Community Alert: Toondah Harbour

Toondah Harbour viewed from G.J. Walter Park

Toondah Harbour viewed from G.J. Walter Park

The massive urban development masquerading as the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area is still being “discovered” by many residents across Redland City.  Many people living close to the site are unaware of the scale of the proposed development.

Consequences of the Toondah development will include financial risks, congestion, economic impacts, lifestyle changes and social impacts.  While Division 2 will wear most of the pain, adverse impacts and costs will spill across the city.

The Toondah community consultation process was flawed and the development proposal should be a key election issue for everyone at the local government elections on 19 March 2016.

Making Toondah an election issue

Toondah Flyer pg1

Community Alert Flyer page 1

Redlands2030 is distributing a “Community Alert” across the city.  The striking flyer will appear in letters boxes in the near future.  Consider the flyer…and make your views about Toondah known to candidates at the up-coming election. Ask your local candidates their views about this proposed development.  Unless they support a new planning process, or “starting again” put your faith in a different candidate.

Find out if they support the established community view which opposes the proposed development plan.

Ask them to support actions to withdraw the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area and “start again” through a full and proper community consultation process.  People want a Toondah development that is:
• based on community vision and values;
• focussed on upgrading the ferry terminal facilities.

The Important Toondah links

Toondah Flyer pg2

Community Alert Flyer page 2

The Community Alert flyer gives actions suitable for everyone concerned about the Toondah development plans.  The actions offered under “Please help save Toondah Foreshore and the Bay” are found in the following links:

Election implications in Division 2

The Toondah development footprint

The Toondah development footprint

The Toondah Harbour development proposal has city-wide implications and people are increasingly concerned with the ramifications.  However, the development is a real threat to the lifestyle, and quality of life of the ratepayers in Division 2.  This proposal is the most significant issue for Division 2 in the upcoming election.  The community must make sure the next divisional councillor fights for the interests of the ratepayers across the city but especially those in Division 2.

The long argued position of the community is that the Toondah Harbour planning is for the Council and the State Government to withdraw the master plan and “start again” through a full and proper community consultation process and  focussed on upgrading the ferry terminal facilities.

If you are a Redland City Council Division 2 voter – there are three candidates standing for election on 19 March 2016.  These are sitting Councillor Craig Ogilvie, Tom Taranto, and Peter Mitchell. The choice is clear, and briefly the positions of the three candidates on the Toondah development are:

  1. Councillor Craig Ogilvie has been the people’s champion in fighting the currently proposed development and recently exposed problems with car parking which will impact residents of “Straddie”.
  2. Tom Taranto has been a longstanding critic of the “top down” Toondah PDA process and as a community activist has been working to restart the planning process so it is in line with community values. He is alarmed at the secrecy surrounding so many aspects of the Toondah development, especially the infrastructure agreement that was approved by Council.
  3. Peter Mitchell is a self-proclaimed “solid supporter” of the Toondah development. Ratepayers concerned about the adverse impacts of Toondah Harbour should put Peter Mitchell last in their preferences, when they vote.

Previous Articles

Previous articles about Toondah Harbour are easily found in the Toondah Tab at the top of this page.  A full history of the development and the failed consultation processes is found at: History of Toondah PDA Consultation

A recent article examined the sad history of the community defending the environmental values of the Toondah site including the very effective campaign by the STIR committee in the late 1980’s.  See the full story of  Residents petition for a better Toondah plan Redlands2030


Redlands2030 -2 March 2016


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18 thoughts on “Community Alert: Toondah Harbour

  1. Is Toondah really needed?
    90 minutes from Brisbane on the Stradbroke Flyer across Moreton Bay to Dunwich!
    North Straddie’s traditional owners the Quandamooka people organised the ferry trip to leave South Bank Parklands and take 50 conference delegates from Denmark on an “aboriginal dreaming” tour of North Stradbroke Island. (RCB 19 Oct 2016)
    Well done QYAC.
    Mr Walker take note: you may not be needed.

  2. Transport and parking at the station will not support the proposed development.
    This is a massive unit development rather than adding to the community values it will detract.
    Roads are unable to support current traffic flows and accidents are already taking place
    Redlands needs open space not tower blocks.

