Does Andrew Laming vote for you?

Andrew Laming MP

Andrew Laming MP

Forget what politicians say. What truly matters is what they do. And what they do is vote, on the laws which affect us all.

With the Federal Elections now approaching, many of us are deciding which candidate to elect as our next Federal Member for Bowman (Redlands).

When a sitting member of parliament is seeking re-election, their performance ‘on the job’ can be assessed as part of the voters decision making process. But we need to find out what they have actually done.

Federal electorate of Bowman

Federal electorate of Bowman

Below you can quickly see what Andrew Laming (Liberal Party) has voted for and against while being in Parliament since 2004.

Information about the voting records of all Federal members of parliament is gathered by volunteers working for the Open Australia Foundation.

It shows how each Federal member of parliament has voted on various issues.

This helps people to participate in the political process on a local, community and national level by better informing them about the actions of their elected representatives.

How Andrew Laming has voted

Local MP Andrew Laming’s voting record.

Voted very strongly for

Voted very strongly against

More information about the election for the seat of Bowman can be found on the Redlands2030 Facebook event:

Federal Election for Bowman

Redlands2030 – 10 June 2016




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22 thoughts on “Does Andrew Laming vote for you?

  1. Seeing the comments by Who the hell do you vote for? about Labor and The Greens having underlying flawed philosophies makes me wonder just how bad the ‘flawed philosophies’ are that you could consider voting for Andrew Laming? He cares for no-one or nothing but himself. It amazes me that he is voted in every time when I hear just how much people dislike this person. For crying out loud people take a good hard look at what Laming has done or hasn’t done over the years and do something for the people, environment and wildlife of our area. Don’t vote for Andrew Laming!

  2. Get rid of the $80 levy on bay island rate payers for the privilege of translink.

  3. Hmmmmm, after reading what Laming has voted “very, very, strongly against” I now have no idea who to vote for in the next federal election? He is pathetic! I can’t believe he voted against the NBN fibre to premises! That is the No1 thing Australia needs!!!! He also has completely dismissed the Koala issue. The only good mark is for voting for increased road funding, the thing that’s strangling the Redlands. Yet I can’t ever vote greens or labor due to their underlying flawed philosophies, no matter who their candidate is, so I seem to have nowhere to go & I don’t believe in donkey voting.

    • I would like to know more information about the philosophies of the Greens that you consider flawed as this feedback is imperative for me to understand as a candidate. A call or email is fine as opposed to online comments. Very interested to listen.

      Brad Scott – Greens Candidate – 0414730106

  4. Has Andrew Laming heard of the Koala Protection Act…put forward to all parties it is intended to be a Federal Act. So when Andrew dismisses Koalas as someone else responsibility …he is wrong. Before it is too late, a Koala Protection Act might work, because nothing else has!

  5. I’m deeply disappointed that none of the wannabe politician actually are committed enough to actually build a profile between the elections. Much less challenge the very incompetent Andrew Laming in his hyperbolic … well BS.
    At the moment his sign are every where promising that he will fix every thing from youth unemployment to dangerous intersections and between.
    The harsh reality is that:
    a. He Can’t ; one person can’t do anything other than make pointless noise at anything that’ll get him in the business oriented local press.
    b. The truth is as a lobbyist one wouldn’t hire him based on his results. So why aren’t the wannabe’s asking him to to explain why all this action and flashing lights but Virtually no actual achievements and to get him justify his position and the bucket of $s he’s paid to Um represent ALL the voters ( something he doesn’t seem inclined to do note his smarmy comments he posts to people he simply classifies as a Labor/Green voter and as such to be ignored , even attempted to put down.
    The problem is not everyone is either a rusted on Green or Labor. Personally I simply want good representation and good secular based government .
    As I’ve said before only a fool thinks he/she knows all the correct answers. The truth has many parents.
    c. as far as the LNP are concerned he’s a safe seat no need to look too closely at the people just to the potential donors.
    d. Frankly his lack of results, inane promises, and lack of real commitment to the job he hasn’t mastered yet ( if ever) as opposed to his ambitions.
    e. In a recent photo op and blur in the local paper he lied either deliberately or through general incompetence ( lack of statistical analysis and surveys)
    His questionnaire demonstrated his absolute lack of understanding of surveys their design, the pit falls, built in bias, (push polling) and the analysis.
    i. The questions weren’t neutral in fact they bordered on push polling ( telling the subject what he wanted them to confirm.
    ii. The fact that it emanated from his office immediately biased the result given anyone who wasn’t a Lamming supporter would either not respond or well lie.
    iii. As someone who understands polls I know there are key check questions that verify the responses. There were none of these in his ‘questionnaire’.
    iv. Then there was the analysis , clearly flawed. It is very very unlikely that given a random survey that the results would be so far out of kilter with the wider community.
    He claimed Marriage equality ( not gay Marriage or do I have to explain to him that gay marriage isn’t being made mandatory but marriage equality is) is 50/50 …. in short BS the state figures are clearly in favour ergo his personal 19th century views are taking preference ( i.e. his career as a LNP politician of the Recalcitrant right over the probable majority of the City.
    Even there he’s on the outer having attacked Abbott and as such neither side will claim him as a potential leader or MP of importance
    v. There are a myriad of other statistical safe guards missing, he in his utter ignorance or a wanton attempt to mislead the people Anyway his survey wasn’t worth the paper we paid for it to be printed and dispersed and the few he got returned. The truth is most of the returned would have come from the ignorant rusted on supporters.
    He should have spent the money having the survey written and conducted by some polster or competent individual.

