Redlands voters, it’s time to choose your future

Greg Underwood says he will "Restore the Balance"

Greg Underwood says he will “Restore the Balance”

Redlands electors are now choosing their next Mayor and Council. Pre-poll voting has started ahead of the 19 March local government elections (and referendum on fixed four year terms for State MPs).

Voters can choose traffic congestion, inadequate infrastructure and more poorly planned development under Karen Williams and her team. Alternatively, voters can elect Greg Underwood as Mayor to “restore the balance” and pick other candidates for Council who are not part of the Williams team.

Local councillors are elected on a divisional basis but they have to decide on city-wide issues. So it’s important to be clear about what kind of future you want for the Redlands and pick the people who you think will make the best decisions for the City.

Mayor Karen Williams and Ausbuild's Ron Lonie in February 2013

Mayor Karen Williams and Ausbuild’s Ron Loney at Kinross Estate in 2013 Photo Kathryn Adams in RCB

Karen Williams, wants a planning scheme and major developments that would result in:

  • More multi-storey apartment blocks and small lot housing
  • Overcrowding and traffic congestion
  • Inadequate parks, sporting facilities and other community infrastructure
  • Massive dredging for 3,600 apartments in 10 storey towers on the Cleveland foreshore near the Toondah Harbour ferry terminal
  • Environmental harm to koala habitat and Moreton Bay’s wetlands and wildlife

Under Williams, the number of local jobs has fallen. Redlands is turning into a large dormitory town where people have to travel long distances for study, work and play. This is good for a few property developers but not so good for existing residents watching ‘their’ Redlands disappear under new housing estates.

Greg Underwood offers a more balanced approach to governing the Redlands with better planning, genuine community consultation and growth in local jobs. He would seek to wind back the scale of development at Toondah Harbour and recommence consultation on the draft City Plan.

Karen Williams has identified the candidates that are part of her team, as reported in the Redland City Bulletin and shown on her How to Vote cards.

Greg Underwood and the other candidates for divisional councillor positions offer a less aggressive approach to development.

If you want a change from Karen Williams and her team then vote Greg Underwood for Mayor and one or more of the “other” candidates running for your division.

Greg Underwood and
“other” candidates
Karen Williams team
  • Better planning
  • Listen to the community
  • Local jobs growth
  • Small lot development
  • Traffic congestion
  • Environmental harm
Mayor Greg Underwood Karen Williams
Division 1 Wendy Boglary Corinne Tomasi
Paul Branagan
Division 2 Tom Taranto
Craig Ogilvie
Peter Mitchell
Division 3 Troy Robbins
Paul Golle
Penny Donald
Karyn Owen
Division 4 Lance Hewlett James Harling
Division 5 Junita Grosvenor Mark Edwards
Division 6 Melanie Lavelle-Maloney Stephanie Eaton
Julie Talty
Division 7 Janine Healy
Murray Elliott
Sharyn Doolan
Division 8 Tracy Huges
Kathy Reimers
Alan Beard
Division 9 Jesse McNamara Paul Gleeson
Division 10 Paul Bishop Joy Stewart

Make sure you vote counts

There is optional preferential voting for local council elections. If there are more than two candidates in your division, consider giving a second preference to make sure you get the kind of councillor that would best serve your interests. In its advice, the Electoral Commission says:

If the elector wishes to vote for only one candidate, this may be done by placing a one (1), tick or cross in the square opposite the name of the candidate. The elector may then choose to indicate preferences by numbering in the squares, some or all of the candidates remaining on their ballot paper.

What division you are enrolled in?

You can find out what division you from the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) website.

Where can you vote?

If you want to cast your vote before 19 March here are details for pre-poll voting in Redland City.

Most people will vote on the election date 19 March. Here is a list of ordinary voting booths for each division in Redland City.

There is also a referendum on four year terms for state MPs

As well as voting for new local councils, voters are required to vote in a referendum on whether or not to have fixed four year terms for the Queensland Parliament.

The view of Redlands2030 is that people should vote No. In recent years we’ve had bad government from both Labor and the LNP. In each case, a four year fixed term would have let these governments to do more damage.

Let’s stick with three year terms.


Redlands2030 Editorial Comment – 8 March 2016

Update 15 March 2016 Stephanie Eaton is now grouped in the Williams team following comments by Karen Williams on ABC612 Radio this morning

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12 thoughts on “Redlands voters, it’s time to choose your future

  1. aahh I think Stephanie Eaton is on the wrong side, she is backed by Andrew Laming a personal friend and is doing the deals with Julie Talty, so I would expect a change to the story. We don’t want to confuse people or mislead them so close to an important election.

  2. Your publication lacks credibility as all I ever read about on your site are negative comments about the currently elected councillors and mayor.

    Things have been done by the currently elected councillors that I don’t necessarily agree with but to be fair, in my opinion, the good things outweigh the bad many many times over.