  3. I cannot believe the dirty tactics that appear to be being used to discredit certain councillors who are opposing the massive Toondah Harbour development plan being foisted on to the residents of Redland city. Shame on whoever is responsible!!!
    If the plans are so fantastic why go to such sordid lengths to deal with the opposition?
    I would suggest that any one who is undecided about who to support concerning the plans that are being railroaded through should take a trip up to Cleveland. Point and take a good look up and down the coast. Then try to imagine what it will be like with big ugly ten storey apartment blocks along the skyline. And that isn’t taking into account the environmental impact on the area. We have fabulous wildlife here and a beautiful unspoilt coastline, do we really want to allow the thin end of the wedge to start the desecration of this lovely area.
    Well done to Craig Ogilvie, Greg Underwood, Tom Taranto and anyone else who has the guts to stand up to the self interest of the people who are trying to ride rough shod over the interests of Redlands residents. You have our full support.

  4. I never cease to wonder about our consequence competence challenged Council led by this yodelling yahoo. Her idea of consulting with older voters was to demonstrate how to yodel! true story !
    I was amused the morning by the mayor’s latest nonsensical bid for re election. A big banner saying Williams will fix this road (Redland Bay to Cleveland Rd) (now where have we seen that before? oh yes last time it was in lights by the state member). Apart from her silly idea about lending the State Government $100 million – simply “flashing lights and movement” but no real result or a costly one for Redlanders. I still want to see the details of this offer and who is underwriting who.
    That aside what this mayor wants you to believe is that fixing this road will solve all congestion issues. It won’t!
    Common sense would suggest that the best strategy to do all this activity is to build the road(s) first then thus getting the public to believe her.
    The first point folks is for us to consider is how long is this road building going to take and will it be simply an other lane each way? will there be islands in the centre and traffic lights?
    My guess is there’ll be traffic lights and turning lanes added and the rest will be on the political never never!
    Given the distance to be reworked one can expect lengthy delays and bottle necks making the whole thing damn near a nightmare.
    Think all that traffic trying to go around on some of the smaller roads or the bleeding of drivers trying to get to work via say Mount Cotton Road or Springacre Road et al. Good luck.
    This mayor and her political parasites don’t have the problem of the BIG majority of Redlanders’ commute!
    Tonight coming home from Brisbane it took more time to get from the highway at Capalaba through Victoria Point that it did from Stone’s Corner to the Capalaba exit.
    Now think of how many extra commuters trying to get to and from all the New Estates or ‘The looney Toons-dah’ harbour what ever it is.
    Terms Like foreseeable and therefore avoidable Chaos come to mind?
    The point is that a feature of Australian Highways is that they seem all seem to start and end with a bottleneck….. i.e. lack of long term planning.
    Ask the new commuters to Brisbane are they going to be happy for the problem to simply be moved to what? 10k’s down the road?
    I say Consequence Competence Challenged because the issue isn’t to get the people out of Redland Bay and through that disaster of Victoria Point’s Competing Shopping Centres’ Corner and disaster entering roads then to halt it several times before the bottle neck to the freeway.
    Common sense would have been to move the highway around the shopping precinct for quick traffic distribution.
    But we are cursed with myopic politicians whose sole focus is to get re-elected.

    • It would appear that I was correct at least in the point that Our mayor’s idea of fixing the roads is limited to “choke points” according to the Local paper.S
      I did an experiment using Translink’s journey planner yesterday. the plan was to go from the end of the line public transport to 3 bus stops the other side of Brisbane city.
      A trip that is probable for Medicare card holders seeking affordable dental care. Translink was out by 10% it took 2hrs and 26minutes. Imagine a doing the journey with two small children. 5hours Plus waiting time.
      What this mayor & her misbegotten council team doesn’t get is that fixing a few choke points still means close to a 2 hour by car and train and 2.50 hours from the far and of the Redlands bus route. The car journey alone is 1.33 hours each way plus parking and getting to place of employment. It doesn’t make any difference where the choke point are it’s the time spent GETTING THERE AND HOME AGAIN AFTERWARDS that is the problem. Regardless of her sparkles and cherry picking it’s going to get a lot worse because there’s simply too many cars
      And I haven’t addressed the school drop off’s and pick up’s.

