Redlanders pick the big election issues

Toondah Harbour development plans are one of the big election issues identified in a Redlands2030 poll

Toondah Harbour development plans are one of the big election issues identified in a Redlands2030 poll

Environmental, planning and integrity issues have been selected as most likely to influence voting in the state election according to a poll of election issues by Redlands2030.

A long list of issues was available to choose from. Respondents could select any number of issues from just one to all 28.

The percentage number in the table is the percentage of respondents who said each issue would influence their vote.

Issues which will influence voting

Here are the election issues which a clear majority of people said would influence their vote.

Issues of concern to most %
Adani coal mine 83
Toondah Harbour dredging and 3,600 apartments 80
Corruption and integrity in government and local councils 65
Koala and other wildlife conservation 65
Climate change – the government’s response 63
Planning and development laws 62
Tree clearing laws 62
Electricity generation mix – renewable, coal fuelled 58

The least important election issues

Election issues selected by fewest respondents are listed them in order of least importance, as measured by the percentage of people who selected these issues.

There may be some disconnect between the tabloid press, party political noises and what voters think to be important election issues.

Issues of concern to few %
Sporting facilities and events 4
Taxes and charges 12
Trade union influence and regulation 14
Regulation of business and big projects (red tape) 16
Government debt 16
Jobs jobs jobs 19
Gun laws 20

Issues important to a significant minority

These are the issues which were selected by more than a third (but less than a half) of respondents as being likely to influence their voting.

They are ranked from most support to least support.

Issue %
Roads and rail improvements 45
Hospitals and health 39
Electricity costs 38
Quality of candidate 38
Indigenous Australians rights and needs 34
Aged care and services for disadvantaged people 34
Schools, education and vocational training 33

Other issues of concern to a minority of respondents

These are the issues selected by less than one third of respondents, but more than 20%.

Issue %
Housing affordability 30
Ice and other illegal drugs 29
Crime, policing and law enforcement 24
Leslie Harrison Dam 24
Weinam Creek PDA and transport to Southern Bay islands 22
Domestic violence laws and policing 21

Election issues suggested by respondents

Our polling allowed people to suggest other issues. Here’s what was put forward:

  • Population growth too high,and excessive development
  • Advancement of SMBI
  • Autism help for families
  • Protected areas eg Ramsar
  • Green fauna infrastructure
  • Public transportation
  • Better questions like yes or no for Adani

Details of the survey

This poll of issues was done on-line, introduced in this post published on 29 October.

Which issues do Redlanders care about?

As at the time of preparing this report, the poll had attracted 100 responses, which made it very easy to calculate the percentages of respondents selecting any issue.

Are candidates addressing the big issues?

Have the candidates for your seat addressed the issues which are important?

Here’s a link to our list of candidates for electorates covering the Redlands.

Redlands2030 – 20 November 2017

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6 thoughts on “Redlanders pick the big election issues

  1. Adelia, I have also listened to addresses by Tim Sealig from Qld Conservation Council and Gemma Plesman from Wilderness Society. There is no doubt they are serious and very concerned about the accelerating rate of land clearing in Qld, which has a direct effect on wildlife. I also think that Qld Labor will be more inclined to pass laws to counteract the relaxation of land clearing laws instigated by Campbell Newman than the LNP. But we are now 4 days out from a Qld State election. I would just ask one question of Qld Labor – what have you been doing to counteract the rapid rate of land clearing over the last 3 years that you have been in government?