    Or simply listen and note that the truth can come from extra ordinary ( unexpected sources). Minus his supercilious and disingenuous assumed superiority.
    Good leaders listen and how good they are and is evident , bad ones tell others how good theythink they are and that is evident too.

    • Agree 100% Examinator. I too find his supercilious attitude more than I can bear and have a dreadful desire to …..

      Seeing his smarmy face on so many billboards brings out the worst in me and I can hardly wait till this electioneering is over and he is turfed out!

      His born to rule mentality seems to me to be synonymous with the current round of LNP folk.

      I genuinely cannot understand why anyone would vote for him; not only is his attitude deplorable but he hasn’t done anything for the Redland’s other than apparently back the Mayor to sell every bit of land in the Redlands in the smallest parcel for the biggest price. Or is it also that the Mayor is a closet NLP?

      Have you tried to get out of Cleveland via either route during peak hour. Defies belief.

  6. I for one couldn’t possibly vote for a man whose every position is against the sort of Australia in which I believe; one where pensioners and young people are given a far better deal than under the LNP. I find nothing of merit about Lamings positions and I remember well his opposition to a fair deal for workers at Capalaba Sports Club.

    The LNP simply believes in making each and everyone of us a commodity from which business makes a profit. We are simply the oil for the business machine. How different would it be if business paid workers a genuinely fair wage; imagine how much more these workers would have to go around. Their prosperity becomes businesses prosperity. Cut the wages and conditions of workers results in cuts to the prosperity of businesses.

    Imagine a better world in which pensioners actually had a little spare cash to go out for a meal and how good that would be for the local businesses. I find it amazing that businesses and conservative governments don’t realise that simply fact. I remember well when Newman came into power and the number of businesses that shut their doors and the number of vacant car parks in the city. It had the look and feel of a ghost town. All because the LNP thought it a wise move to sack possibly 20,000 people that accounted for about 14,000 full time positions.

    Every time I think of Laming I instantly think of his mate in the Newman government with the long suffering wife; the one who was the then state Redlands LNP member from Victoria Point who was named by the media as Pete the Plonker Dowling given his propensity to have photographs taken of his private parts in a glass [or a half] of red wine!

    A great image [NOT]!

  7. Noting the references to the Koala Fun Run…this year it was a fundraiser for Redland Hospital and the SES, but still has the Koala name for awareness raising.
    You should know that Andrew Laming pitched up for the event, didn’t register or pay an entry fee, but ran anyway. He claimed that he wasn’t ‘racing’ but ‘pacing’ so that others could get a personal best!!! By running unregistered he put both himself and the event organisers at risk.
    Take this into account next time you see a sign claiming he is “Helping” Redland Hospital

    • Andrew, Oh that is so typical, Mr Laming would come to most functions late after the people at the front desk collecting the entrance fee had left, sit and eat a meal and then leave before the event was over. Not bad for someone on $180,000. Mr Laming helps himself as a first priority. Good luck for your fundraising for the Redland Hospital

  8. Has Andrew Lamming discussed or considered introducing a bill for the Australia Card for all Australians as a means of identification for voting and other important security ID needs.

  9. Read what you said Toni about a Koala Fun Run that Federal Member for Bowman Andrew Laming participates in each year. Why! When as you say he does not support the preservation of our koalas but instead it seems supports Mayor and powerful, wealthy developers in bringing about their extinction. If he cared, he would alert Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to 80% of our koala population extinct and see to it that the $12 million to save our remaining koalas is spent on habitat sanctuaries instead of yet more useless expert panels wasting precious time in talkfests…otherwise it would benefit the Redlands community if Mr Laming moved on. Noted in recent handouts of Federal funds a sizeable amount was provided to local ‘flower farms’… which would please Mayor’s family member/s who have a successful business in Alexandra Hills after having sold a sizeable area of the farm to Mr Fiteni where 2 doz or so houses are being built. This prolific wealthy builder leaves nothing of the natural environment on completion as I have sad memories of how a cluster of tall majestic koala food trees end Ingham St Alex Hills were transformed into a cluster of wall to wall houses decimating the local koala population having seen Mr Fiteni on site to my dismay. Mr Laming must never again attend a Koala Fun Run….he may like to start a new run naming some other pet charity he and followers support in my view.

  10. I have fished, swum, boated, dived and explored our beautiful Moreton Bay for sixty years and it has never been cleaner and in better condition than it is now! Is it perfect or good of as it was fifty years ago? Of course not! But people have learnt and whilst a minority still chuck their rubbish into it, it is pretty rare to come across plastic bags floating about …… a couple maybe but not many!