    Instead of all of the negativity why don’t you project a more balanced approach or is it your sole purpose to bash Karen Williams and the currently elected councillors at every opportunity ?

  3. Is this the most balanced view the paper can give to inform it’s readers? Talk about the power of the press. I have not decided on who I will vote for, but I certainly do not like the fully biased approach to news. A bad taste about this paper.

  4. I agree with you regarding not voting for 4-year terms at this stage. We only have to look at what the Williams mob has been able to do in their 4-year term. That should be a very good reason NOT to give politicians any more power. Ordinarily however, I would advocate for fixed 4-year terms, with a 3-term limit for all who are elected. The limit is necessary, as I don’t believe anyone should view this important, if cushy, job as a career path. Looking at the Federal area, we have seen too much of this as well.

  5. I also will vote NO especially as there is no Upper House in Queensland that may temper some of the excesses. The thought of another 4 years under the Newman Government gave me nightmares.

    I see Newman may stand for Federal politics. Just wonderful….the gift that keeps on giving! [this is a joke by the way]

  6. Examples of irony abound in this election. I particularly liked two from Karen Williams.

    1. Proven Performance! Yes definitely proven performance in selling off the Redlands and creation of such traffic issues its un-believable. Just try going to Victoria Point from Cleveland around 2:30 – 3 pm on a school day specially near the big roundabout near Eprapah Creek – its a car park. Don’t even think of trying to get to the cinema around this time. I thought we paid a lot of money for town planning and if this is town planning at Karen William’s best then we are all doomed. We used to regularly visit Redland Bay and passed a few traffic lights; now at last count it was 9. I don’t mind development at all BUT I thought we paid big money for PLANNED development.

    I don’t mean planning to meet developers needs, which is what it seems to me is happening under Karen Williams governance but planning using proper principles that ensure a supported form of development. Exactly what have the developers bought to the Redlands?

    Nothing other than an opportunity to sell homes at a grossly inflated price with the lowest amount of quality? How is that good for the Redlands?

    How is that good for the wild life that by their very nature inhabit this environment. They don’t have a choice to stay or go but we do; they don’t get to vote but we do. I often wonder how many mother/father animals are killed on the roads and cannot make it home to their families. What happens to the babe’s? starve?

    Surely we should be looking at planning in a manner that conserves not destroys? Having worked in a government department for many years I know that politics rule and not necessarily logic or suitability or fairness or any other similar adjective you choose. I don’t blame the staff of the Redlands Council but I sure do blame Karen Williams and her team.

    Example 2. I was coming into Cleveland the other day from Capalaba along Shore St W near the train station. There is a ute parked on the left belonging to some business and sitting in the tray is a bill board or whatever they are called. Karen William’s message is she will tackle traffic issues. The irony is that she made a bad situation even worse by her unfettered approval of development. Try getting to work along the Mt Gravatt Capalaba road and its at an all time slow now. No roads have been improved leaving Cleveland but the outbound traffic seems to have doubled.

    Exactly how is that proper planning? Even a primary school kid could tell you there is going to be a problem if there is massive approval of housing development that existing roads are going to be a problem. Karen Williams wants to blame the QLD govt. but the reality is she exacerbated the problem. Is this a case of do what you want then seek forgiveness later?


  7. People need to understand that another 4 years of Williams Will destroy Redlands with the help of her sheep and there will be nothing left of our beautiful City.

    • Yes, Toni, I too am very concerned at what further damage she and her ilk would do if they manage to get back in. There is a huge risk that the Redlands would be changed for the worse, forever.

  8. Probably the easiest post you guys have ever written. The Williams team was outed and all the claims of being independent candidates look lame. During the last year or so the Cr Williams herself started talking about her opposition Councillors. She seemed to give up on the art of the possible (through consensus and compromise)
    Whoever wins the election we need a Mayor who can manage and lead a team of independently minded and clear thinking Councillors. They need to put their minds to every issue in the community interests (not developer interests).

    • Yes, Dave! Why is there such a thing as ‘the opposition’ in RCC when councillors, individually, are supposed to vote for the benefit of their constituents, not in support of a particular Council member’s agenda?

  9. Thanks for this. I was just thinking it’s exactly what I need. And here it is, some sane guidance on voting for the coming election.

    Yes, far too many new housing developments in Redlands and no matching infrastructure, amenities and diminishing green spaces for people and animals. It’s a disaster for all but the profit takers.

    And 3 years is enough for state MP’s. Dread to think what more damage Newman would have done with an extra year.

    Who is proposing this 4 year terms BTW?

    • Both the state ALP and LNP support 4 year terms.
      I support fixed terms, but not a 4 year term when QLD has no upper house or other means of proportional representation. I’ll be voting NO and encourage others to do the same.

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