Toondah questions raised in letters

Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area
Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area

As Queensland starts to count down to the next local council elections in March 2020, and State Government elections later in the year, questions are mounting about transparency of decision making about Toondah Harbour.

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Toondah accountability questioned

As a resident of Cleveland Point, I am dismayed by the stupidity of the Toondah project. I am also dismayed by other matters relating to Jacki Trad, her lack of any form on the questions of accountability.

Jackie Trad and Mayor Karen Williams at the Toondah Harbour announcement - photo by Chris McCormack, Redland City Bulletin
Jackie Trad and Karen Williams at the Toondah Harbour announcement – photo by Chris McCormack, Redland City Bulletin

On Toondah, I have no faith that the Federal Government will make a decision based on science, community expectations or the public interest. Why? Because in my mind there is no doubt that political donations come with strings attached.

I remain impressed by efforts of Redlands2030 to hold politicians accountable. I am also pleased to see the national environmental organisations involved in the battle as was evident at the Welcome Back Shorebirds event last month. It was a great day and credit to all and, by the way, it was an enjoyable community get together.

I am however dismayed that the volunteer sector is expected to take the fight up to Council, State and Federal governments and a deep pocketed, developer.

While I am dismayed at the situation, I am do hope that Redlands2030 keep up the pressure.

The latest call by Redlands2030 for Council to “reveal the deal” goes to the heart of how poorly Redlands Council and its elected councillors are serving the community.


Come on Council: reveal the deal

The public is not able to attend ‘closed sessions’ of Redland City Council meetings

Myself and I suspect a majority of Redlands ratepayers are fed up with the deceitful way that the previous and current RCC conduct business.

Never before have so many Council meetings been held in secret with public excluded.

The most blatant example of disregard for ratepayers was the closed door Council meeting held just before Christmas 2015 where it was voted six to four for then CEO to sign two “In Commercial Confidence” agreements with Walker Corp for exclusive development rights to public land in protected Morton Bay (Ramsar as well as Moreton Bay Marine Park), G.J. Walter Park and surrounding foreshore. 

The pathetic attempt at public consultation was deplorable, disclosing only a tiny fraction of what Walker Corp actually intends to build. 

The RCC also gave away the public carpark at rear of Cleveland Library without any public consultation, for the failed Chefs Inc project.

Pretty good record of failures so far!

With Local Government elections due on 28 March 2020 it is time for RCC/RIC to come clean on the secret agreements (binding on RCC not Walker Corp) so Redlands ratepayers can make a fully informed decision on who should run for Mayor & represent them in their Division.

I am a concerned citizen and ratepayer since 1980.


Is the ALP Splitting over Toondah?

Planning Minister Cameron Dick - failing to answer questions about Toondah
Planning Minister Cameron Dick – failing to answer questions about Toondah

Rumours from inside the ALP are that it is close to a split over the Toondah PDA debacle.

Jackie Trad’s integrity looks shot to pieces on Toondah alone, it is her creation as far as Labor is concerned.

Toondah breaches Labor policies at both State and Federal Levels (which require Labor to respect Ramsar wetlands and the Ramsar Convention) and trashes the legacy of former premier Wayne Goss .

Toondah was opposed by the Labor opposition until 2015. But on coming to power the ALP embraced the Toondah PDA, and increased the developers’ yield by 450%. The reasons were never disclosed.

Further, the Toondah decisions trashed Labor’s previous reputation for protecting the Moreton Bay wetlands through the inclusion of these areas in the Moreton Bay Ramsar site in 1993.

If Labor wants to win the 2020 State election, it should dump Jackie Trad and the Toondah PDA. One suspects the electorate of South Brisbane may well decide enough is enough and not vote for the Deputy Premier in which case…the job will be half done. The other half is the current Minister for Planning, his response to the questions about the legal costs of keeping the Toondah deal secret was “pathetic”.


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Redlands2030 – 11 October 2019

0 thoughts on “Toondah questions raised in letters”

  1. I agree, State Labor and the RCC both require flushing, the sooner the better, But, who do we replace them with? This Toondah project is right up the ally of the sniveling LNP.