  5. Um it seems that the mayor and her team are all Anthropogenic Catastrophic Climate Change Deniers! hasn’t any of them paying attention. Crumbs I still remember the big wind and storm surge that flooded over the wall, the road from Victoria Point to Pt Halleran. More specifically I remember the the boats that were torn from their moorings and on to the beach and the paths covered by sand. How much was the Council clean up? What was the cost to the insurance payouts… Flash council it means higher insurance premiums … and there’s more …. a recent conference of the insurance companies in Brisbane, started making noises about not covering AGW ( if you must) inundation lines. Guess which development is in this zone? It’s not law yet but how long before it is.
    And when the next big storm surge comes who’s going to pay? Tip: there will be RCC liability!
    Oh before I forget the Cyclone that hit FIJI was the largest ever to hit landfall in the Southern Hemisphere. It isn’t a case of if we get one but when.
    Who is going to spend the sort of money for the properties in this site …the idle rich, the naive and the turnover quick entrepreneurs.
    Keep in mind that marinas are not popular in other states …but guess which state is likely to be affected first?
    Also note the ongoing sore ‘the canals at Raby bay’ and particularly the special levy. Is there going to be one for Toondah Harbour Marina ?
    The developers don’t care, their focus is on now and the opportunity to make a killing. And too bad for RCC and the ratepayers when the problems begin.
    This council is a product of the Mayor, her team and those who are pushing to make money from family acreage. They aren’t interested in the well being of the average residents.
    Ask yourself why would some one spend so much money to get a job that when amortised ( spread over the life of a council ) means that they will earn more elsewhere ? Now take a look at last election’s donor list. Do you really believe the figures particularly the one who declared little or no significant donations ( self funded?[sic])? this time the ante has gone through the roof . Just count the signs. Then look at where they are i.e. on big acreage mainly. So where is their support coming from …. the minority big acreage owners . So somebody must be putting in ‘big time’ and why?
    Call me a cynic but that much community spirit is fanciful. Clearly their egos or other motives outreach their demonstrated long term decision making competence by light years!

  6. What an abomination this proposed project is with its massive incursion across the mudflats. Over the past couple of decades there has been a growing realisation of the necessity for smart and sustainable strategies for the built environment. There is also growing scientific understanding and evidence that coastal regions are already degraded and suffering from human impact. It is through these lenses that governments should be managing coastal regions not flogging them off so developers can make a buck from constructing such vanity projects. Governments at all three levels should not be running (or creeping) behind best environmental management practice. They must recognise and protect critical environmental values. The G.J. Walter Park area is public land open to all. Development on sensitive and important and largely undeveloped coastal land (such as the massive footprint occupied by this project) should never be approved. It should stay undeveloped and used for public amenity with little or no additional infrastructure other than an upgrade of the extant ferry terminal.

  7. Wetland sites are not valued as seen in Capalaba. The word RAMSAR (Australia being signatory to Ramsar Convention on wetlands) is lost on politicians hell bent on developing any given area even when it entails bulldozing tonnes of earth into a waterway, e.g. Coolnwynpin Ck Capalaba when Leda built row of shops, with rest of land used for extensive car parking. Deals done by then MP for Capalaba, AWU heavyweight Jim Elder (that Justice Heydon in Royal Commission 2015 report on trade unions found AWU to be corrupt) never attended community meetings where we, the people of Capalaba, were invited to plan the Central area at then Soccer Club. On former riparian zone now stands tavern & liquor outlet where creek bank pathway is held up by giant boulders, is a dirty concreted, unwelcoming, uncared for haven for social misfits, muggers that resulted in many families moving away when AWU (confirmed by Royal Commissioner Justice Heydon into trade unions as being corrupt) approved developing other side of bridge… Crotona Rd creek bank being concreted. This ‘done deal’, apart from AWU pollies, included Cr Alan Beard (not in his division) Cr John Burns (Julie Talty’s father & not in his division). Along with then head town planner, deal was done with developer Endacott of Alex Hills, behind closed doors, with then Mayor Eddie, known as the people’s mayor, left in the dark so to speak. The Crotona Rd creek bank from No 19 units through to Old Cleveland Rd is today off limits to locals due to degradation, loss of core koala habitat that had been under special protection under Koala Coast Policy, 29-37 Moreton Bay Rd. lined with towering concrete walls on the bank, graffiti adorning the walls, a dangerous place to enter.
    I implore everyone to not allow to happen at Toondah Harbour what happened here to the people of Capalaba where a once beautiful flowing waterway with water birds, koalas and platypus were to be seen. Once gone, they are gone forever.

  8. In a word PROTECT, our environment. we all reside in Australia. our natural environment is one to be Valued ,not abused, degraded . We share our amazing environment with many Animal and Plant species that have been here long before us. ‘ Who Speaks ‘for them ? its their Home, their Environment. Speak up or leave a desecrated legacy for future Australians. Our Rubbish ,Poisons and Toxins are choking our environmental legacy. How selfish we are to think we have the right to
    destroy and manipulate that which is Home’ to life in all forms. Who wants to be the first to sign off on the Decline of our Natural World. PROTECT. “tread lightly ‘ it doesn’t belong to us.
    We all love the Redlands, home to Koalas and all.

