Birkdale whitewater and Toondah wetlands proposals – letters

Letters about Toondah Harbour and Birkdale whitewater

The proposed Birkdale Olympic whitewater stadium, and the 3,600 apartment Toondah wetlands proposal are discussed in letters to Redlands2030.

Both of these unpopular projects are supported by mayoral candidates Andrew Laming and Cindy Corrie. They are not supported by mayoral candidate Jos Mitchell.

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Whitewater claims “disingenuous”

Whitewater facility in Penrith NSW
Penrith whitewater facility – Google Earth

What a confused and disingenuous rambling Andrew Laming put forward for the Birkdale Whitewater venue.

He states the whitewater facility is wholly funded by the Federal and State Governments. Disingenuous because he must know that, while true for construction cost only, it is untrue for pre and post Olympic operating costs which are covered by Council and therefore ratepayers – forever.

He claims that Penrith whitewater is a ‘booming’ facility – disingenuous because he must know it lost money for the last seven years and every year but for two of the last fifteen. Some boom.

He talks about the water for Birkdale whitewater being sourced from Leslie Harrison Dam.  Disingenuous because he must know that even if it was allowed they are 3 km apart as the crow flies or 6 km by road – that’s a lot of energy to pump water.

He claims he led the fight for recreational access to Leslie Harris Dam – it failed.  Disingenuous because he must know it is still not accessible to the public for recreation for water quality reasons.

Confused because it is not clear if he wants a boardwalk from Leslie Harrison to Birkdale whitewater facility or somewhere else.


Toondah would be “ridiculous”

Artist's impression of the Toondah proposal
Artist’s impression of the Toondah proposal

It will be a terrible thing for all the people already living there to have to look at buildings, and skyscraper buildings at that! 

I can understand that the place could be updated, especially the Ferry Terminal but we don’t need thousands of people living out there using up places where all migratory birds land. 

Also all the extra cars and no new roads, it will be bedlam. It’s ridiculous!

Redland City

Minister Plibersek please save Toondah

Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek

Minister Plibersek

Please reject the destructive, inadmissible massive development proposed by Walker Group and honor your promise of zero new extinctions.

Save Toondah!

The world is watching you.


25 years of Toondah disruption

Minjerribah in the Toondah Harbour ferry channel
Site proposed for 3,600 apartments next to Toondah Harbour ferry terminal

How can Redland Council and the  State Government think that Toondah Harbour development is a good idea?

It’s 25 years (or more) of traffic disruption; pumping of spoil, concrete mixers, tradies trucks, all you need to build 10 storey towers on top of mud flats in Moreton Bay Marine Park, and the Ramsar International wetlands.  

How are local residents supposed to endure the noise, dust, construction traffic disruption and visual pollution of these high-rise millionaires’ apartments that block our views of the bay, add volumes to our traffic woes….and destroy a Wetlands refuge for shorebirds? Go figure!  

Who benefits? Not me, not you, not anyone who lives here! Yet our local Council, most Councillors and our State government have supported it!

Are we are lucky to have a federal government that can stop this madness? Minister Plibersek, please act for us as we have been abandoned by those who allegedly govern and manage such debacles for all of us. 

North Stradbroke Island 

Wetlands and Human Wellbeing

What a wonderful thing to celebrate World Wetlands day with the theme of “Wetlands and Human Wellbeing “…this at a time when human beings are feeling vulnerable.

It is essential to celebrate how the wetlands enhance our lives. These places contribute to flood production, clean water, biodiversity and provide a place for people to enjoy nature, and recreate.

In the big picture, wetlands are essential to the protection of our planet, which is vulnerable to climate change and the pressures of development.

Building high-rise concrete apartments on mud flats comes across as absurd idea, considering sea levels are rising. All around the world, concrete cities are sinking due to the weight of the structures on the ground below it.

How confident can any buyer be? Look at Raby Bay as an example of what happens when developers are given free rein. While developers are confident, as they make money then leave it to be restored by others, I am amazed to think the Redland City Council ever supported the Toondah vandalism. Surely they can see the problem.

As a person who visits G.J. Walter Park often, enjoying all its natural assets, I am appalled to think that any development like this would ever go ahead.

More concerning is how the development ever got the go ahead from the Council and the State Government. Once built there is no going back, leaving a dreadful legacy for future generations to look back on and say “Who on earth approved that, and why?” 

The Ramsar agreement and marine parks are there for a purpose. This debacle of gross development must be stopped.


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The publication of these letters is authorised by Steve MacDonald, 104 Channel Street, Cleveland, QLD 4163.

Redlands2030 – 12 March 2024

0 thoughts on “Birkdale whitewater and Toondah wetlands proposals – letters”

  1. Re Whitewater canoe-racing facility on Birkdale Community land, Old Cleveland Rd East, Birkdale.
    It came as a shock to learn ex-Member for Bowman Andrew Laming, suggested pumping water from Leslie Harrison Dam, Capalaba, off limits to recreational use and said to be 20 percent of our drinking water!
    It is imperative this land be kept as much as possible, in its natural state, to act as lungs absorbing poisons from auto exhausts in a high pollution zone increasing by the day. Traffic congestion generated by new housing estate being developed on newly cleared land directly opposite entry to the site will continue to increase.
    The highly destructive Whitewater project must be scrapped approving only nature based projects in keeping with the State-heritage listed structures,, namely: Willard Homestead, presently being restored, and WWII radio receiving station attracting visitors from near and afar now and into the future.

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