Redland City Council news – 5 September 2015

Draft City Plan 2015 consultation

Consultation about the draft City Plan 2015 will be from 14 September to 27 November. The consultation period of 54 business days, almost twice the minimum period required by law, was supported by all councillors at a Special Meeting on Thursday.

The report to councillors included a letter from Deputy Premier Jackie Trad authorising the council to undertake public consultation about the draft planning scheme. The Deputy Premier stipulated that the Council first has to remove all parts and references related to the ‘rural residential zone’. She also required that areas in Thornlands and Southern Redlands be designated ‘future urban growth investigation areas’.

Here are links to the Special Meeting minutes which include the Deputy Premier’s letter.

You can listen to an audio recording or view a video recording of the Special Meeting.

The council has published some preliminary information about events and activities that will form part of the City Plan 2015 consultation process.

Service station appeal

Redland Bay residents have been advised that an appeal has been lodged against the Council’s decision in July to refuse an application for development of a 24 hour service station in Redland Bay.

Economic Development Advisory Board Chair

Council is still looking for a suitably qualified person to head its Economic Development Advisory Board.

Having recently decided to authorise the CEO to negotiate fees for this role “commensurate with standard board fees” the council will seek to minimise costs by limiting the number of board meetings to four times a year.

In a Council news release, Cr Mark Edwards is quoted as saying:

We are looking for a professional business executive as the board’s chairperson, someone with extensive experience in both the public and private sectors.  Candidates will need to demonstrate strong capabilities in strategic planning, corporate governance and leadership, as well as an understanding of the Redland City economy. I encourage any local residents with this experience to apply.

Residents discuss need for Mt Cotton fire brigade

Some Mount Cotton residents recently discussed plans to establish a rural fire brigade. At the well attended meeting, Rural Fire Brigades Association of Queensland general manager Justin Choveaux said no-one has ever voted to start a rural fire brigade in a 24-hour station area according to a Redland City Bulletin report.

Redland City Council Service Manager Disaster Planning and Operations Mike Lollback said:

I am confident the urban fire brigades in the city have the capacity to deal with fires but the more arrows you have in the quiver the better. A rural fire brigade would be another option.

At this stage no information has been made available by the Council regarding the cost of establishing a rural fire brigade for this area which is represented by Cr Julie Talty.

Council meeting on 9 September

The Council’s next General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 September commencing at 9:30 am. Here is a link to the meeting agenda.

Some items up for discussion are previewed below.

Application for 16 units in Benfer Road Victoria Point

Application to build 16 units in Benfer Road

16 units proposed for this site in Victoria Point (click to enlarge)

Council will be asked to approve an application for development of 16 units in Benfer Road, Victoria point with an average density of 189 m2 per unit. The officers report says that for this area which is zoned Urban Residential 1 the planning code suggests a probable solution would be a density of one residential unit per 400 m2.

However, the officers recommend approval on the basis that “…overall, it is considered that the proposal is compatible with the detached low rise character of the zone.”

No playground for Ludmilla Place, Alexandra Hills

No playground here (click to enlarge)

No playground here (click to enlarge)

Residents petitioned the Council for a small playground to be installed at the end of Ludmilla Place, Alexandra Hills. Council officers have reported that the area is unsuitable and recommend that Council “decline the petitioned request”. The officers report states that there are safety reasons why this area is unsuitable. The report goes on to say:

It is identified that there is a lack of suitable open space land for safe, active recreation for the residents of Ludmilla Place. There are other parks in the area but safe pedestrian access is limited due to distance and major road crossings.

Review of signage on North Stradbroke Island

Council will discuss a proposal to seek State Government funding of a $1.79 million project to review signage on North Stradbroke Island. If endorsed by Council and approved by the state, this project could be completed by 2017.
The need for a review of signage was discussed by Council in February 2013. The officers report notes that:
An overhaul of island signage to better promote the island, its natural treasures, its rich indigenous cultural heritage, its business and tourism opportunities etc., is seen as a key first step in setting the island up for a post-mining future.