Wildlife of the Redlands

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8 thoughts on “Wildlife of the Redlands

  1. Beautiful photos! Great memories, it is a shame that soon that is all we will have unless drastic changes can be made to state and council planning and development legislation.

  2. Is the possum top right hand corner a mountain/short-eared possum? I didn’t know they were in the Redlands? Can anyone enlighten me? And I love that the dear old noisy miner is included.

  3. Deb amazing photos, sadly the last remaining habitat for the Yellow Bellied glider has been destroyed in Mt Cotton, the land south of Hardwood Drive has been totally flattened, koala Habitat has been totally destroyed, shame shame shame

  4. In our busy lives, few see them, and even fewer capture images of them. If you haven’t seen this diversity of Redland wildlife you can get an insight from these images. Thanks to those who are sharing and caring.