Redlands rally for Marriage Equality

Marriage equality demonstration

Marriage Equality demonstration

A Marriage Equality Rally is being arranged by a group of Redlands residents for this Saturday 27th June at 11:00 am.

The venue is Raby Bay Harbour Park in Shore Street West, near the Cleveland Railway Station.

Federal Parliament could soon be considering legislation for Marriage Equality. Local MP Andrew Laming says if there is a free vote on Marriage Equality he will be guided by the response to his annual electorate survey which is about to start.

Opinion Polls show national support for marriage equality

Andrew says that, in the past, the response from this area has not favoured Marriage Equality. This is interesting given that national polls show about 70% of Australians support Marriage Equality.

Andrew has made a commitment on his Andrew Laming MP Facebook page that he will vote in accordance with the results of his latest postal survey, if there is a free vote.

In light of this, a Marriage Equality Rally has been arranged to coincide with the release of Andrew’s survey. Andrew has agreed to attend the rally as have members of our local Council. Clergy, members of the community and others will also be speaking.

Our plan is to have a family friendly, informative discussion/rally that brings an event to the Redlands to raise the profile of Andrew’s survey and the need for people who support Marriage Equality to vote accordingly.

Regardless of individual opinions, we would like for the people of Redlands to be able to hear real stories from a range of perspectives and join an open conversation.

Recent research shows that homophobia and discrimination are as high in areas such as the Redlands, only a few kilometres from a large metropolitan city, as it is in rural areas. Our young and elderly members of the LGBTIQ community are particularly vulnerable.

Survey distribution dates

Andrew Laming’s annual electorate survey will be distributed to various areas on different dates:

  • 25 June to Redland Bay, Victoria Point and Southern Moreton Bay Islands .
  • 2 July Mt Cotton, Sheldon, Thornlands and Cleveland
  • 9 July Alexandra Hills, Ormiston, Stradbroke Island and Capalaba
  • 16 July Birkdale, Wellington Point and Thorneside

For more information check out this Facebook Event 

Rally details again:

  • Date: Saturday 27 June
  • Time: 11:00 am
  • Place: Raby Bay Harbour Park in Shore Street West (near the Cleveland Railway Station)

Adele Fisher – 23 June 2015

Update 29 June 2015

Here is a link to a report on the Marriage Equality Rally published by the Redland City Bulletin.

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  1. I agree. I’m so glad that everyone will get their say, but I too think that something so important should be handled by an independent person or group – no affiliations to the council or politics.

  2. My concern is that the survey, I assume, is going back to the Federal Members office, I would suggest that every form be sent to an independent person, similar to secret ballots go to an qualified auditor etc.

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