Quandamooka Festival 2017 activities underway

Quandamooka Festival 2017 Yura (welcome)

Quandamooka Festival 2017 opened in July with the Yura (welcome) at Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island – photo Chris Walker

Quandamooka Festival 2017 is well under way with a range of events and activities from the beginning of July through to the end of September.

The festival is an opportunity to learn more about the Quandamooka people’s history and culture.

Events are taking place right across the Redlands enabling people to learn more about lands and waters which have been occupied continuously by the Quandamooka peoples for tens of thousands of years.

A Festival highlight, Yuri Yalingbila (welcome the whales) will take place on 29 July at Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island.

As well as the whale welcome ceremony you can enjoy whale-watching cultural tours, traditional dance, arts, weaving, workshops, kids activities, good food, sand art and more.

Some of the many other activities in the Festival include:

  • Island Made Exhibition at the Redland Art Gallery until 13 August
  • A boat cruise in Quandamooka waters on 15 July
  • Connecting Waves – a saltwater woman living on desert country Onespace Gallery, 13a Gladstone Rd, Highgate Hill, Brisbane until 5 August
  • Poetry & Storytelling Workshop at Dunwich on 19 August
  • Quandamooka Festival on Jencoomercha (Macleay Island) 26 August
  • Quandamooka Water Stories & Songs at the Redland Museum 20 September
  • Kunjiel (Corroboree) Closing Ceremony – 23 & 24 September

To find out more about these events and dozens more check out the Quandamooka Festival 2017 Calendar.

Quandamooka Festival Yura

The 2017 Quandamooka Festival Yura (welcome) was held at Dunwich on Sunday 2 July.

Maria Tan captured some photos from Yura and shared her work through Redlands2030.

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4 thoughts on “Quandamooka Festival 2017 activities underway

  1. Redland City branding? Makes no sense to me having watched for the past 30 years, all highly valued koala habitat areas flattened for houses/units. No areas under ‘protection’ were protected. How many times did State govt heavyweights ask we, the people of Redlands, to pin point on maps koala habitat needing to be preserved only to be ignored by all levels of government. Since State governments tell councils, they should all hang their heads in shame advising local government bodies to concentrate solely on the construction industry to house a great number of residents no matter how badly the Redlands environment, road infrastructure, and community wellbeing suffered. Now we have Walker Corporation having made deals behind closed doors, shutting out five councillors for many years, destroying the Toondah Harbour marine environment with main focus on apartment buildings that includes over-sized building of units in the Cleveland Grandview Hotel grounds that then allows (my view), a corrupt government, to destroy what little of koala habitat is left. The Courier Mail writes daily about dodgy councils…how dodgy is the Redland City Council in the way it treats its people, places and wildlife? It would be hard to find a brand for this particular council that has a good ring to it in the minds of most people I’m in contact with in and around the local area. Redland City most certainly is a ‘developer’s paradise’…particularly in that they don’t need to leave parkland space for families, okay to build wall to wall row houses people everywhere are horrified in seeing….one might ask ‘doesn’t Qld have an overseeing local government housing department? It’s high time such a body was established to take a good look at how housing estates are built in Redland City…and please, let’s not hear politicians anywhere, repeating the words ‘accountable’ or ‘transparent’…

    • What Amy is saying is seconded by a great many of the residents of the Redlands. In a sentence, we have had enough. I recently received a short reply from our local Federal politician for Bowman. He said I should either report the rorts to the CCC or keep my trap shut. Like many other residents I will not be keeping my trap shut and it is becoming common knowledge that the CCC in Queensland is somewhat of a toothless tiger. How many people have they brought to justice? As a retired biologist I can tell you that we are losing our koalas because of the loss of habitat while developers make millions and give generous donations in the right places. It will get to the point where we will name and shame those individuals in Council and in government that are taking handouts in return for preferential treatment at the expense of the residents and the wildlife.

  2. I have talked to a number of the Quandamooka people on North Stradbroke island (Minjerribah). They have seen what is currently happening with unsustainable development on the mainland and the build up of peak hour traffic on roads, which have not been upgraded to cope with extra traffic. They have seen koala habitat being destroyed to make way for small lot development and they don’t want a bar of it. They want to look after the Island, which means so much to them. Let’s help them do just that. They are not interested in Redland City branding, whatever that means.

  3. What? They’ve taken time off from full time laying land claims?

    That’s amazing!

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