YMCA town houses on Council agenda

Plan for development of 48 YMCA townhouses at Link Road in Victoria Point

Plan for development of 48 YMCA townhouses at Link Road in Victoria Point

Two development applications will be considered by Redland City Council at its last general meeting for 2017, to be held on Wednesday 13 December commencing at 9:30am.

48 YMCA Units in Victoria Point

Artists impression of some of the proposed YMCA townhouse style units

Council officers have recommended refusal of an application for development of 48 two story townhouse units on land at 124 and 126-128 Link Road, Victoria Point.

Reasons put forward by officers for refusing the application include:

  • The proposed development conflicts with the land’s current zoning of Community Purposes
  • The proposed development is considered to significantly conflict with the intent and outcomes of the Habitat Protection Overlay, and would require the loss of two koala habitat trees.
  • The planning scheme already provides for enough development of attached units in Redland city to meet forecast requirements given that Treasury has reduced population growth projections.

The officers report includes the following points which offer some insight into the overall need for attached dwellings in Redland City:

The Urbis 2014 Residential Land Supply Study was based on Queensland Treasury 2013 Edition Population and Dwelling projections which are significantly higher than the more recently released QT 2015 Edition Projections. The reduced population and dwelling projections means there may be less demand for attached dwellings.

The Urbis 2014 report estimated that Toondah Harbour would accommodate approximately 1,500 attached dwellings, however, the Toondah Harbour Master Plan released by the Walker Corporation after the Urbis Report was prepared seeks to accommodate somewhere in the order of approximately 4,000 attached dwellings.

The Urbis Report estimated that Weinam Creek PDA could accommodate a net increase of approximately 450 attached dwellings, however, at this stage the Walker Corporation is yet to finalise their plans for this area.

In conclusion, while there may be sites across the City that have locational attributes that may make them suited to MDR/attached dwelling development,
with the existing zoned land, the PDAs, Council’s efforts to try and consolidate higher density development within and around Cleveland and Capalaba, there is no need for additional attached dwellings on land that is not already zoned for this purpose.

Splitting a block in Birkdale

Council will consider an application for splitting a 4047m² block at 7 St James Road Birkdale.

Officers recommend that the application be approved subject to various conditions.

Other business to be discussed in public

Other agenda items for discussion in public include:

  • Routine consideration of routine reports.
  • Lease of land at 1-5 Donald Road Redland Bay to the Victoria Point Magic Football Club
  • Lease over the land and premises occupied by Macleay Island Rural Fire Service
  • Delegation of decision making powers under the Planning Act from the Council to the Mayor during the Christmas holiday period, from 14 December 2017 to 23 January 2018.

Closed session items

The meeting agenda includes five items listed for discussion in closed session without media or the public in attendance.

If councillors have already had sufficient opportunity to discuss these items in non-public workshops or other non-public meetings it is possible that some or all of these items will be voted on without going into closed session.

Items listed for closed session discussion are:

  • Item 16.1.1 Voluntary transfer of land concession 2010
  • Item 16.1.2 Council review of property Capalaba
  • Item 16.1.3 Activation of Cleveland CBD
  • Item 16.2.1 Delegated authority Point Lookout Backlog Sewer Project
  • Item 16.2.2 Urgent sewer replacement 108 Old Cleveland Road

The land at 108 Old Cleveland Road was sold in 2015 by Redland City Council via its secretive property company the Redland Investment Corporation.

Cleveland Library car park

Cr Paul Golle has advised residents that the car park behind the Cleveland Libary has been closed to facilitate construction associated with the Chefs Inc food market.


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5 thoughts on “YMCA town houses on Council agenda

  1. Does the Habitat Protection Overlay not apply to the area of the proposed Toondah Harbour redevelopment?

  2. Thankfully the Council planners have given good grounds for a refusal on units in land zoned as community purposes. I hope the Councillors support the officers and realise that the ongoing development in this area of the city will have a real need to community space and as the YMCA has a sporting facility let’s hope that they see the need to expand to provide for activities for the growing population in the southern part of Redlands. Say NO to this application Councillors, back your staff and the community.

  3. I honestly think this is a GREAT development! Good location for what is planned; happy to see this happen.

  4. If there is less demand for attached dwellings because of reduced growth projections by Treasury in 2013 why have we seen an increase in dwellings proposed by Walker at Toondah from 1500 in 2014 to 4000 in the same year, supported by the State Government and the Redland Council?

    Please Explain. Anyone?

  5. I believe the area nominated for the YMCA
    Is quite suitable, considering the surrounding business
    I also believe the area behind the public library is the most unsuitable area for the eats venue and would be better placed at the Cleveland show grounds. More space and parking

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