Council to decide position on Redland Whitewater Centre on Wednesday

Secretive plans for the proposed Redland Whitewater Centre at Birkdale, which could become a long-term burden for long suffering Redlands ratepayers, will be discussed at a local Council meeting on Wednesday.

At a General Meeting on Wednesday, the recently-elected Councillors will be asked to affirm Council’s ongoing support for this highly contentious Olympic venue, initiated by the previous Council and proposed to be built on the Birkdale Community Precinct. 

The proposed Redland Whitewater Centre is unpopular with the community because it is likely to be a long-term financial burden on Redland ratepayers; because the previous Council pursued this project without asking the people of the Redlands, without transparency, and without genuine community engagement; and because the far-reaching environmental impacts of the proposed project have not been adequately identified, assessed and considered.

This will be a challenging, complex and pivotal decision by this new Council, yet the community is in the dark about how much the new Council knows. There is a ‘contractual obligation of confidence’ in place, information can’t be released and Councillors aren’t allowed to talk about it. 

Given these shocking circumstances, our alliance of concerned Redlands community organisations has taken the unprecedented step of providing a comprehensive Briefing Paper to the Mayor and all Councillors, in advance of Wednesday’s General Meeting. 

In twenty-one Key Messages, the Briefing Paper provides the facts, the science, and the understandingalready widely held in the community about the proposed Whitewater Centre.

The Briefing Paper highlights that:

  • The previous Council committed land within the Birkdale Precinct to the 2032 Olympic Games for a Whitewater Centre without asking the people of the Redlands, and well before any community consultation began. 
  • There appears to be no evidence that the proposed Redland Whitewater Centre would be financially viable; neither the Project Validation Report, nor the State Government’s own Gateway Review of the Whitewater Project, have been done. The last six Olympic Whitewater Centres are either abandoned or subsidised.
  • Given the significant environmental concerns, including impacts on koalas, Council must refer the proposed Redlands Whitewater Centre project to the Federal Government for assessment under the Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC).

With the Briefing Paper to hand, our new Council will be able to make a better-informed assessment.  We trust that like the Redlands community they represent, they will reject the proposed Redlands Olympic Whitewater Centre, and bring this unfortunate saga to its rightful end.

Lavinia Wood
Community Alliance for Responsible Planning (CARP) Redlands Inc

on behalf of an alliance of concerned community organisations:

  • Birkdale Progress Association Inc
  • Redlands2030 Inc
  • Community Alliance for Responsible Planning (CARP) Redlands Inc
  • Koala Action Group Queensland Inc
  • ACF Community Bayside
  • Wildlife Preservation Society Queensland Inc (Bayside Branch)

Briefing Paper – Redland Whitewater Centre

Here is the briefing paper that CARP has circulated to Redland City Councillors.

Officers’ report – Redland Whitewater Centre

Item 14.1 of the agenda for the Council Meeting on Wednesday 15 May includes an officers’ report recommending that Council affirm its support for the whitewater centre.

Attached to the officers report is a draft letter proposed to be from the CEO to Premier Steven Miles. This proposed letter is intended to express continued support by Council for the Redland Whitewater Centre.

Clearly, this is not what the community wants.

So Redlands2030 has drafted an alternative letter (the Better Letter) which would say to Premier Steven Miles that the Council no longer supports the Redland Whitewater Centre as the Canoe Slalom event venue for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics.

Here is the Better Letter.

Have Your Say Now

If you want to let Redland City’s Mayor and councillors know what you think about the Council’s proposal for a Redland Whitewater Centre, here are their contact details:

MayorJos 3829 8623
Div. 1Wendy 0408 543 583
Div. 2Peter 3829 8623
Div. 3Paul 3829 8999
Div. 4Lance 880 371
Div. 5Shane 3829 8604
Div. 6Julie 218 847
Div. 7 Rowanne 000 034
Div. 8Tracey 734 214
Div. 9 Jason 017 628
Div. 10Paul 836 286

If you want to let the Premier know what you think about the proposed Redland Whitewater Centre, send your email to:

Redlands2030 – 12 May 2024

6 thoughts on “Council to decide position on Redland Whitewater Centre on Wednesday”

  1. Excellent & comprehensive report. Depressing news again for Redlands. Hope this new council can be more transparent and hopefully start reducing rates.

  2. Brendon Charles Donohue

    This is a destructive environmental project and it should be scrapped immediately. The community does not want this project in their back yard!

  3. This was a ridiculous structure to be built in the Redlands from the very start, it would be an ongoing upkee which the rate payers would have to donate for decades with the facilities rarely if ever used again. The past Council never even considered the rate payers at all. Redlands Council is by far more expensive on rates than the City Council? Enough of the Redlands wildlife have almost completely disappeared, the sugar gliders were numerous in the area where the Redland Hospital now stands, the koala corridors forgotten bulldozed and housing developments were constructed, we have unique beautiful creatures in Australia and Redlands area was a main area for them to thrive to survive but mainly through greed in the past 20 years this beautiful area for wildlife has been almost destroyed. Please scrap this water rea and return the land for our nature lovers and for our own beautiful unique creatures to have a safe place to call their home. Pamela Hoy.

  4. I hope RCC show some commonsense and cancel this project completely. Some ratepayers even seem to see it as some kind of ‘vanity’ project,

    The role of Local Councils is to provide..well… local services such as water, general waste disposal, sewage treatment plants and its eventual discharge, local road maintenance, help fund a variety of emergency services,, maintain parks and public areas that can be accessed by many and helps build a degree of social cohesion by having picnic and child playground areas, walks through native bushland and various other community services of general benefit to lower income and the elderly particularly, but also to the rest of the community

    In addition, an increasing number of ratepayers are now experiencing growing financial pressures from a multitude of sources and causes, Those pressures look set to continue and also worsen in the near future.

    It seems to me that RCC needs to carefully reconsider what it’s spending priorities both now and in the future should be.

    There are lots of other pressing demands on all of Federal, State, and Local Council government resources at this present time.

  5. I believe this project to be a complete waist of tax payers money. I do hope the new members Council do not decide to go ahead without the Redlands residents & Tax payers have their say. I say bring on a vote. I say NO

  6. I hope the newly elected council shall listen to the people of Redlands and not commit to this Whitewater centre as it shall be detrimental to the natural habitat of Birkdale, an expense to the ratepayers and a waste of our precious water.Please spend council money wisely for the community.

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