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Let us know if you have questions, photos, 'Letters to the Editor' or information to share.


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Donate Now!!

Donate by Card, EFT or cheque. Help us save the Redlands.



Direct bank deposit:
NAME : Redlands2030 Inc.
BSB : 633000
ACCOUNT : 154281802
NAME : Redlands2030 Inc.
Mail to: 104 Channel St,
Cleveland 4163

18 thoughts on “Have Your Say”

    1. Congratulations to the people who organised the Mother’s Day march. I couldn’t go so thanks to those who did. Toondah will go down as the most arrogant “up yours” from RCC to the ratepayers of Redland City.

  1. Koala habitat trees on Redland City Council land approved for removal for a TV game show at Thornlands? When koalas are struggling for survival this is an unconscionable act by Council.

  2. I’m not sure if “lamo” is arrogant , dumb, insensitive or all of the afore mentioned! Apparently he is .offering a weekend in HIS luxury holiday home at the sunshine coast if your car is photographed and published in the RBT with his “Lammo” sticker. Like every thing this individual does he does half thought through and with himself in mind and to hell with the rest of us. Clearly he is unaware that MOST of us ‘plebs’ have neither a ‘holiday house’ nor are we traveling all that well in this…..um Pandemic.
    As I said in a letter the RB unpublished. I have a aging mother in a home who is on palliative care who due to circumstances and lock downs I have seen for 20 minutes in the last 3 month. She is both very frail and her life giving pacemaker is well past it’s useby date. She would not survive either the operation to change the battery or when it finally stops working. That could happen at ANY time now.
    Growing up she was my only support and I would dearly love to be there to comfort her. However, I’m damned if I’ll potentially risk the family members of the other 150 family members by being so self interested to make a song and a dance like the Liberal & National (snigger) Party are doing over that PHOTOGENIC young woman’s emotional outburst.
    Offering A holiday home is fine ( even if it’s his…unspoken). But by mentioning it’s HIS holiday home he is effect telling us that he’s rich and doing well and he doesn’t care (nah nah nah!).
    How times have changed, when politician were like us or at least pretended to be. What’s most bizarre it that he claims it’s the left who are class conscious, envious of them ?? I don’t envy his indifference to the less well off.

  3. I’m concerned that we’re only focussing on disruption and stopping projects that provide a progressive outlook and benefits to the Redlands. I’m keen to ensure the residents are heard (having been a Cleveland resident for over 30 years) and we’re given the opportunity to speak out but I also think theres a lot of change that can happen to Celveland to improve facilities and make it a destintaiton hub for the wider area. I dont want to see a blanket to all proposals, lets keep an open mind and work within the boundaries to see what we can do to encourage growth and future improvements.

    1. It won’t be a destination hub it will be a thoroughfare to Minjerribah (North Stradbroke) that will destroy marine life and birds, all of
      which are apparently protected under the
      Ramdar Convention. Growth and future are not the homely concerns of any developer.

    2. As a resident since the 1970’s i think the time to stop development was long past. Instead we need to focus on balanced growth upwards. Its time to develop old Cleveland road and Finucane rd. allowing 6 stories plus in what will be an Olympic city soon enough. No point building 3-4 stories now when we later will need 10-20. Think 20 years ahead and build now. Parking basements, Shops on the ground, offices levels 2-4 and units above with view to the bay and city. Rooftop pools and bars… lets make the Redlands the gem of southeast QLD by doing it right and with class. Not cheap unit blocks but large designer units that maintain the Redlands as premium.

  4. It will be interesting to see, in the unlikely event that RCC, Qld Government or the Federal Government receive & take notice of an unbiased EIS & are not swayed by the generous political donations by the Walker Corp & have the backbone & political will to, at the very least, severely modify the project, what financial penalties the Courts may impose on the above entities? We are still waiting to see the “confidential” submissions & proposals after 12 months or more of wrangling under the so-called “Freedom of Information” legislation, so really have little idea, except for obscure “artists impressions”, of what we will have inflicted on us at Toondah Harbour. As tax & rate payers, we demand better from our political masters!

  5. RCC is about as open as the Chinese communist party. Councillors are supposed to represent the people because we could not accommodate the whole population at a meeting, which was the original concept for councils and parliaments! Long forgotten by those with secret agendas.

    On the subject of looking out for the aged, what rot! When I pulled up in what turned out to be a no stand zone 45 seconds to pick up my 80++ partner with a dodgy hip undergoing treatment (explanation tendered) answer you broke the law. My response. Wait till you get old. So I detect no empathy in this administration.

  6. Democracy inaction?

    Given the inexplicable logic that seems to be bandied around about the mystical benefits of Toondah, it seems worth noting that those claimants to have a religious persuasion should refer to the ‘good book’ for guidance.

    In the King James Version 1 Timothy 6:10: ‘For the love of money is the root of all of evil’.

    Local people, who will end up paying for the so called ‘benefits’ of building 3,600 units in the middle of a potential disaster in the middle of Moreton Bay, should in reality consider who will be left to fund the required infrastructure. Conversely, those who are and have been publicly and vociferously supporting the Toondah proposal, clearly expect to walk away with ill gotten but much anticipated gains.

  7. Have you noticed the “daggy’ Welcome to Cleveland sign outside the former Big Mushroom? Well I would like to make a suggestion to fix this for very little Ratepayers Money.
    1. Open this up to local schools to design a new sign, make it a competition.
    2. Give it to a local Mens Shed to produce.
    3. Council would fix it in place

    With the Olympics coming up in the future, this would be the first sighting of Cleveland and hopefully something they would remember.

  8. Climate Change?

    Going on the latest Climate Change estimates, residents in their new Toondah Harbour high rise will be able to fish from their Unit windows and search for seaweed at low tide. They won’t be able to commute to the city or visit the metropolitan region as the existing roads will be so congested that only limited local access will be available.

    It’s now time to start planing to compete for the oysters that won’t be there at Oyster Point and the fish that won’t be there where the Bay is dredged.

    Hellooooo…Isn’t anyone in the current State government reading the news?

  9. Climate Change and the rising sea levels

    Given the current climate changes have already affected our weather patterns, started the inevitable melting of polar ice, not to mention disrupting the Earth’s spin, Redland Council and the Queensland State government should now start planning for future estimates to include the huge, logical future ‘Buy Back Schemes’ for those who will be ‘flooded in’ and who were deluded into buying Toondah Units then demand to be ‘bought out’. Clearly they will have an obvious case for compensation since they weren’t warned by the Council and the State government that the proposed sites for 3,600 units are already within the existing waters of the Bay.

    Technical help could however could be requested from the Netherlands government who have for years been building dykes to withstand the encroachment of the North Sea.

    Council ‘By Laws’ will obviously now need to make provision for all High Rise Units to station an obligatory Emergency Evacuation row boat in each basement carpark, for the those residents who wish to do their future shopping on the mainland.

    1. Pure rubbish, i have lived here since the 70’s and the coast line has not moved an inch… nor will it anytime soon. Don’t believe the hype the ice sheet in Antarctica is actually growing.
      Maybe build it 50cm higher and get another 500 years out of it. Bring back the Cleveland jetty while we are at it.

      1. CC is real and coastlines are being reduced or washed away eg, in NZ east coast around Auckland..Moreton bay islands are sheltered from the open sea…go figure …CC deniers are like flat earthers they dont see past their noses.


      2. Just because you don’t see change through your rose-tinted glasses doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. People like you are the reason why things have gotten worse, look at the world and see what we as a species are doing to it.

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