Redland City Council news – 20 June 2015

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Toondah Harbour Announcement

Jackie Trad and karen Williams at the Toondah harbour announcement - photo by Chris McCormack, Redland City Bulletin

Jackie Trad and Karen Williams at the Toondah announcement- photo by Chris McCormack, Redland City Bulletin

This week the Labor Government announced its decision to go forward with Walker Corporation’s plans for development at Toondah Harbour. Details of comments made by Deputy Premier Jackie Trad and Mayor Karen Williams are provided in this Redland City Bulletin report. Following the announcement, Redland City Council added a Toondah Harbour approval processes diagram to its Toondah Harbour webpage.

The preferred developer, Walker Corporation, has made some very preliminary information available on its website.

Redlands2030’s views on the process going forward are set out in the post: Toondah Harbour community engagement.

Council Meeting on 17 June

Tourism strategy

The Council adopted a new Tourism Strategy and Action Plan 2015-2020. The new strategy was the subject of this report in the Redland City Bulletin.

Recording of Council meetings

Redlands2030's Tom Taranto videoing a council meeting - photo by the Redland City Bulletin

Redlands2030’s Tom Taranto videoing a Council meeting – photo by the Redland City Bulletin

The Bulletin also reported that Council bans taping, filming of meetings. At its meeting, Council decided that it would make both audio and video recordings of public council meetings. These will be made available to the public free of charge soon after each meeting. Any other photography, video recoding or audio recording will only be allowed with the prior permission of the meeting chairperson (Mayor).

Redlands2030 made an audio recording of the Council meeting. Below we present a link to audio of the part of the meeting dealing with recording of meetings – Item 11.2.1 Review of meeting standing orders.

STANDING ORDERS AUDIO (for those who use Google Chrome, click the open with Music Player for best results)

ONLINE Timeline (this gives you information about who is talking at any point in time)

Release of previously confidential information

Council also resolved to make publicly available various reports and other documents which once were confidential.

Here is a link to the meeting minutes.

Special Meeting – 25 June

At a special meeting on 25 June the Council will discuss its budget for 2015/16. here is a link to the agenda.


Report by Redlands2030 – 21 June 2015