Council rejects Teak Lane development plans


From the Redland City Council video recording of its meeting on 23 November 2016

Redland City Council made decisions about the Teak Lane development application, St James Kindergarten playground tenure and future of Indiscapes at its meeting on 23 November 2016.

In the absence of Mayor Karen Williams, the meeting was chaired by Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary. It’s understood that Mayor Williams was in Hobart attending a conference about ecotourism and unable to participate in the meeting by telephone.

Councillors Peter Mitchell and Mark Edwards were not in the Council chambers but did participate in the meeting by telephone.

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Below is a report on items of interest discussed at the meeting together with other Council news:

  • Official opening of state-of-the-art infrastructure by the Mayor
  • Cr Julie Talty’s update to her Register of Interests.

Council rejects Teak Lane development application

Teak Lane open space area next to Victoria Point Town Centre

Teak Lane open space area next to Victoria Point Town Centre

This issue was previewed by Redlands2030 in: Teak Lane residents want to save their trees.

During the public participation section of the meeting two people spoke about plans for development of Teak Lane.

Mrs Maria Sealy of Victoria Point spoke against the development application on behalf of herself and other nearby residents.

Mr Ian Lancini of Lanrex Property said that since his company purchased Victoria Point Town Centre 14 years ago they had been concerned about what they perceived to be un-managed risks associated with Teak Lane and had been “willing to work towards a permanent solution”.

Mr Lancini stated clearly for the record:

We did not initiate the purchase of this land.

At no stage did we lobby Council, State or anyone else or pursue the acquisition of this land.

It was put forward as a proposal to achieve a permanent solution.

We went forward with that believing we had the support of Council and the support of State and it’s on that basis that we entered a binding contract to purchase that land.

Council voted to refuse the application because the proposed development conflicts with the overall outcomes for the Open Space Zone in the current Redlands Planning Scheme.

The refusal was CARRIED 5/5 on the casting vote of the Chair (Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary).

  • Crs Gollé, Hewlett, Huges, Bishop, and Boglary voted FOR the refusal motion.
  • Crs Elliott, Talty, Gleeson, Edwards and Mitchell voted AGAINST the refusal motion.
  • Mayor Williams was absent from the meeting.

Moving forward

We now know that the party submitting the development application (Lanrex) did not lobby or pursue the acquisition of the land and was only responding to a proposal (though we don’t know who put the proposal to Lanrex).

We also know that the community and the Council have now decided that the proposal put to Lanrex which would transform a well-treed buffer zone into an extension of the shopping centre car park is unacceptable.

It’s time now for all parties (the community, Lanrex, the Council and the State Government) to move forward and deal with the retention of this environmental buffer zone as well as any social issues in the area.

St James Kindergarten gets three year breathing space

John Street Park's zoning is the subject of this petition

John Street Park’s zoning is the subject of this petition

A number of people in the public gallery were there to see how Council would resolve tenure over land at 7 John Street Cleveland used as a playground by the Lutheran Church’s St James Kindergarten.

This issue was previewed by Redlands2030 in the post: Council backs away from kindergarten land deal.

During the public participation section of the meeting:

  • Local developer Mr P Eldridge of Raftyard Pty Ltd said that he wanted at least a portion of the land to complete plans for a vertical retirement centre on various properties adjacent to the Kindergarten. He asked the Council to not give the Lutheran Church any further tenure over the land.
  • Mr B Osland, on behalf of the Lutheran Church, pointed out that the Kindergarten was a not for profit operation and reiterated the Lutheran Church’s request for long term tenure.

Councillors discussed various options including the possibility of an alternative resolution or amendment motion offering a ten year peppercorn lease. Finally, councillors voted 6/3 to grant a three year licence to occupy agreement, in lieu of a lease to purchase agreement.

  • Crs Gollé, Hewlett, Talty, Bishop, Edwards and Mitchell voted FOR the motion.
  • Crs Elliott, Gleeson and Boglary voted AGAINST the motion.
  • Cr Huges was not present when the motion was put, having declared a conflict of interest.
  • Cr Williams had not yet connected via teleconference.
  • Cr Huges returned to the meeting at 10.55am.

Councillor declares Liberal National Party membership

Cr Julie Talty's 2016 election corflute

Cr Julie Talty’s 2016 election corflute

With remarkably little fanfare Cr Julie Talty recently declared that she is now a member of the Liberal National Party.

This was done on 26 September 2016 through an update to her Register of Interests which can be downloaded from her Councillor Profile.

Back in October 2014 Mrs Talty was mentioned as a possible LNP candidate for the state seat of Redlands but the LNP selected Matt McEachen who won the seat.

It’s understood that Cr Talty is now canvassing opportunities for LNP pre-selection as a candidate at the next state election.

Upgrade approved for Indigiscapes environmental centre

Tallowwood tree at Indigiscapes

400 year old tallowwood tree at Indigiscapes

A master plan for extending and improving the Indigiscapes environmental education centre was approved by Redland City Council at its meeting on 23 November.

The upgrade work will take place progressively over the next four financial years at an estimated total cost of $3.7 million.

Crs Gollé, Hewlett, Elliott, Huges, Bishop, Edwards, Mitchell and Boglary voted FOR
the motion.

Crs Talty and Gleeson voted AGAINST the motion, and Mayor Williams was absent from the meeting.

Redland City Deputy Mayor Wendy Boglary said Council’s decision would see the local award winning environmental facility transformed over the next five years.

This already popular venue will be extended to include environmental and cultural experiences that will make it one of South East Queensland’s leading environmental education centres,” she said.

Included in the extension will be an elevated skywalk through the trees, ending at the 400-year-old Tallowood tree, celebrating the tree’s longevity and place in local history.

More information about the Indigiscapes upgrade is available from this Council news release.

New Point Lookout sewage treatment plant officially opened

Mayor Karen Williams and Assistant Minister Mr Glenn Butcher at the sewage treatment plant official opening

Mayor Karen Williams and Assistant Minister Mr Glenn Butcher at the sewage treatment plant official opening

The air should be fresher at Point Lookout during the busy summer holiday period.

A new sewage treatment plant costing $13.5 million was officially opened on Friday by Mayor Karen Williams and Mr Glenn Butcher MP, Assistant Minister for Local Government and Infrastructure.

This new plant is crucial infrastructure designed to serve the needs of the township for the next 30 years according to the Council’s news release.

Redland City Council plans to spend $5.0 million over the next three years extending the Point Lookout sewerage network to properties that currently use septic systems.

Things the Council don’t want you to know about

In “Closed Session”, with no media or members of the public present, Council discussed and decided on three matters.

Point Lookout road closure (Item 16.2.1)

Council voted 7/1 to make an application to the State Government to permanently close portions of Kennedy Drive and East Coast Road at Point Lookout.

Purchase of land in Thorneside (Item 16.1.1)

Council decided 6/2 to purchase a parcel of land (details not made public) in Thorneside at fair market value for local government purposes.

Acquisition of land (Item 16.3.1)

Council discussed a confidential report on land acquisition and voted 6/2 to adopt a particular option with details to remain confidential until the subject land has been acquired.

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