Council agenda for 12 November meeting

Council CEO Bill Lyon to supervise next Council election

Council CEO Bill Lyon to supervise next Council election

Agenda items for discussion at the next meeting of the Redland City Council on 12 November include the following matters:

  • Procedures for next local government election in 2016
  • Proposed discount in infrastructure charges for a 134 lot development in Capalaba
  • The fate of a Cook Pine in Wellington Point
  • A report on the decision process that allows destruction of koala trees in Ormiston
  • Items in closed session about the SMBI ferry terminals and Macleay Island Eco-Heritage and Recreation


Item 11.1.1   2016 Redland City Council Local Government Election

A report to Council proposes that the 2016 Redland City Council election be conducted under the supervision of the Council CEO (currently Bill Lyon) rather than the Electoral Commission of Queensland. The officer’s recommendations are:

That Council resolves to:
1. Note the work currently being undertaken to review the City’s internal boundaries and note that it is almost certain thata boundary change will berequired with respect to Division 5;
2. Note that options will be presented to Council early in 2015 with regard to boundary changes and the number of divisions for the 2016 Redland CityCouncil local government election;
3. Confirm that Council does wish to manage the Redland City Council local government election in 2016 and authorises the CEOto take all necessarysteps to prepare for the election including appointment of relevant staff and contractors, development of budget proposals, preparation of an electionplan etc; and
4. Confirm that Council wishes to conduct a partial postal vote for the City’s island communities (North Stradbroke Island, Coochiemudlo Island and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands only) for the 2016 local government election and authorises the CEO to write to the Minister at the earliest opportunity to request approval for same.


Item 11.2.3 Requested for negotiated Infrastructure Charges ERA 402-451 Redland Bay Road Capalaba

A report to Council recommends that it approve an $884,023.10 discount to infrastructure charges for a 134 lot development in Capalaba.

Item 11 .2.4 Consideration of Council Granting a Permit to Remove the Cook Island Pine…

This tree appears to be unwell so the officer’s recommendation is:

That Council resolves to grant a permit under Local Law 6 to remove the Cook Island Pine located at 62 Beachcrest Road Wellington Point.


Item 11.2.5 Request for Report Outlining Decision Process…[on loss of koala trees in Ormiston]

The report requested by Cr Wendy Boglary has been prepared and is included in the agenda for this meeting.

Closed Session

Cr Mark Edwards has proposed two motions to be discussed in closed session:

Item 14.1.1  Ferry Terminals on SMBI

Item 14.2.1 Macleay Island Eco-heritage and Recreation

Full Agenda

Here is a link to a full copy of the agenda including all reports to Council except for matters to be discussed in closed session.

Public attendance

Redland City Council Chambers

Redland City Council Chambers

The Council’s meeting on 12 November will be held at the Council Chambers in Bloomfield Street Cleveland.

Members of the public are able to observe the meeting which commences at 9:30 am.
Time may also be made available for members of the public to address Council.

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2 thoughts on “Council agenda for 12 November meeting

  1. It also looks like Ratepayers might be paying for yet more developer “incentives”.

    Item 11.2.3 relates to a request for a reduction in Infrastructure Charges associated with the ERA development near Indigiscapes.

    While on the one hand there is an inherent difficulty in striking a fair, equitable and adequate charging regime for new developments, the proposed reductions could set a precedent for other reductions from and already inadequate base.

    This would further reduce the “pot” of money available to fund existing deficiencies in Infrastructure. eg it might be argued that a 1 into 2 development does not result in Council having to provide extra infrastructure therefore the charge should be zero.

  2. It looks like Council are indeed looking at reducing the number of Councillors that represent us despite the Mayor rebuking any such notion in March 2014.

    Item 11.1 relates to RCC Local Govt Elections. From a very quick scan it seems to be mainly related to housekeeping/ administrative matters.

    However, there is an attached comparison table with other Local Governments with the added option of a reduction in RCC Councillors to 6 or 8 plus mayor.

    This table does not seem to be mentioned in the text so it is presumed it may be the start of a push to reduce the number of Councillors. On the one hand the table could provide reasons for the reduction which at face value would reduce the costs to the taxpayers of $0.25 – $0.5 mill pa.

    On the other hand it would reduce the diversity amongst our representatives and arguably would makes it even more difficult for self funded independent community based candidates to be elected.

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