  2. I went to public meeting in Daisy Hill held by sitting member Mick de Brenni MP for Housing last week. He presented Dr Steven Miles MP Environment, Tim Sealig from Qld Conservation Council and Gemma Plesman from Wilderness Society . Here’s what was said:
    • “Australia has the unenviable status of fastest land clearing and is one of the highest deforestation hot spots in the world, thanks to Queensland” Quoted by Tim Sealig
    • Dr Miles Said “His government was disappointed they failed to pass land clearing laws. Reports are rate of land clearing escalated to 400 thousand hectares being cleared in 2015 and 2016 of which 138 thousand hectres was old growth forest that had never been cleared before. This was the only Bill not passed and not proud of it”
    • Tim Sealig said “ More than one animal is killed every second and more than 1 tree is knocked over every second” He presented slides of serious erosion in a tree cleared gully. He presented a video titled ‘If you go down to the Wood today you’re in for a big surprise’ and said “because you’re in for no picnic.
    • He also said “ We fought this in the 90’s and won. The laws were changed in the previous Newman LNP government. Australia needs stronger laws to prevent this happening again.”
    • Gemma said “ We ‘re in an environmental crisis. Area the size of Gabba cleared every 3 minutes. It has to stop.”
    Gemma then presented this pledge to the sitting members of parliament
    I strongly support laws to seriously cut back on deforestation in Queensland and a $500 million Land Restoration Fund to start repairing the damage done to Queensland’s amazing environment. If elected into the next Queensland Parliament, I pledge to be a strong champion within my party for these outcomes. This includes advocating for action on deforestation laws within 100 days of the election.
    Signed by Mick de Brenni and Steven Miles 16 November 2017

    When you feel the impact of what was said by these people you will realise it’s no wonder nothing else was discussed by any member from the public that night.

  3. The Toondah debacle is the Adani of the Redlands. Touted for jobs n growth it has all the hallmarks of a stinker.

    Both ALP and LNP have ignored their own handiwork in creating Toondah in the pre election prattle….why don’t they commit to kill it off. Donations might be the missing link?

    The political parties must find ways to listen to real people not political hacks or those hiding in their Brisbane offices. How can the ALP and LNP both be so out of step with public opinion?

  4. I have to agree with Toni. Julie Talty may be too young to realise what happened in the early 90’s when the Goss Gloss quickly wore off, as Wayne Goss promoted a toll way from the Gold Coast to Brisbane with part of it underground. Like Julie Talty, he didn’t listen to the voters and went down at the next election. He later admitted he had been arrogant. She is not yet even elected but already the Game of Mates is evident.

  5. Sadly I have missed most of the campaign as I have been overseas but in the last few days of my return as a resident of the Springwood Electorate I have witnessed the rubbish being peddled by Ms Talty and her mates. The community needs to be aware that the plan of the LNP to built a new M1 from the Helensvale on the Gold Coast and cross the Logan River opposite Mt Cotton Road, claiming to upgrade the road , is nothing more than the Eastern Tollway revisited. To bring thousands of cars hourly through Mt Cotton and Sheldon will be a disaster. The impact on Koala Coast and the environment of the rural areas of Mt Cotton and Sheldon will be unbelieveable. Many of us fought against a highway through these areas back in the early 1990’s and its on again promoted by Ms Talty and LNP.

  6. Let me start with an admission. I voted for the Qld LNP in the last state election and the Coalition in the last federal election. Both have been a disappointment and without doubt Tony Abbott was the worst PM in recent times. Malcolm Turnbull is smarter but he is trying to cater to both sides of his Party and he is treating the voters as though they will just believe any rubbish he utters. His latest utterance today is to vote for Tim Nichols and the LNP in Qld because and he will back all dams and the Adani Coal Mining Proposal. Even the Indian government officials are warning Australia about Mr Adani and his corrupt background and his disregard for the environment. Yet Malcolm still wants to go ahead and even offers $1 billion of Australian taxpayer money. Malcolm keeps talking about 10,000 jobs, which we all know is nonsense. We have thousands of jobs tied up with the GBR and by the way, it is a national icon. Tim Nichols talks about trust but that is the crucial element he lacks and he is very keen to sell off Qld assets to which ever overseas billionaire makes an offer. On the weekend he was out in Moreton Bay with the LNP Member for the Redlands, Matt McEachan. Do you notice how they quietly avoid any talk about the commercial Walker Corporation Proposal to construct 3,600 units over protected wetlands beside Toondah Harbour? Why? They have done a deal with the Walker Corporation and the record shows they have accepted a generous donation. So they want to sell out the voters in the Redlands for money. Labor, you had better get your act together and fast because both the Independent and the Greens have stated they will reject both the Toondah commercial plan and the Adani Coal Mining Plan. Residents in the Redlands have had enough of politicians and their promises.