    Go back twenty years or do and it was awash with plastic bags, bottles and all kinds of junk!

    I live in the Councils “Milch Cow” of Raby Bay and it is a greatest marine life nursery in the Bay. Every type of local fish breeds here and the canals swarm with young fish, marine growth and crustaceans!

    So the LOCAL plastic bag issue is being addressed very satisfactorily, elsewhere in the world it is a disaster but around here and generally speaking in Australia we are doing a pretty good job!

    Not much more Andrew Laming can other than remain as our watchdog!

  11. Have noted Federal Member for Bowman Andrew Laming is strongly against increasing marine conservation. How does he feel about for example, plastic bags/products with an increasing population, floating in the Bay killing our turtles with Good Samaritans in our community forever extracting fish hooks etc out of beaks of shorebirds…pelicans?.
    Mr Laming votes very strongly for ‘gas mining’… does this mean he approves of coal seam gas mining? Linc mining near Chinchilla has through use of deadly chemicals, one being benzene, poisoned ground water that has rendered farmland useless for growing crops. This has led to farmer there killing himself. Soil is poisoned to where no further farming can take place and now in hands of State government bodies.
    How strongly does Mr Laming feel about conservation of our remaining koala populations in SEQ specifically in his Bowman area where as I write, bushland trees are crashing down. In today’s CM June 11, 2016, Env Min Steven Miles says and I quote: “State govt is taking considerable steps to stop decline of the Q’ld koala! .and our ‘considerable’ investment in koala research (all done Mr Miles) programs & land management? (Redlands excluded) have been specifically crafted to halt this decline.” Crafted to halt the decline Mr Miles, yes sure…and I believe in the tooth fairy.

  12. For 3 years I published and printed papers in the Redlands. Bay Island News (5,000) Redland City News (80,000) DOTS (3200). In all that time I was NEVER political,in any way. I despise those who are unelected and use their media power (eg The Friendly Bay Islander) for their own political purposes.
    I am not yet in a position to restart any publications, due to health reasons. However, If and when I do, I have been lies to and (I believe) intimidated by local Councillor, lied to by State member, and if these claims are true misled by Federal member.
    Not a good record.
    No more ‘free’ political columns from our representatives.
    From now on, I will be ‘political’.

  13. Adelia, one of our best opportunities is in the Federal Government hands to protect our Koala population. Deb Tabart from Australian Koala Foundation has been trying to get the Federal Government to change the listing for Koalas from Vulnerable to Endangered, she has been working on this for over 10 years and nothing has changed. Sadly many developers donate to the Federal Members also. Laming will sit on his hands as I don’t think he has any real concept of the role of a federal member he is more interested in interfering into Local and State issues. It is shameful that he thinks by going in the Koala Fun Run he has done his bit, this year the Koala Fun was not even raising funds for koalas but other charities.
    Laming needs a changed in career, it is time for new blood, someone who is going to act like a real Federal Member instead of a Clown

  14. The Greens are very committed to protecting our unique biodiversity as well as policies for a strong, clean economy. We need to save our Koalas and we have pledged funding and a plan to do this (see Protecting our Wildlife). Our fully funded initiatives are all available here:

    You know in advance how we will vote and it always matches with what we say.

    • To be fair your candidacy is a bit like a short cycle water frog.
      You disappear never to be heard from between elections .

      • As opposed to the sitting member who we are all pay to be there full time. I have to work between and during campaigns and fund most of my own campaign. I don’t complain about this as democracy to me is very important but you could cut all the other candidates a break when you complain about not seeing them around much between elections. Look at the policies and vote for what you like.

  15. For once I am saying NO – Andrew Laming MP does not vote for you or me. He votes for the ideology the Liberal Party of Australia is adopting through its ‘think tank’ The Institute of Public Affairs. In 2012, the IPA published “Seventy-Five Radical Ideas to Transform Australia”. If you value Medicare, affordable University degrees, our ABC and SBS and CSIRO, new technologies (like electric cars) renewable clean energies – It’s Time to say NO to the LNP government because it is ripping away its citizens’ rights and opportunities. It’s ‘Plan’ is the ideology of the IPA. It refuses to hear advice from experts (like scientists!) to generate a future for our Youth. If you, like me, fear the mediocre future Australia is plummeting towards, seek the truths before you vote.

  16. on 18 May Laming wrote to me saying he did not want to talk to me about what he was doing to save the koalas of Bowman. This was his full reply “Thanks Adelia, It’s always tempting when State Govt and Council aren’t doing what you want, to come to me around Election time. If you have a question about federal policy which doesn’t involve any of the areas you mention, I will be delighted to assist. andrew”
    I asked him about the koalas or Redlands and what he and his government planned to do now the official report listed koalas as severely endangered and possibly extinction in the wild? I asked him to reply with sentences that had action words in them.
    The frustrating thing is I contacted him after he emailed me his “Redlands weekly wrap” telling me he had completed the Koala fun run because it was a worthwhile charity. I haven’t had another wrap.

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