  9. If this huge development goes ahead, it will be a win for greed, stupidity, and ugliness. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Any development in the Bay is completely unnecessary and unwarranted. I would have thought it was illegal as well – if it’s not, it should be. Australia is also a signatory of the RAMSAR Agreement, which means we will do everything possible not to destroy natural fish and wildlife habitats. Most of Moreton Bay is covered by RAMSAR. One has to ask – ‘who benefits the most if this monstrosity is allowed to go ahead?’ The residents certainly won’t. Most of the small business operators currently in the area won’t. A few people who work on the development may benefit to a degree. Redlands City Councillors – who would know – some of them are really pushing for this to go ahead. The Developer – you can bet on that.
    Acclaimed architect John Mainwaring LFAIA, B arch Qld Uni, hon Phd USC, says this PDA proposal makes Queensland and Australia a laughing stock internationally and nationally. That should bring the tourists! Perhaps not.
    The Queensland Museum has this to say about Mangroves and acid sulphate soils:

    Refurbish the ferry terminals , add a boardwalk around the mangroves, with some cafes, restaurants and bars , maybe a few tourist type shops , improved parking , and that’s it. Beautify the area – don’t destroy it.

    Residents of the Redlands need to think really carefully about this proposal as it impacts the coming Local Government Election – do you want to continue living here having unsuitable development pushed on you, or do you want a Council made up of Councillors who listen to you BEFORE any big decisions are made?

  10. We do not need more marinas in the Redlands, you can’t bring back whats been destroyed,the Redlands is prime agriculture land that’s been destroyed by greedy developers as it is, land which can’t be replaced for future food growers, its almost gone, and now they want to move into our parklands, when are these people going to stop. I go to this spot nearly every week, and marvel at its beauty, now greedy money grubbers want to destroy it, take your development some where else, we don’t want or need it. Brian

  11. The future cost to the Redlands community will be horrendous if this development goes ahead – not only will our council have killed Moreton Bay but the very fabric of the Redlands will be further eroded. It will not be the Redlands anymore. The quiet, peaceful ambiance of GJ Walter Park will vanish. Parking will be at a premium. Traffic congestion will be worse with no extra infrastructure into the city. Large construction vehicles on the roads and in the bay will create noise. I can’t even begin to imagine the cost to the ratepayer of maintaining the seawalls.

  12. What do the State and Local Governments not understand about the RAMSAR Convention?
    Do they not understand that Australia is a signatory to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, an intergovernmental treaty which provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.
    Do they consider wiping out such a huge area of wetlands ‘wise use’? Not only the wetlands will go but the parks and foreshore will go under development. Many who will look at the Toondah development footprint in the post above will weep for what is to be lost if this Council gets back in.
    Please think seriously before you vote at this most important local election.

  13. This flyer is a great and timely initiative, Redlands 2030. I have found that too many people think this Priority Development Area thing is just about improving the Toondah Harbour facility (which everyone agrees is badly needed) and have no idea that it is actually just a sneaky cover for a huge high-rise and marina development swallowing up GJ Walter Park and Cassim Island; and involving massive dredging and reclamation of a huge 32 hectares of wetlands which support critically endangered migratory shorebirds, among many other adverse impacts. Yes, let’s start this process again and genuinely incorporate the community’s views. People should vote for councillors which want to see this project properly carried out with a fresh start.

  14. Australia has an appalling record of signing up to International conventions and then ignoring them. Why is a designated Ramsar site being violated? It took scientific evidence and guidance to establish the boundary of this site and Mayor Williams thinks it is OK to dump a load of dredge spoil on it. Just not good enough!

  15. The proposed development would have profound negative social and environmental impacts. Also proceeding would be thumbing our collective noses at the Ramsar Convention as Moreton Bay foreshores and seagrass areas are classified as being of national significance.

  16. Can I get a copy of the flyer…it should be compulsory reading across the city. The numbers just blow me away.

    How big? …enormous is the answer but why so big? If all that is needed to fix the port something smells. More likely the developers are squeezing as much yield as possible from the site and the harbour upgrade was always an excuse or afterthought!

    The people in Division 2 will pay a huge price for whatever benefits are supposed to flow to other Divisions, towns and cities.

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