Capalaba Sports Club seeks approval for multi-story car park

Capalaba Sports Club is seeking approval to replace one of its three bowling greens with a multi-storey car park.

The impact assessable development application has been advertised for public consultation until 19 July 2024.

At present the Club has 183 car parks to serve members, visitors and 30-50 staff. The proposed development will take the Club’s total number of car parks to 379 which will exceed the City Plan’s minimum requirement of 234 spaces.

Development of 196 additional car parks is expected to happen in three stages, according to the Club’s Planning Report:

  • Stage 1: removal of existing Bowling Green 1 and construction of an at-grade parking
    area in its place, including landscaping within the carpark and along the street frontage
    to Ney Road;
  • Stage 2: demolition of the on-grade carpark, construction of a new ground level built
    up 1.325m above the adjacent Club ground floor level, and the construction of the Level
    1 car park above (with reconfiguration of the Stage 1 parking layout to accommodate
    ramps and landscaping alterations); and
  • Stage 3: construction of the final level of parking above Stage 2.
Car park plans for Capalaba Sports Club
Stage 1 of the proposed new car park

The Town Planning report does not identify any significant environmental constraints, saying:

The proposed development is for extensions located within a previously cleared portion of the site, and accordingly, will not
result in the removal of koala habitat trees.

Traffic impacts are discussed in a report by PTT Traffic and Transport Engineering.

More information about development application MCU18/0224.02 is available on the Redland City Council website.

Site ownership

The site is owned by Redland City Council which makes it available to the Club through a peppercorn lease.

At its general meeting on 25 May 2016 the Council decided to reconfigure its land at Degen Road into three lots including one lot (Lot 3 in the plan) set aside for the Capalaba Sports Club.

Redland City Council has provided owner’s consent for the development application.

Capalaba Sports Club

The Planning Report includes this brief history of the Club:

The ‘Capalaba Lawn Bowls Club’ was established on the site in 1984, and initially comprised a shed, with the first bowling green and clubhouse being constructed in 1986. In 1994, the original club was retitled the ‘Capalaba Sports Club’, and underwent significant renovations including a 220-seat restaurant, 100 gaming machines, entertainment stage, function room, reception lobby, and two bars. The building underwent additional renovations in 2015 and 2020.

Capalaba Sports Club

Redlands2030 – 2 July 2024

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