Assess Council performance against 5 year plan

Its time to do a report card on the Redland City Council 2010 - 2015 Corporate Plan

Its time to do a report card on the Redland City Council 2010 – 2015 Corporate Plan

What do you think of Redland City Council’s performance over the past five years?

Has the Council successfully implemented the strategies set out in the 2010-2015 Corporate Plan?

Have the planned outcomes been achieved?

Tell us what you think. Our short survey below takes only a few minutes and will give the Council and the community useful feedback. This may help with preparation of the new Corporate Plan for 2015-2020.

Below are links to each of the nine topics that the Redlands Community and Council prioritsed in 2010. Each topic will take up to 5 minutes to read and mark. Thank you for your participation.

Corporate Plan 2010-2015 Strategies and Priorities (approx 5 min each)

  1. Topic 1/9 Healthy Natural Environment
  2. Topic 2/9 Green Living
  3. Topic 3/9 Embracing the Bay
  4. Topic 4/9 Quandamooka Country
  5. Topic 5/9 Wise Planning and Design
  6. Topic 6/9 Supportive Vibrant Economy
  7. Topic 7/9 Strong and Connected Communities
  8. Topic 8/9 Ethical Governance
  9. Topic 9/9 Efficient and Effective Organisation

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How Council said it would operate

The 2010-2015 Corporate Plan says:
The format of the Corporate Plan directly mirrors the outcomes in the Redlands 2030 Community Plan and includes the vision statements from this document. The Corporate Plan sets out what Council will do in next five years toward this. Performance measures will be used to track progress against the plan.
Each year, we will use performance data and review our strategic and operational risks to inform our decisions about what areas need more attention or investment in the following year. This process will involve strategic reviews, where Councillors and our Executive Management Group will review progress in implementing key plans, including the:
  • Community Plan
  • Corporate Plan
  • Long term Asset Management Plan
  • Long term Financial Plan
Outcomes from strategic reviews will help us with the development of the budget and Operational Plan for the next financial year.

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  1. Ain’t nobody going to waste 45 minutes doing this survey! I’d be surprised if you got half a dozen back ……. Good idea but a bunch of multi choice survey questions would be better!

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