Building height limits in Cleveland ignored by developers

Two recent development applications show that the building height limits prescribed in the Redland City Plan are not taken seriously.

What is the point of having a City Plan if it is disregarded by developers and the Council?

196-198 Middle Street – next to Stephanie’s Vintage Spa

Plans for 50 apartments at 196-198 Middle Street Cleveland proposed by AFT are advertised for public consultation until 14 June 2024.

The proposed eight storey structure exceeds the maximum height of 22 metres prescribed in the Redland City Plan for this area MDR3 (Precinct 3 in the Medium Density Residential zone).

The developer’s planning report says: “The building form is over a compliant height (22m) having a proposed façade height of 24.624m. The rear building height is 28.429m as the land slopes away from the street”.

The development proposal will require removal of two existing dwellings at 196 and 198 Middle Street. The site next door at 200 Middle Street, currently Stephanie’s Vintage Spa, is on the Redland City Council’s local heritage register.

In response to a request for information issued by the Council, the developer has submitted revised architectural drawings for a development with 48 apartments.

Development application MCU23/0164 is open for public consultation until 14 June 2024.

Documents for this development application can be viewed here.

218-220 Middle Street – site of the Bay Air Motel

increase in building height

An application for approval to increase the height of a planned apartment block at 218-220 Middle Street Cleveland (the Bay Air Motel) is advertised for public consultation.

The developer is Marbex Pty Ltd.

In 2022 the developer obtained approval for a building of eight storeys which exceed the prescribed height under the Redland City Plan.

The application was approved under delegation (not by the full Council). This was unusual.

It is customary in Redlands for division councillors to ‘call in’ development applications which are controversial for a decision by the full council at a general meeting. This proposed development attracted 15 submission.

The project is located in Division 2 and the local councillor is Peter Mitchell.

Now the developer wants approval to add an extra level which will increase the building height from eight to nine stories. This will increase the number of units from 44 to 50.

The developer’s planning report says: “The anticipated (and necessary) yield on appropriately zoned and suitably located land has resulted in a context and circumstance where a development with an overall building height of 9 storeys is highly appropriate”.

This developer’s report highlights that several other developments in this area have gained or are applying for approvals which significantly exceed the maximum heights prescribed in the Redlands City Plan.

Development Application is open for public consultation until 7 June 2024.

Documents for this development application (number MCU22/0052.2) can be viewed on the Council website here.

You can also view the documents relating to the original (2022) development application MCU22/0052.

Further reading

Some years ago the proliferation of apartment blocks in this part of Cleveland was discussed by Brian Whitelaw in this story published by Redlands2030:

Cleveland – it’s now Builders Paradise

Redlands2030 – 24 May 2024

3 thoughts on “Building height limits in Cleveland ignored by developers”

  1. Dr Dennis Tafe

    It is obvious that Redland City Council has ignored the height restrictions on a number of buildings and the Council appears to simply agree with developers who break the height limits which have been in place for years. Redland City Council is not serving the community in the way it should.

  2. It is indeed quite disappointing and irritating to see the Redland City Council just move ahead with any proposal submitted by unscrupulous developers, simply because they can. Who is guarding the interests of those ratepayers that pay their salaries. Who is accountable?. Moreover, my concern is…..what is their motivation for doing so? Makes you suspicious

  3. Sadly Cleveland has lost the charm it had years ago before these unscrupulous developers moved in to rid the area of the beautiful historic homes, their big gardens and peaceful green space – home to the then surrounding wildlife, to build the current and proposed high rise characterless buildings, which of course, means high density living, more traffic, higher Rates income for councils and the resultant loss of the original, peaceful and quiet Cleveland that once was.
    The Redlands council doesn’t seem to care.
    A huge loss for those of us who knew the old seaside Middle Street area and surrounds of Cleveland. Such a shame!!!

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