Koala Action Group: a voice for koalas in the Redlands

Koala Action Group

Koala Action Group information stall

The Koala Action Group Qld Inc. is a voice for koalas in the Redlands. The Koala Action Group (KAG) was founded in 1987 by former Redland City Councilor, Helen Murray and other Thorneside residents.

These founding members recognized the importance of creating public awareness and koala welfare strategies. They understood the importance of data collection and so began the Annual Koala Phone-in survey which continues to this day as the Annual Koala Count-a-thon.

The survey/count-a-thon process invites members of the public to phone-in or send details of koala sightings on a nominated weekend in October. Not only is quality data obtained, but the survey is an opportunity to provide callers with important information on supporting koalas in their neighborhood.

KAG’s mission

KAG’s mission is to secure the future for koalas in the Redlands by realizing three main objectives:

EDUCATION– to educate the community on the needs of koalas and other wildlife and inform them of simple steps that individuals can take to help koalas survive in our local neighbourhoods.

REVEGETATION– to enhance and replant habitat with the aim of strengthening wildlife corridors.

LEGISLATION– to work with all levels of government to improve policies and legislation that affect koalas and the natural environment.

KAG’s on ground works

On the practical side, KAG conducts monthly tree plantings with the support of Redland City Council and has planted approx 100,000 trees over the past 25 years. Plantings occur in all areas of the Redlands with the goal being to transform unused grass areas often alongside waterways into wildlife corridors.

KAG plants a variety of plant species to replicate the vegetation that is endemic to the location. The re-vegetated areas have shown to be utilized relatively quickly by wildlife and there is evidence of koalas browsing on the eucalyptus trees as soon as four years after planting.

Planting days are very social events attended by varying age groups including families with young children and volunteers are rewarded afterwards with a home baked morning tea.

KAG also participates in planting projects with Redlands schools on request, providing a valuable opportunity to educate the younger community on the values of protecting koalas and the natural environment.

KAG’s community education works

Our group also holds information displays at numerous local festivals to raise the profile of KAG and highlight the plight of Redlands koalas.

KAG will continue to be the ‘voice for koalas’ in the Redlands and we firmly believe that if koalas disappear from our natural environment many other lifestyle values will also be lost.

Contacting or joining KAG

  • KAG’s website gives details of the works, contacts and news of the Koala Action Group Qld Inc: A voice for koalas in the Redlands KAG to support koalas.
  • KAG maintains an active Facebook page, where many people participate in discussions about koalas in the Redlands.  Join in the debate and help increase awareness of the plight of koalas and the needs of koalas
  • Email KAG at Admin@koalagroup.asn.au
  • Phone KAG at 07 3823 5575

Debbie Pointing

President of the Koala Action Group (KAG)

The Koala Action Group has recently called for the Queensland Government to call in and refuse the ‘Shoreline’ Development Application to Redland City Council.

Here is a link to an open letter to the Premier

Here is a link to a change.or petition