’s Phd 2006 in the Koala Coast.
    The Department is seeking persons in an arguably and previously dubious Elicit Process to decide future koala policy directions. This does little for dissenting scientists, koala groups,the public, the unprotected endangered koalas and Essential Koala Habitat. Shaping SEQ is still about the Koala, Offset and Development Industries messing with koala habitat in the Urban Footprint and Rural areas.

  2. The Redlands Community Issues seem to be expanding by the day but no amount of complaining seems to ever worry the Redlands City Council or State decision makers. We have I understand the Council sale of the current car park next to the Motel in Middle St, is to allow an Estate Agent to build an office block,.We have the Proposal to build Units in the Cleveland Station Carpark without thought to the degradation of the area and where will all the existing Commuter cars be Parked in the future? Cleveland Redland Bay Rd Estate developments from Thornlands to Victoria Point have created a traffic congestion disaster on this section of the road and this feeds out into the other roads as commuters all travel at peak times to and from work in suburbs to the West or Brisbane City, The Proposed Toondah Harbour Development of several thousand dwellings has no upgraded road plan for the Commuters to get out of the Area by road, Middle St is only a Minor Rd and Shore St is already congested AM and PM with vehicle traffic. Redlands may at present be a desirable place to live but all the reasons to live in the Redlands are gradually being diminished. Yes we must have Progress but not at the price of destroying what makes Redlands so desirable to all the current Residents. yours in distress P

  3. The enduring work of the Koala Action Group, local groups,VETO and sacked RCC Staff are highlighted here.
    The Koala and Koala Habitat Issue have little traction in “RESHAPING SEQ’ with the Interim Koala Inquiry Findings and perhaps maps and Koala SPRP due to bust loose this week .
    The story line and policy protection changes from Council to Council area but there is virtually nothing in the SEQ Regional Plan, except Implementation on page 123 to work with 3 Agencies &12 Local Authorities, not the koala groups or the Public
    The EHP departmental line is continue with low cost help for the koala( no tipping point surveys ,no health checks and no field surveys) and it will be interesting to see if the Qld Koala Inquiry findings depart from this departmental mantra and depart from the NSW Koala Inquiry findings.
    Some of the Submission items to Shaping Queensland and to the Koala Inquiry are.

    1. Use SEQ Catchments Koala Habitat Mapping and Methodology. Retain the EHP Essential Koala Habitat Mapping with some other Departmental Mapping to put in the Plan .
    2. Redo the Vegetation Management Act to protect High Value Regrowth and remap PMAVs.
    3. Redo the roadspeed fixer – The Manual for Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) to drop roadspeeds in bushlands, Tourist Roads and rat runs in the Koala Coast
    4. Declare Koalas as Endangered Category with a recovery plan.
    5. Put Koalas back into the State Planning Policy with supporting information
    6. Put Koalas into Measures that Matter p131 and a separate page like 2009 Plan
    7. Boosting the Wild dog eradication program(161 koalas killed by dogs on the Moreton Bay Rail program).
    6. Mandating Green Fauna Infrastructure on new and old Roads Boondall, Bruce Highway, Warrego , Springfield, Mt Lindesay Highway, Mt Cotton Roads, Brisbane Valley (See Fauna sensitive Road Design Vol 2 DTMR) Other innovations of flashing lights speed bumps, street furniture other signage.
    7. Retaining and planting landscape wide corridors like Doraghys Corridor NQld.
    8. Substantial land acquisition. (NSW proposals for 14o,oooha of Koala National Parks)
    9. Reducing 90% Euthanasia rates at 4 koala laboratories
    10. Policy links are needed from Subregional Narratives to tables 22 and 23 and to a separate Koala page and link to SPRP on p151

    What happened to Premier Blighs 38 Recommendations of 2008, and the Redland City Council successful $10M 2008-2012 Koala Strategy?

  4. why would the Government deny the community the use of Freepost…it is a given that most people would likely use email to make a submission so the Freeport would only be used by people without a computer or without the computer skills….all too often the poorer or the older members.

    Is the meanness of the decision an attempt to mute the voice of the community!

    we need to show Jackie Trad that her mean decision won’t work. One option is for people to make multiple submissions….not duplicates but a submission on each of the CARP issues and any other ideas.

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