Redlands Open For Business?

The Council and EDQ ‘proudly launched their You Tube video “Redlands Open For Business Expression Of Interest Launch” by focusing on the natural values and scenery of the area.  At the launch the Deputy Premier, Minister Seeney “spruiked” the benefits of two PDAs in our city in a bid to attract investors to the multi-million-dollar projects.

Cleveland CBD

Cleveland CBD

Among the more interesting claims was that made by the Member for Cleveland Mark Robinson that the Toondah scheme would strike the right balance between the environment and business and said

“it will rejuvenate Cleveland’s CBD and transform what was ‘dead-lands’ into a thriving and growing Redlands City.”  A rejuvenated CBD sounds great but even technical reports behind the PDA don’t claim the CBD will be better off!

In its dying days as a publication, the Bayside Bulletin, has a reasoned report on the launch event, which was a breakfast arranged by the Redlands Chamber of Commerce.

No doubt the breakfast was open to all? But why do politicians insist on making major announcements about decisions that affect us all, in the cloisters of a major business ?

The promotional video includes both the Weinam Creek and the Toondah Harbour PDAs  and does show barges, cars, port facilities and unit developments but  overwhelming the images are of open space,  waterways, mangroves, heritage sites and recreation uses.  There are scenes with the PDAs shown immersed in expanses of water, bushland and wetlands.  Unfortunately adverse impacts of the dense urban development will not be confined to the “framed” photography.

But perhaps the successful developer will contribute to a proper “before” and “after” video and image library.  Such a legacy might well be the best way to preserve the values of “The Redlands” for future generations.

PDA Foreshores as at 2014..put this photograph away for the  history of Redlands

PDA Foreshores as at 2014..put this photograph away for the history of Redlands

Do we need to film or photograph the PDA sites before these areas are changed forever.  In the future, we might even be able to hold up these images to our current civic leaders in their retirement.  This will likely be at a time when the hope and hype of the today are overtaken by harsh economic realities, the known site constraints and ongoing community disquiet.

But future generations might at least be able to judge the wisdom of our current civic leaders!!

The PDA promotional video has some great views of the Bay and the Redlands. The Mayors commentary is  a sleek, selling proposition.  The hyped narrative should be suggested viewing for all ratepayers, who have after all paid for it.  Because,  at best, it will some years before the PDAs pay a dividend to ratepayers.


On the other hand the rhetoric that “Redlands is open for business” is wearing thin.  So is the same cliche for Queensland and now Australia.

Here in the Redlands there are many successful businesses that already put lie to that claim anyway.

Then there are some struggling business people who must be wondering why key people are talking the City down.

While any recently closed business must be wondering why “they” didn’t open Redlands earlier!



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