Toondah Alliance calls for State Government to fix the port

Following the Federal Environment Minister’s decision to protect Ramsar wetlands, the Toondah Alliance is calling on the State Government to revoke the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area.

A petition to Queensland Parliament is calling for the following actions:

  • revoke the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area (PDA);
  • investigate options for upgrading the Toondah Harbour ferry terminal in conjunction with existing plans to upgrade facilities at Dunwich;
  • ask the Queensland Heritage Council to consider listing G.J. Walter Park (next to Toondah Harbor) in the Queensland Heritage Register; and
  • Amend the Economic Development Act 2012 to ensure that Ramsar wetlands and other protected places are not included in priority development areas.

This petition can be signed by any Queensland resident:

Petition supported by the Toondah Alliance
Link to petition to Revoke the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area

Toondah Alliance writes to all Queensland State MPS

The following letter was sent recently to all members of the Queensland Parliament.

Revocation of the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area

As chair of the Toondah Alliance, I seek your support in having the Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area (PDA) revoked, to facilitate better community-based development planning around the Toondah Harbour ferry terminal which is the gateway to North Stradbroke Island (also known as Minjerribah, Terangeri or Straddie).

The Toondah Harbour PDA was declared by the State Government in 2013, at the request of Redland City Council. The total area of this PDA is 67.4 hectares which includes 49.5 hectares of marine and tidal environments. Importantly, 42 hectares (62.3%) of the Toondah Harbour PDA is situated within the Moreton Bay Ramsar site. This Ramsar site, which covers a large part of Moreton Bay, was declared in 1993 at the request of the Queensland Government.

Walker Group (Walker) was selected in 2014 as preferred developer for the Toondah Harbour PDA by the State Government and Redland City Council. In late 2015, Walker revealed expanded plans for construction of 3,600 apartments, mostly on dredge spoil which it planned to use to “fill in” the wetlands within the Toondah Harbour PDA. Walker then commenced the process of seeking Federal environmental approvals under the EPBC Act.

Walker’s Toondah Harbour plans attracted massive and sustained community opposition for many reasons, including unacceptable environmental and social impacts. Walker’s Draft EIS attracted more than 26,000 submissions with 86% opposing the proposed development.

On 9 April 2024, the Federal Environment Minister announced that she proposed to refuse Walker’s Toondah Harbor application because of its unacceptable impacts on Ramsar wetlands, migratory shorebirds, and migratory species. Subsequently, Walker announced on 18 April 2024 that it was withdrawing its Toondah Harbour plans from EPBC assessment.

These significant decisions mean that a new approach is required, to define suitable plans for development in this sensitive coastal area. Planning should now focus on ensuring that the ferry terminal is upgraded to a standard suitable for Straddie’s residents and its many visitors, while avoiding any adverse impacts on wetlands and koala habitat within or near to the PDA.

The community will expect these activities to be planned and implemented with a high level of transparency and genuine community engagement. We are asking that the state government take prompt action to revoke the Toondah Harbour PDA.  Will you please support our request for revocation of the Toondah Harbour PDA?

We look forward to your response.

Kind regards

Judith Hoyle

The Toondah Alliance includes: ACF Community Bayside, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Birdlife Southern Queensland, Koala Action Group, Queensland Wader Study Group, Redlands2030, Stradbroke (Terangeri) Environmental and Cultural Protection Society.

Redlands2030 – 26 May 2024

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