Weinam Creek parking problems

Weinam Creek parking problems have bedeviled Redland City Council for years.

A recent Redland City Council announcement suggests some progress but it’s not clear how much it will cost to use the planned multi-storey car park and when it may open for business.

Weinam Creek PDA

In 2013, at the request of Redland City Council, this area was included in a State Government priority development area (PDA).

For a few years, Walker Group was the preferred partner. Seemingly, the opportunity didn’t tickle their fancy, so they withdrew.

Since 2018, this has been a Redland City Council show, funded by ratepayers.

Redland City Council decisions

Weinam Creek parking problems being discussed at Redland City Council meeting on 13 December 2023.
Redland Council discussed Weinam Creek parking at its meeting on 13 December 2023 (time 37:30)

Following an expression of interest (EOI) process, the Council decided on 13 December 2023 to select a preferred proponent” to deliver a multi-storey car park and retail precinct at Weinam Creek.

The approved arrangement was for the Council’s property company (Redland Investment Corporation) to enter into a non-binding memorandum of understanding with the preferred proponent.

Councillors were advised that the following principles will be used in the negotiation and award of future commercial and development contractual arrangements at the Weinam Creek PDA:

  • All components of the project shall endeavour to be self-funding operationally to minimise costs to Council and community, without the need for significant future or ongoing subsidies or Community Service Obligations. This includes but is not limited to ongoing subsidisation of parking.
  • The land – or part thereof – the subject of the current EOI, may be provided to offset the costs of delivering the commuter parking. Any financial value otherwise attributable to that land will be directly applied to a reduction in the operational costs for the commuter parking.
  • The preferred EOI proponent will assist Council in advocacy activities seeking recognition of the critical role in other levels of government to contribute to the costs of delivering the parking element of the project.
  • The process can be terminated by the Redland Investment Corporation at any time should it not feel the development outcomes or resultant commercial arrangements, including future user costs, are not in the best interest of Council or the community.

On 22 February 2024 Redland City Council announced Consolidated Properties Group as the “preferred development partner” to deliver the multi-storey car park and retail precinct within the Weinam Creek (PDA).

Questions about Weinam Creek parking

Mayoral candidate Jos Mitchell has raised questions about Redland City Council’s announcement, calling for more transparency about project staging, temporary arrangements and future costs.

State MP for Redlands Kim Richards (Labor) wants four questions answered:

  • What is the total number of car parking spaces proposed within the current schematic design for the multi-storey car park that will be further developed in the next phase of Detailed Design?
  • What is the project program for the detailed design and construction phases of the multi-storey car park outlined in the Preferred Developer Partner agreement?
  • Will Redland City Council maintain ownership of the multi-storey car park and what is the fee and operating structure proposed for locals to park within it?
  • What are the proposed alternative car parking arrangements during the construction phase for island residents?

Weinam Creek Parking FAQs

In answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” about Weinam Creek parking, the Council has previously said the following.

When will the new multi-level car park be constructed?

Construction of the new multi-level car park and commercial precinct is planned to commence from mid-2025.

How much will it cost to park in the multi-level car park?

A proposed management plan for the multi-storey car park is still being finalised. The car park is proposed to be four-levels high and a mix of long-term paid, short-term and disability parking. It will also have provision for car sharing spots, electric charging bays and storage facilities for bikes and scooters. It will be sheltered, secure and provide elevator/disability access to the ferry terminal.

Council are conscious that island residents are seeking clarity on the future cost. We will provide that as soon as is practical. Keep in mind that construction does not start until 2025 and the results of the EOI also need to be factored. Council needs to ensure the management model is right before committing to costs. Council’s commitment is that the car parking will be charged at an appropriate market rate. We are well aware of the cost implications and the need to keep car parking in the area viable for those who most need it.

Funding and operating model options for the new car park are currently being prepared by Redland Investment Corporation, in conjunction with potential partners, for Council’s consideration. This information will likely be released following results of the EOI.

Calls for State Government funding

Council advocacy for the State Government to fund and deliver park n’ ride infrastructure at Weinam Creek was discussed by Redland City Council at its meeting on 13 December 2024. The Council’s resolutions included:

To continue to advocate for recognition by other levels of government that the proposed Park and Ride facility, supporting public transport services delivered by the Queensland State Government for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and broader Redland Bay area, is not the sole responsibility of Council to deliver and fund.

Draft Redland Housing Strategy

The State Government’s apparent reluctance to fund Weinam Creek parking infrastructure is consistent with its expressed preference to minimise SMBI housing growth.

Action 12 in the State Government’s Draft Redland Housing Strategy is to: “Review the capacity of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands to accommodate additional housing”.

Their rationale is “To recognise the natural hazards and infrastructure limitations of the islands before any additional housing can be supported”.

The Draft Strategy includes the following analysis of SMBI housing growth:

The analysis has estimated that under the current City Plan a proportion of housing growth will occur in the Southern Moreton Bay Islands with an identified ability to provide approximately an additional 1,600 dwellings. The Islands can’t be relied on to contribute to the housing growth for Redland, considering the existing environmental risks as well as limited access to services in comparison to the mainland. This draft Strategy recognises the need to ensure that any additional growth on the islands is underpinned by strong up-to-date evidence of the islands’ capacity to accommodate growth safely and sustainably. This draft Strategy recognises the planning context for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and North Stradbroke, however where possible, alternative locations on the mainland should be considered to encourage the growth modelled away from the islands.

Redlands2030 – 28 February 2024

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