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My name is Ngareta and I live and work in Capalaba. I want to talk about Coolnwynpin Creek Boardwalk which is also known as the Dan Street Boardwalk.

These photos are from Monday the 27th May. Along with the boardwalk, there are a group of Wood ducks, Great egret and Little pied cormorant. Two days later, on 29th May, Council removed this boardwalk.

Coolwynpin Creek Boardwalk
Birdlife viewed from the Coolnwynpin Creek Boardwalk on 27 May – Photo: Ngareta Cassidy

I have spoken to neighbours, staff at work and others while leaflet dropping. The people I have spoken too, some with really fond recollections of this boardwalk, had no idea it was being removed but thought it was closed for repairs.

I guess it doesn’t help that there was no advertising online that this was happening. There was only a barricade with a notice about “Closure of the Dan Street Boardwalk” at the Old Cleveland Road access which is next to the United Chemist. And there was one Council sign at the Moreton Bay Road access point. Even Google Maps has nothing about it, while other reserves in the Redlands have the temporarily closed banner in red.

Some staff members used this boardwalk to ride or walk to work. Every-time I had been there myself, I immediately felt lighter and happier. The walk was 600 metres of lush forest and was one of a kind at least anywhere near the Capalaba CBD.

One of the reasons that made this area so special was the height of the boardwalk and ability to see the creek.…it really was an oasis in a densely populated area.

I emailed my local councillor Tracey Huges with photos from my Monday walk and asked how can you go about getting it fixed as it seemed to me there was damage but it was unique and worthwhile keeping.

The response I got was unhelpful to say the least. She mentioned end of asset life but also in the same breath the homeless folk that don’t want help, poor behaviour, vandalism, Council having to clean it all up and complaints.

If these were the combining issues that led to Council’s decision, why hadn’t issues been sorted out earlier? Is it not a councillor’s job to look after their area, fix issues, work with other departments if necessary.…not just disparage the place or play favourites?

I must have been born under a bad sign because pretty quickly the Council’s workers and chainsaws turned up. So in the end there was no avenue to save it. Because of this interaction with Cr Huges, I hold very real concerns that this is part of a Council cost cutting measure and the area will be left completely abandoned. 

There are a minimum of 5 different types of waterbirds at Coolnwynpin Creek Boardwalk, that’s not including arboreal birds in the trees, multiple butterflies, variety of beetles and eastern water dragons. It is listed with Redland City Council as an established wildlife corridor and community purpose land.  It’s a shame that the community now don’t have access to this.

Looking to the future, with the possibility of Bunnings moving across the road and with this already being a heavily developed area, it’s really important to keep and look after these small pockets of nature.

So if you see the beauty and value of this green space as I do, please have your say – sign and share the petition to reinstall Coolnwynpin Creek Boardwalk.

Ngareta Cassidy

Coolnwynpin Creek Boardwalk shown in yellow – Image: Redland City Council Red-e-Map June 2024

Published by Redlands2030 – 18 June 2024

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