LNP plans for North Stradbroke Island queried

North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island

Conservation groups have called on the Liberal National Party to make its position clear regarding the future of sand mining on Minjerribah North Stradbroke Island.

LNP Leader Tim Nicholls released a statement on Monday pledging $10 million towards job creation and economic development on the island, whilst claiming the local community was “nearly destroyed” by a so-called shut down of sand mining.

LNP Oodgeroo candidate and sitting MP Mark Robinson also recently made public comments about the 2019 deadline for sand mining on the Island which suggested the matter was not settled in the minds of the LNP.

An alliance of conservation groups, including the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, The Wilderness Society, Australian Conservation Foundation, conservationists on the island, and the Queensland Conservation Council, have called on the LNP to clarify its position on sand mining.

“MInjerribah North Stradbroke Island needs a clear sustainable future, one that takes it past sand mining and into tourism, nature protection, land management and new economic opportunities”, said Dr Tim Seelig head of the Queensland Conservation Council.

“In that context, we believe Mr Nicholls and the LNP need to come clean on their position on the end of sand mining.

“Voters across South East Queensland who visit Minjerribah and enjoy its natural and cultural wonders deserve to know where they stand.

“Local Labor and Greens candidates have stated they will not change current legislation which ends mining in 2019. We hope that there is now bi-partisan, cross-party support for a post- mining economy for Minjerribah.

“This is also a great opportunity for the LNP to back in the role of Indigenous Rangers on Minjerribah and the broader transition of the Island economy to a sustainable future.

“The pledge of $10 million towards job creation on the island by the LNP is welcome if it is on top of the $28 million already budgeted by the Palaszczuk government for economic transition, and Labor’s new additional $11m in transition commitment.

“But the LNP’s commitment only makes sense if it is part of an acceptance that sand mining will end in 2019.”

The uncertainty concerning sand mining mirrors the lack of commitments to fixing the Toondah Harbour PDA.

Redlands2030 – 24 November 2017

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One thought on “LNP plans for North Stradbroke Island queried

  1. If Tim Nicholls, momentary leader of the LNP in Qld, really did say that the local community was “nearly destroyed” by a so-called shut down of sand mining, he should be taken to task. I happen to know that there are relatively few people from the local community on Minjerribah employed by the Sand Mining Company, Sibelco, and I would like someone with the relevant details to present them. We are aware that politicians often blurt out false facts to suit their own aims but there are people who can give us a fact check so please come forward. I can tell you that Stradbroke Ferries have increased return ferry fares for vehicles under 5.5m from $121 in 2012 to $180 just recently in 2017. That is an increase of 49% in 5 years yet some people promoting a continuation of sand mining keep telling us that the ferry fares are low because the sand mining trucks subsidise the ferries. I have checked the private colleges and state schools that go across to Minjerribah for their annual school biology field trips and I can confirm that very few go to the Island because of the cost. A number of them go instead to Hastings Point in Northern NSW or coastal locations between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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