    Both the ALP and LNP are all for a resource sucking over populated big Australia. Forget climate change, over population is by far the biggest danger our planet faces.

    If there’s any way to drain the swamp of these failed thinking oxygen bandits, lets find it now!

    1. Ray, you hit the ‘nail on the head;, over development lead by ever increasing population growth is the issue. Unfortunately our politicians at all levels are being lead by economists who are still preaching economic growth as the solution, despite the overseas evidence of major social and environmental damage. You only have to view the news from overseas to understand that an ever increasing population is not sustainable, but because of Australia’s perceived wealth, currently still driven by mining resources, many of us continue to believe that the social and environmental impacts won’t be that bad or are being managed. Until we accept that unchecked economic growth (based on an unmanaged population policy) is a measure of unsustainabilty for social and environmental outcomes we will continue to bury our head in the sand and get the same outcomes in the future as overseas countries are getting right now.

      1. So true Greg, our unsustainable artificial population growth driven by excessive migration and championed by both major political parties is having a huge detrimental effect on this country, you just can’t double your population in 30 years and not expect reduced livability.

        Both Sydney and Melbourne are already at a point of unlivable saturation, with undelivered infrastructure and governments broke and borrowed to the hilt as they chase the cats tail.

        I remember John Howard assuring us that a big Australia was necessary to provide all the nation building projects and benefits required by a country such as ours, he couldn’t have been more wrong, a big Australia has failed to deliver.

        Brisbane is surely heading in the same direction, and the more our cities grow, the more agricultural and habitat land they soak up, we only need to see what’s going on in the Redlands to appreciate the problem.

        Of course, there are those who disagree, a minority really, many of whom being of higher income, higher education and self appointed higher morals, and predominantly living uninformed lives in the inner suburbs of our cities as they virtue signal to the masses.

    2. I’ve struggled for years trying to find a way to change the status quo, as there are many people, maybe even the majority, who can see the writing is on the wall for Australia in terms of social, environmental and economic decline on the horizon.mining resources being our only saviour.
      I’ve joined the dicksmithfairgo campaign hoping that this might eventually make a difference. I can’t afford to run another campaign for Mayor but I was greatly encouraged to get 45% of the total vote, which must mean a lot of people in the Redlands want to see a better and more sustainable political direction.

  2. The Redland City Council has let the residents and the environment down badly over the last five years despite some councillors trying to do the right thing by the residents. We need sustainable, appropriate development rather than the ill conceived plans that are currently being put forward by developers and signed in secret deals. This is the future of the Redlands we are talking about.

  3. Redlands2030 won the battle to have the disputed documents released under FOI. Why can’t the documents be released without further interference from Council and other players? What are the documents hiding, that Council would go such lengths to keep them secret?

  4. At last local government election, Greg Underwood received 45% of the vote for Mayor of Redland City Council which is surprising due to the fact residents in my neck of the woods in Capalaba had never heard of him. There were no signs to be seen roadside…no one knew who if anyone was running against the sitting mayor. Local resident said there had been a sign of Greg attached to a tree on Ney Road found in pieces next morning. Residents in aged care home in Birkdale wanted to know who was running against the mayor, asking what did he look like? Meeting was arranged at a home in Thorneside with area councillor in attendance that went well, but unfortunately roadsides along Old Cleveland Road East Birkdale through to Wellington Point, each time I drove the route, were devoid of Greg Underwood signs. On day of election, Alex Hills School entry to voting also had no Greg Underwood sign….so it seemed a one-sided local government election to many Redlanders….that prompted Griffith University’s Prof Paul Williams… who writes on political issues in the Courier Mail… to comment: “Redlands was the dirtiest and grubbiest election campaign I’ve ever seen, due to sign stealing”. Blind Freddy would have seen our Federal Member for Bowman Andrew Laming’s signs at the most recent election in Redlands. While driving to Thornlands and Cleveland, only saw one or two of ALP candidate, while I passed it seemed dozens of incumbent’s LNP signs. What surprises will we, the people of Redland City, be seeing at the next local government election in March 2020? It is to be hoped there will be change that brings about transparency, accountability, ratepayers are entitled to who pay generous salaries to our elected representatives.

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